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A Most Inconvenient Wish A Ladys Wish #3 Read & Download Æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [Download] ➼ A Most Inconvenient Wish A Ladys Wish #3 Author Eileen Richards – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Sophia Townsend has watched both of her sisters find love and settle into idyllic married lives Ing Yet just as he's realized his love for Sophia she has set her sights on another man Nevertheless Ian is determined to win her He has a bold plan in mind but when he and Sophia encounter one another at the legendary Fairy Steps a most inconvenient wish is accidently made and neither could possibly guess the happy outco. Sophia has seen her sisters wed and decides to make a wishon the Fairie steps for her true love Ian arrives to help her but he is not destined to be her love or is he Delightful story as these two find their way together Enjoyed seeing the other family members again Definitely would recommend this authorEbook from netgalley and publishers with thanks

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Sophia Townsend has watched both Inconvenient Wish Epub #217 of her sisters find love and settle into idyllic married lives But raised to believe that her greatest purpose is to advance the family's fortunes Sophia has grander ambitions when it comes to choosing a husband She's never lacked for suitors but now she finds h. I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the 3rd book in the 'A Lady's Wish' series You CAN read this as a standalone book but the others are so great I'd read them too We have seen the heroine Sophia Townsend in the first two books of the series We've watched her grow somewhat in her two sister's books but in this book she is still cold set on propriety at all costs and bound and determined to marry a title because she's always thought that was what she was supposed to do In this book we finally find out about the life events that made her that way She knows she is that way and admits it which makes her a little likeable We met Ian McDonald in the 2nd book and I liked him from the beginning Ian was a good friend to Tony the hero in book two who marries Sophia's sister Ian has cared for Sophia for the three years he's known her but she was only interested in a title Do you believe in fairies and wishes you just might after reading this great series of books Each book has a heroheroine climbing the Fairy Steps to make a wish and each gets their wish granted in a very unexpected way The villains in this book really are a bad lot a sisterbrother combo that i'm not sure who is the villainous

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A Most Inconvenient Wish A Ladys Wish #3Erself running out of time Her last and best hope is Lord Bateman and she has only a few days to secure his proposal Ian McDonald has long been a friend of the Townsend family and has watched Sophia with amusement over the years A Scot and sheep farmer A Most EpubIan has done well for himself but holds little social stand. With the conclusion of her Lady's Wish Trilogy Eileen Richards leaves a strong foundation to build her name on Memorable characters delightful plots and great writing make this series notable In her final work A Most Inconvenient Wish Ms Richards takes traditional regency and makes it appealing to a twenty first century audience Ian McDonald is everything you could hope for in a hero and everyone but his hearts desire Sophia recognizes they are meant to be With head butting scheming adversaries and a reluctant heroine this story was enormously entertaining The recognition of the leads of this work's character flaws was refreshing in its honesty Eileen Richards has made an outstanding debut with her Lady's Wish TrilogyI received this ARC in exchange for an honest reviewWhile part of a series this book can be read as a stand alone