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CHARACTERS What We Left Behind í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ What We Left Behind Author Robin Talley – From the critically acclaimed author of Lies We Tell Ourselves comes an emotional empowering story of what happens when love isn't enough to conuer allToni anD Gretchen to NYU they're sure they'll be fine Where other long distance relationships have fallen apart their relationship will surely thriveThe reality of being apart however is a lot different than they expected As Toni who identifies as genderueer falls in with a group of transgender upperclassmen and immediately finds a sense of belonging that has always been missing Gretche. This book will contain spoilers and uotes from the bookWhen a book opened up with a relatable litany such as these You’re bound to think “Oh hell yes This shit might be good” It better be goodHowever What We Left Behind drastically failed in every standard that I was highly holding itself into There are a lot of offensive and alarming situations that made my skin crawledThere is a prominent character in the story named Caroll He is gay and he keeps using transphobic and lespobic slurs He never got called out for that Being part of the LGBT community doesn’t give you the right to undermine your peers especially since you have an inkling about each other’s struggles He could also be seen a handful of times saying really awful transphobic shit being passed as a cheap joke There should’ve been a trigger warning for thisAn icing on top one of the character also said something very biphobic Alas this character also never got called out I nod “So is Inez bi or what” “Last I heard she identifies as heteroflexible” Derek laughs again “So she’s a step up for me My last relationship ended because it turned out his idea of bi meant ‘screwing every other guy within a hundred foot radius and then lying about it’” I pause with my drink halfway to my mouth “Wait what did you say” “Oh it’s nothing bad Heteroflexible means she mostly likes guys but not always She thinks it’s accurate for her than bi” I understand books aren’t perfect but when you’re representing a single group you don’t have to throw the rest of the LGBT clause under the bus to make your book relatableThe prose the author was aiming to deliver was about how difficult it is to figure out your sexuality and gender identity It’s daunting and confusing Though sadly the execution of it was perplexing instead of being enlightened I feel oddly winded up I see that’s the reason why a lot of readers felt bereft with What We Left BehindLastly the relationship between the two main characters had so much potential But once again it failed disastrously There’s a lot of undermining on both of their parts it’s painstaking to read If you're looking for a book with a good ff or wlw this is not it I supposed the purpose of it was to show how to navigate relationship when you’re a teen Even though that’s the case Gretchen easily become very dear to me I just wish the story was fleshed outJessie Devine’s and Adriana’s review perfectly captured what went wrong with What We Left Behind I highly recommend reading their nuanced thoughts

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From the critically acclaimed author of Lies We Tell Ourselves comes an emotional empowering story of what happens when love isn't enough to conuer allToni and Gretchen are the couple everyone envied in high school They've been together forever They never fight They're deeply hopelessly in love When they separate for their first year at college Toni to What We Kindle Harvard an. This might be my most disappointing read of 2015 I have been so excited for this book There are so few books out there about people who identify as genderueer that I couldn't wait for this book to be available But it did so many things wrongFirstly I knew early on that this wasn't going to get than three stars It read like a textbook or essay discussing and informing the reader about being transgender and being genderueer The story itself about Toni and Gretchen's relationship was weak and underdeveloped Starting with instalove and never growing into anything that interesting it merely served as a platform for the issues to be discussed But that wasn't a completely bad thing either I would have given this three stars if it educated teens about people so rarely represented in YAThere were many discussions about the fluidity of gender and language I found this latter particularly interesting and enjoyed learning about the ways language has changed to incorporate LGBTIA individuals and words like sexism and homophobia But the book started to really go downhill when it began to completely misrepresent what it means to be genderueerYou can read many blog posts and articles by people who identify as genderueer you can watch videos by those who are genderueer and hear firsthand what they have to say about it But to summarize being genderueer means that you do not identify with masculinity or femininity you do not simply fall into either box This might be because you fall somewhere between the two having both traditionally masculine and feminine gender traits Or it might be because you find yourself somewhere outside the expectations of eitherIt is not however a transition period in which you decide which gender you belong to And it annoys me so much that this book suggests genderueer people are those who haven't made their minds up which gender they want to be That is NOT true Just like bisexual people are not those who simply haven't decided whether they like girls or boys yetBut that's not all that bothered meI hated the disdain for every white heterosexual person in the book Both Toni and Gretchen comment on this Gretchen doesn't want to be straight because it's so normal and Toni comments on her roommates all being non white but is relieved she brings some LGBT diversity Sexuality and gender identity are not fashion statements It's not about being cool Bloody hellMy issue with this isn't because I feel so sorry for all the poor white heterosexual people it's because it sells the right wing misconception that gay or transgender people have disdain for straight cisgender people It's so stupid And so wrongI think the only straight cisgender character in the book that isn't mean is Toni's little sister Audrey Seriously I'm not exaggerating The others are viewed like this Joanna gets up at six in the morning to start a ninety minute hair care regimen and Felicia wears designer high heels every day even though they always get caught in the sidewalks Joanna and Felicia are the ultimate gender conformists Neither of them has the right to talk about feminism until they stop posting pictures of themselves in bikinis Because feminists can't possibly want to be attractive and take pictures of themselves in bikinis right WrongI'm also confused about the decision to have Gretchen befriend a homophobic transphobic guy who calls Toni a shemale I thought it was going to be part of a lessonmessage the book was imparting but nope she just decided she liked himThis book was just a complete mess I'm so so disappointed I really am We need books with genderueer characters just not like thisBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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What We Left BehindN struggles to remember who she is outside their relationshipWhile Toni worries that Gretchen who is not trans just won't understand what is going on Gretchen begins to wonder where she fits in Toni's life As distance and Toni's shifting gender identity begins to wear on their relationship the couple must decide have they grown apart for good or is love enough to keep them togeth. DNFThe writing in this book is uite poor – I cannot finish it