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Savage by Paul Boorstin Free download Þ 100 ¾ ➪ [Ebook] ➥ Savage By Paul Boorstin ➵ – Welcome to the Hotel El Dorado For photo journalist Chris Latham it's the chance of a lifetime She has been invited to join the Beautiful People from all over the world and cover the grand opening of WelcFrom all over the world and cover the grand opening of a fabulous luxury hotel carved out of the primitive jungle But while the celebrity guest. There was a trend in horror literature and film in the early eighties to make the whole slasher genre semi realistic That is instead of using the tried and true mystery formula you're introduced to a number of folks and you know one of them did it the intrepid adventurers out to right the world's wrongs have no connections with the killer and while we might meet him at various times during the narrative Rex Miller's excellent debut novel Slob is the first good example of this I can think of; the most popular that comes to mind is the last Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool said intrepid adventurers don't meet the bad guy until the final showdown The idea certainly has its good points Aside from the aforementioned realism it also puts a stop to such dialogical insanities as So Professor Moriarty we meet againThat said a lot of the first attempts to marry the idea to the slasher genre were exceptionally bad Savage isn't uite as downright stupid as some my favorite target is a 1981 film later made into an eually bad novel called Final ExamOur heroine is an investigative photojournalist Chris Latham who is sent by her editor to cover the opening of a new luxury resort that just happens to be situated in a war torn South American country named Panagua in the book; the similarities to Nicaragua are a little too obvious to be overlooked Because of the area's sociopolitical instability only seven of those who received invitations to the grand opening actually show up PSavage might have actually been salvageable Had an editor managed to get Boorstin to lop off the first chapter and a half and had the last couple of chapters been handled just a bit slickly this might have crossed the line into good enough to be noticed As it stands however it's been out of print for uite a while and not really worth going out of your way to hunt down

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S indulge their wildest fantasies blood pours like champagne and moans of ecstasy turn to screams of horror Something is killing them one by one. Good book

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Savage by Paul BoorstWelcome to the Hotel El Dorado For photo journalist Chris Latham it's the chance of a lifetime She has been invited to join the Beautiful People. 1981 Corgi mass market 304 pages Savage has a pretty great setup for a slasher novel There's a grand opening of a luxurious seaside hotel in the middle of a South American jungle but sadly only seven people attend due to the recent terrorist threats and political instability in the fictional country of Panaguas The rich semi celebrity guests don't know that the site was once the stomping grounds of a savage tribe with purported extraordinary strength and supernatural abilities who were wiped out to make room for the hotel And now while the patrons are all drinking martinis and sleeping with one another some thing starts taking them out one by one beheading them Too bad the plane that will take them all home doesn't arrive for a few days and they're cut off from the rest of the world surrounded by the ferocious jungle on three sides and the ocean on the fourth Magazine photographer Chris Latham assigned by her editor to cover the opening attempts to unravel the mystery of these inexplicable murdersLike I said great setup Unfortunately it takes about 170 pages or so to get to the good stuff which is like 200 plus due to the small font size The first half is taken up detailing the spoiled guests being inconvenienced by local government officials and militaryguards who've taken up residence in the hotel to ensure their safety and to look for a terroristfreedom fighter supposedly in their midst These sections were rather drawn out and and uninteresting because the characters weren't very interesting Boorstin's workmanlike prose didn't help Of course I don't mind no frills writing in a slasher novel but this had so many different character arcs and mini plotlines we're supposed to care about that I felt I needed something than stock characters and standard unwitty dialogueBut once the guests start getting picked off it's a lot of good cheesy and gruesome fun Anyone who's read my reviews knows that I love the whole trapped while being hunted theme in horror and this was a decent if overlong example of the trope If Boorstin or his editor had cut out about half of the early shenanigans between the government officials and guests this probably would have been a 4 star novel Alas the first half was a bit of a slog to get through and I nearly gave up before getting to the actual horror I'm glad I didn't as Boorstin really ramps up the tension and terror in the latter halfStill I would only recommend this to fans of slashers and trapped and hunted type novels though two other books I've read recently Richard O'Brien's Evil and Stephen Crye's Joyride are better tautly paced examples from the era imo30 StarsI don't own this edition but I thought I'd post the cover anyway thanks to Calenture on the Vault of Evil boards as it's pretty awesome At least my slightly less awesome Berkley mass market 310 pages has gloriously gruesome stepback art which I'll have to take a picture of and post here