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EPUB ¸ MOBI Frankie by Shivaun Plozza í 9780143573166 FREE À ➻ [Reading] ➽ Frankie By Shivaun Plozza ➰ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Shivaun Plozza’s debut novel Frankie is a genre hopping darkly funny novel about searching for the truth finding yourself and falling in loveFrankie Vega isRemember And when that kid goes missing the only person willing to help is a boy with stupidly blue eyes a criminal record and secrets of his ownFrankie's search for the truth could change her life or cost her everythin I considered giving up on this book because I found it very disappointing but it was still nice and uick to read so wooh Frankie is an Aussie YA about a young angry girl who while suspended from school for hitting someone finds out she has a half brother Her brother goes missing pretty early in the story and it becomes a book about a girl searching for her new little brother at a time when she really should be searching for herselfThere were elements of this book that I enjoyed I liked that it was Australian and that I could recognise Australian elements without them being forced into it Frankie's aunt was a gem who did not deserve to be treated the way she was and I loved her so much I also loved the family dynamic shown it wasn't perfect but there were sweet momentsMy main problem with this book was Frankie I don't feel like she grew as a character at all throughout the story I almost feel like she wasn't a fully formed character; rather she was just the embodiment of 'anger' or 'angst' She is consistently rude to everyone around her family and friends included thinks people are assholes when they treat her in a similar fashion storms off when called out on her behaviour and is just generally a frustrating character I could've forgiven this if we got some further insight into her character such as why she hit the boy at school But these things remained hidden until the end and it left Frankie feeling like a very one dimensional character to meI also feel like the story wrapped up too uickly There's a lot of repetition throughout the book while they are searching and then at the end it's just over in a few pages? It was very sudden and not at all satisfying

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Tigating the burglary she witnessed or her cheating ex boyfriend or her aunt who's tired of giving second chancesWhen a kid shows up claiming to be Frankie's half brother it opens the door to a past she doesn't want to Frankie was one of those decent reads that I enjoyed but it just didn’t grab me completely I liked that the characters were uniue and distinctive but to be honest I never really connected to any of them We got about five seconds with Xavier before he disappeared so he was kind of just this assumed figure hovering over the plot I could understand why Frankie cared about him but I never felt it for myself The same with Nate her best friend whose name escaping me at the moment Nonna and the other secondary characters Only Vinnie Frankie’s aunt and guardian was a stand out She exactly the sort of woman that someone like Frankie needed in her life She was strong but fair She was funny and sweet She completely stole the show The plotline itself was a little frustrating I’m not a big fan of the trope where teenagers investigate crimes without the help of the policeadults It’s generally unrealistic and frustrating but this one did have a purpose to show the bias of the police towards low socioeconomic areas I liked that aspect of it I did It was just thought that there was so much effort taken to set these characters and the setting apart from other YA books that it seemed a little bit of a waste to use such boring tropes I also thought that aspects of the ending were rather predictable which made it rather anti climatic Oh and the romance didn’t work for me completely either I wasn’t a massive Nate fan they hated each other 95% of the time but then they were kissing? It was just another layer of the story that I felt was trope y and slightly boring The writing style was okay but it was also a little blunt in a way that didn’t work for me Like a lot of reviewers before me are saying the author relied on pop culture references to describe people which is something that I cannot stand The reason this is the worst possible way to describe someone is that I literally didn’t recognise any of the names she mentioned literally any of them I wasn’t even sure whether they were meant to be real celebrities or made up ones so you can imagine the struggle when a character is described as “Blah Blah and Blah Blah’s love child” If I don’t know who that person is then how am I meant to know what that person looks like? It just feels like lazy writing when it happens multiple times Overall? I didn’t think was necessarily a ‘bad book’ but it certainly wasn’t for me The characters weren’t my favourite and the plotline took a direction that I wasn’t completely into The romance felt unnecessary and the the ending was ultimately anticlimactic I will try of this author’s work in the future but I was not the biggest fan of Frankie

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Frankie by Shivaun PlozShivaun Plozza’s debut novel Frankie is a genre hopping darkly funny novel about searching for the truth finding yourself and falling in loveFrankie Vega is angry Just ask the guy whose nose she broke Or the cop inves Frankie is without a doubt the most compelling debut in young adult since Stolen by Lucy Christopher It's an utterly enchanting blend of attitude sass and an engaging storyline as told through the eyes of one of the most likable protagonists in young adult today Although she's always lived with the hurt of abandonment Frankie is incredibly fierce and doesn't allow the failures of her mother to define her She and aunt Vinnie live above Vinnie's kebab shop in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood with an eclectic mix of diversity and crime It's here that Frankie now finds herself working having been suspended from school after another violent outburst when she is contacted by Xavier claiming to be her half brotherXavier too has his own issues the fourteen year old just having moved to Melbourne from ueensland with his abusive gruff father The very same man that Frankie's mother had abandoned her for all those years ago Perhaps Xavier is the only person who may understand how Frankie is feeling but then Xavier vanishes The local detectives see Xavier as just another runaway the Vega name not worthy of their time so Frankie takes the investigation into her own hands and enlists the help of local neighbourhood burglar Nate Possibly the only person to know of Xavier's whereabouts Or who caresMy heart ached for Frankie as she felt she had nowhere to turn for help Vinnie although such pillar of strength and support in Frankie's life was tired of her antics Suspended for a violent incident at school to return Frankie is forced to plead her case In between her therapy sessions with the infuriatingly passive Daniel the only calming presence in Frankie's life is her best friend in Cara but lately their friendship is also at breaking point Frankie's sole focus is that of finding her brother which means breaking curfew disregarding Vinnie school and visiting the seedy underbelly of the northern suburbs of Melbourne to find him What struck me most was how genuine Frankie's character felt and realistically flawedThe romance was barely there but the attraction between Frankie and Nate was intense and dangerously sexy Nate's character smoulders but underneath his couldn't care less bravado lies a boy does what he can to survive rather than just another petty thief Although both were dealing with their own issues they slowly begun to rely on one another for support and companionshipFrankie is Melbourne From the language diversity to the uniueness of the northern suburbs During my teen years these were my people From the streets of Reservoir to Victoria Park the Preston Market to the factory outlets along Smith Street Collingwood it was so incredibly vivid and beautifully written with such an honesty of how fundamentally flawed life in general isShivaun Plozza you are a force to be reckoned with Shivaun is an author who brings stories to life through her characters her intensity and honesty A remarkable debut from an author who captured me from the very first page