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PDF æ BOOK Sugar Spice And Shifters; A Touch Of Holiday Magic FREE ↠ ELIANNE ADAMS ✓ ❴Reading❵ ➸ Sugar Spice And Shifters; A Touch Of Holiday Magic Author Elianne Adams – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Ring in your holiday season with holiday shifter stories from hoRing in your holiday season with holiday shifter stories from hottest paranormal romance writersFrom the sweetest of mating claims to the spiciest of holiday wishes come true this set has a perfect present for every reader Whether you've asked Santa for wolf shifters werebears or dragons this box set of holiday tales from authors that gives the best gift any lover of paranormal romance could want a little naughty n' nice with a whole lot of sugar n' spiceEllis Leigh Claiming Their Christmas Feral Breed Motorcycle Club #65Beast of the Feral Breed has been blessed with much over the past year but guilt still lingers in his heart As the crew comes together to celebrate the holiday season friends step in to remind their brother that bonds run deep in the Feral Breed And sometimes you have to let go of the bad to truly receive the gifts you deserveAnna Lowe Desert Yule The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #45A sweet sentimental and sexy Christmas story that you'll enjoy any time of the year The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch have earned a hard won break after another eventful year in the dark and dangerous shifter world In this sweet sentimental and sexy Christmas story you’ll get to see new characters take centre stage and relationships evolveHas the big bad alpha’s mate finally taught him to delegate?Has the wounded warrior learned to let go of the past?And the leading she wolf of the clan how is she getting along in her new life with her once forbidden mate?While some couples are busy steamings things up with a whole new meaning of nap time others are rapt in promising visions of the future and even the family grinch doesn’t leave the “merry” out of Christmas this time around Yes there’s than meets the eye under the light of a winter moonThere’s than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and loveHolley Trent Maker Norseton Wolves #5Graciella Modesto had to grow up fast to protect herself from the male werewolves in her old pack In her new home she’s got freedom to live as she pleases and to not take a mate if she doesn’t want to Oddly enough she does want one and she doesn’t care what her overprotective big sister thinks about him To Graciella it’s clear that Finn Stilton is meant to be hersBut Finn doesn’t want to wreck a good thing A nomad for much of the past ten years he’s finally got a safe place to live and he’d like to stay in Norseton In spite of objections from his packmates he can’t leave smart beautiful Graciella alone She’s got magic that can soothe his antsy inner beast and unlike so many other people in his life she seeks out his company rather than avoiding itShe may be the one woman on Earth who refuses to throw him away How could he possibly keep her though knowing that her being with a wolf like him means she’s destined to not achieve anything than being his wife?Eris Sage Claimed by Heart Dragon Bond #25Sandra Shaw’s holiday getaway is not off to a good start She’d wanted solitude next to a roaring fire but instead she’s stranded during a snowstorm that’s getting worse with every passing minuteDragon shifter Ormr Vale has spent most of his life taking care of others but now that his sons are settled he needs to shake things up Sandra the woman he rescues does that just that And as he and Sandra grow closer he wonders if she might be the best Christmas present he’s ever gottenBethany Shaw Healing Christmas Wayward Wolves #5Everything bad that’s ever happened to Amy Green has happened around Christmas The holiday is cursed This year is no different; alone in her shop she is robbed but what’s worse the cop who comes to her rescue sees her defend herself No big deal right? It is if you’re a werewolf and were partially shifted Detective Cooper Reed seems determined to find out her secret and Amy is forced to come to terms with her harsh past and delve into a new future one she never thought possibleCooper springs into action when he sees Island Boutiue is under siege Wha My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked it Received the boxed

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T he can’t explain is the beautiful shop owner’s golden eyes or the claws and weapon that have mysteriously disappeared Determined to unravel Amy’s secret Cooper finds himself enthralled with the shy and captivating young woman Will his curiosity be his undoing or open the door to a whole new world?Calle J Brookes God of Nightmares Dardanos Colorado #15Acylias was one of the most ancient and powerful gods He searched the worlds for the lost shifters as a bird of prey and knew he was a terrifying sight All feared him And he liked it that way He was the God of Nightmares after all He would not be brought low by a half human half witch female of less than thirty years old Until her arrow sent him hurtling from the skyTeagan Taniss would defend her children however she could She’d fended off demons and before and she’d face them all again if it would keep her family safe And something was coming for them allTeagan had to make a choice go with the shifter in front of her promising protection or stay and defend her children alone She had only minutes to decideKristen Strassel Celebrate Me Sawtooth Shifters #5Shea Lowe has a bad reputationAfter years of throwing punches first and asking uestions later he's hit a dead end Notorious in Sawtooth Forest's underground fighting ring Shea wants out Volunteering at Forever Home's new farm is his only chance of getting another job on a ranch But first he's got to prove that he can be trustedDelaney wants a voiceSelective mutism made it sound like Delaney chose to be silent but she didn't choose to spend seven years locked in a cage Forever Home is the last place she should've been sent for rehabilitation But when a reckless misunderstood werewolf treats her in a way she's only dreamed possible she realizes there's no place else she'd rather beDelaney shows Shea that actions speak louder than words and he vows to give her the one thing she's never had a joy filled Christmas with a real family But Delaney must decide if she can accept Shea's past if they have any chance at a futureRinelle Grey Bringing Christmas to the Dragons Dragon Ruins #05With time running out before his clan’s prince is discovered by mining or killed by enemy dragons dragon shifter Jayrian needs to convince the elders to accept help from the humans He hopes that the clever librarian Gretchen might be able to help him with that He didn’t count on falling for her that wasn’t part of his plan at allGretchen longs for adventure outside of the books she reads in her job as a small town librarian But not the kind that involves her moving to the big city to take the promotion her Aunt Mary offers The cute guy who’s been hanging around the library seems far exciting there’s just something about him that draws her so on impulse she invites him to her family’s Christmas celebration When a dragon lands on the front of her car on the way there she wonders if she’s gotten than she bargained forTogether they must find a way to save his prince and clan without sacrificing who they are or their budding relationshipElle Thorne Fascination Shifters Forever After #2Black panther shifter Cadence Araya sexy curvy and edgy She knows what she’s doing is wrong ish But why she’s doing it is uite right Hopefully she’s not caught before she reaches her goalPolar bear shifter Isaac Romanoff’s been selected to serve on a special Task Force investigating a string of burglaries committed by a very talented cat burglar The elusive thief has evaded capture for a couple of years He suspects the criminal is a shifterHe’s in for a hell of a surpriseLori Whyte Snowbound at Solstice Mannix Dragon Shifters #2Her Second Chance with Two DragonsHolly rejected Ryder and Garryck's invitation to join with them years ago and has regretted that decision ever since Then one snowy winter solstice their lives become tangled again when the sexy dragons discover someone has been threatening her As the menacing threats escalate and they vow to protect her her desire for them burns hotter than e Great bundle I loved the interaction between the characters in all t

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Sugar Spice And Shifters; A Touch Of Holiday MagicVer but will they still want her?Will they be able to save her in time to enjoy their happily ever after? This is a sexy Christmas short story set in the Mannix Dragon Shifters world with a happy ending and explicit scenes of MFM ménage between a woman and her two hot dragonsCatherine Vale Furever Yours Snow flakes hot chocolate a silver coated wolf and a baby Jade Garcia’s life as one of LA’s top ad exec’s is hectic and demanding and escaping to the snow topped mountains of her grandparent’s sky resort was long overdue Needing to simplify her life if only for a few days Jade’s nights heat up out of control when she meets the silver eyed Dawson McKinnonAs the enforcer for an overzealous Alpha Dawson decides to take a break despite the demands of a leader desperate to retain control of his dwindling pack But as Dawson stares into Jade’s vibrant green eyes appreciating the thick luscious curves of her body as well as her soft plump lips he knows exactly how he wants to exert himselfWith easy fun and hot sexy nights entwining Dawson’s sleek muscled body with Jade’s sensuous inviting warmth the two loners in control of their separate worlds are pulled together by one shared spark the baby given life by them both Sometimes you have to let go to hold on Sometimes love is a risk worth taking Vivienne Savage A Beary Merry Christmas Wild Operatives #35 Entering her second year of marriage to a handsome bear shifter Daniela Hawkins realises she has a single Christmas wish As she and her husband try to find one another the perfect present for the holidays they’ll discover the thing they each needed was there all along Loribelle Hunt Mated By Christmas Spellbound Moon #4 It’s been eight years since Dane Alexander started a war with the Magical Council but with his power now consolidated and treaties signed with most of the North American lupine packs it’s time to give himself the ultimate Christmas present His mates Kade one of those mates is in complete agreement and thankfully they know just where to find their missing halfFinley Saren joined the Redstar pack after hers disbanded but she knows it’s just a temporary stop When her former lover Dane shows up with her teenage crush Kade she welcomes every kiss and touch Will they make all her Christmas wishes come true or turn her life upside again? JK Harper Solstice Wolf Black Mesa Wolves #425 Once upon a time wolf shifter Lia Woolsey fell in love More specifically she met her mate and settled down with him in a small town far from the bustling big city she's always known But she never thought she'd be the kind of woman to give up everything for a man not even Connor the mate of her heart soul and body Five years later she's been offered a once in a lifetime career opportunity she can't turn down Not even if it means leaving Connor behind and shattering her own heartConnor Lowe has everything a wolf shifter could want His place in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack is secure his deeply committed work as a doctor running a low income medical clinic fills his days and his mate Lia lights up his entire life He's the world's happiest wolf but his mate isn't And he loves her too much to stop her from leaving to follow her own bliss even though he knows his days will darken into nothingness each moment she is away from himAs the frozen longest night of the year approaches Connor and Lia face an impossible choice the kind only winter solstice magic might be able to fix before it's too late Élianne Adams Her Gingerbread Dragon Dragon Blood #2 Leaving the city behind Maddison Campbell tries to build a life for herself in the sleepy village of Glen Farley Little did she know when a man followed her into the bakery and saved her from a less than honest sales person that the man would be a dragon shifterAs soon as Luke Spence caught Maddison’s scent he knew he had to have her he would have her All he had to do was convince the human woman that she was his mate Fifteen of today's hottest PNR authors together in one amazing holiday boxse What a SWEET ZESTY SHIFTASTIC collection 5 GOLD HOLIDAY STARSI haven