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PDF ´ BOOK The Jane Austen Book Club FREE Å [Read] ➪ The Jane Austen Book Club Author Karen Joy Fowler – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The Extraordinary New York Times Bestseller In California's central valley five women and one man join to discuss Jane Austen's novels Over the six months they get together marriages are tested affair On of modern relationships Dedicated Austenites will delight in unearthing the echoes of Austen that run through the novel but most readers will simply enjoy the vision and voice that despite two centuries of separation unite two great writers of brilliant social comed Find all of my reviews at ’m not exactly what you’d call a Jane Austen fangirl like the folks in this book club but I do have a sort of an unhealthy relationship with Pride and Prejudice along with any and all of its gazillions of retellings So why did it take me so long to read this book Well basically it’s all Fern's fault Have you ever been terrified of reading anything else by an author after having sort of a lifechanging moment with the first thing you read by them and you just can’t imagine their other stuff even being able to hold a candle to the other book’s greatness Yeah that’s pretty much what my problem was with this – despite it having a title that pretty much guaranteed the story within would provide at least a modicum of enjoyment for me It may have taken years but I finally decided to nut up and read this out on the deck earlier this year when it wasn’t hot enough to fuse my underwear to my ass I don’t know what I was scared of It was exactly what I hoped it would be with characters who I would love know in real life And while it certainly does not compare to We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves it shouldn’t have to They are totally different stories that I wouldn’t even categorize in the same genre

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The Extraordinary New York Times Bestseller In California's Austen Book PDFEPUB #229 central valley five women and The Jane Epubone man join to discuss Jane Austen's novels Over the six months they get Jane Austen Book Kindle #213 together marriages are tested affairs I’m convinced the first thing Jane Austen is going to do on the Day of Resurrection is hire a lawyer and sue the philistines who have commandeered her name and characters However this book is beneath her notice A clichéd combination of unfulfilled women could hardly be conceived a middle aged woman who’s just been left by her husband; her lesbian daughter who falls easily and unhappily in love; a spinster who breeds dogs; a dissatisfied French teacher in an unhappy marriage; and finally the six times divorced earth mother who brings them all together for six months of Jane Austen book clubbing They’re joined by some computer guy named Grigg if that’s even a name who probably was supposed to add a bit of male perspective and — surprise — a love interest but the book is so poorly written that he’s virtually indiscernible from the women Their “discussions” are banal the correspondence to their personal lives contrived and the characters themselves both irritating and supremely boring which I suppose must be some sort of an accomplishment Normally I like reading about losers and rejects A Confederacy of Dunces my journals but these people and their self created angst grated on my nerves I borrowed this on cd from the library and found myself skipping ahead because I simply couldn’t take any of their inane conversations And I'm shocked — shocked — to report that skipping parts of the story didn't really detract from its overall flow Confession Embarrassingly enough I did watch the movie on dvd because it stars that dreamy Hugh Dancy who tragically looks about half my age and body mass and the movie was not nearly as bad as the book – extremely chick flicky but not downright dreadful

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The Jane Austen Book ClubBegin unsuitable arrangements become suitable and love happens With her eye for the frailties of human behavior and her ear for the absurdities of social intercourse Karen Joy Fowler has never been wittier nor her characters appealing The result is a delicious dissecti DNF review alert If you don't think they should exist do not read thisJocelyn and Sylvia two middle aged women one never married and the other crying rivers because she just got divorced; Bernadette a sixty seven year old Liz Taylor; Prudie a French teacher that shares her thoughts in French whether you speak it or not; Allegra Sylvia's daughter a thirty year old lesbian who cannot get a happy relationship and Grigg a guy that I don't know what to say about this choice All these people start a Jane Austen book clubThis book starts slow and I don't think its pace ever changes I couldn't finish this thing; I couldn't find the energy so I put an end to this weird self inflicted painWhile I was reading this book I couldn't stop thinking that if you are going to write about this outstanding author or her works without a gram of her wit and fine humor then please do not do it Save a tree and your dignity Fowler's writing style can't get any drier Let's be honest some of these characters from different points of view have experienced failure; they might be considered “losers” though that is a harsh word so let's call them “non winners” My point is there are clever ways of describing non winners however Fowler picked the dullest ways possible They lacked development in my opinion Funny thing there are many unnecessary and over detailed anecdotes that tried to explain some context but they only made me forget about the whole plot okay let's imagine there is a plot So this Daria on Valium kind of writing really bored me And that is a big problem for me because I prefer writing over plot I can deal with an average plot but the writing must be good And this is certainly not the case Like I said all these people are members of a Jane Austen book club so you could imagine all the witty comments you will read “No animal passion” Allegra said about Emma Really Just find some Sade Book Club there's some “animal” for you to enjoy I found some other very insightful remarks like “Emma is a snob” Yeah mind blowing A couple of lines later I was reading some Jocelyn's story about tennis and yadda yadda yadda Then back to the book And so on And so on I was lost Cohesion coherence connection It is a literary techniue sure but if you are going to use it you have to be very crafty to pull that off lady And again this is not the case I was frankly annoyed by all this And one of my rules in life that helps me preserve my mental health is to not force myself to read something I am not enjoying I don't have to prove anything to anyone really So if by let's say page 50 I feel like I couldn't care less about the whole story then adiós Anyway there is a movie based on this book It is one of those chick flicks you can watch on a Sunday afternoon; I didn't like it that much Feel free to ask then why did you read the book Because I have read somewhere that the screenplay had little to do with the book So I thought it was going to be better Poor child Let's just say that you might want to watch the movie and leave it at that I found it much entertaining than the book Sacrilege I know but in this case it is the sad truthJan 24 2014 Also on my blog