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Download Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Â Marc Lamont Hill Named a Best Book of the Year by Kirkus Reviews A New York Times Editor’s Choice Nautilus Award Winner “A worthy and necessary addition to the contemporary canon of civil rights literature” T he New York Times From one of the leading voices on civil rights in America a thoughtful and urgent analysis of recent headline making police brutality cases and the systems and policies that enabled themIn this “thought provoking and important” Library Journal analy. the death of Michael Brown is not merely a throwback to a wounded racial past but also a thoroughly modern event It is not only the repeat of the age old racial divide but also a statement of a relatively new public chasm that has been growing for years This divide is characterized by the demonization and privatization of public services including schools the military prisons and even policing; by the growing use of prison as our primary resolution for social contradictions; by the degradation and even debasement of the public sphere and all those who would seek to democratically occupy it; by an almost complete abandonment of the welfare state; by a nearly religious reverence for marketized solutions to public problems; by the growth of a consumer culture that repeatedly emphasizes the satisfaction of the self over the needs of the community; by the corruption of democracy by money and by monied interests what Henry Giroux refers to as 'totalitarianism with elections'; by the mockery of a judicial process already tipped in favor of the powerful; by the militarization of the police; by the acceptance of massive global ineuality; by the erasure of those unconnected to the Internet driven modern economy; by the loss of faith in the very notion of community; and by the shrinking presence of the radical voices values and vision necessary to resist this dark neoliberal momentis what this book is about I read it in one day and think everyone else should read it too especially American voters

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characters Nobody by Marc Lamont Hill 107 ´ [Read] ➲ Nobody By Marc Lamont Hill – Named a Best Book of the Year by Kirkus Reviews A New York Times Editor’s Choice Nautilus Award Winner “A worthy and necessary addition to the contemporary canon of civil rights literature” — Named a Best Book of the Year by Sis of state sanctioned violence Marc Lamont Hill carefully considers a string of high profile deaths in America Sandra Bland Freddie Gray Michael Brown Eric Garner Trayvon Martin and others and incidents of gross negligence by government such as the water crisis in Flint MichiganHe digs underneath these events to uncover patterns and policies of authority that allow some citizens become disempowered disenfranchised poor uneducated exploited vulnerable and disposable. I found very little new information in Nobody Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable but I'm still very happy to have read it Written and published before Trump's victory the message in Nobody is even ringing as we cope with the aftermath We are a fractured society but what we're sensing collectively isn't wrong What our current age is hiding istroubling No matter how many politicians try optimistically to mask the fact manufacturing as we have long known it is over For the disadvantaged this means that the chance of being economically comfortable in one's lifetime is low with an eually bleak forecast for future generations Trump one of the 1% tapped into this deep and well founded insecurity and played the LBJ card of If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man he won't notice you're picking his pocket Hell give him somebody to look down on and he'll empty his pockets for you America's long history of racial divisiveness made this strategy a winner for him and no doubt he'll be richer for it The tragedy is that instead of unifying those of us who are losing out from our current global economic model it has pitted us against each other on racial and political lines America has never been kind to people who are different and it has taken us centuries to begin to shift The problem is that we are still only beginning something we lost sight of when Obama was elected As Hill put it Maybe now with a Black man in the White House the American Empire was finally prepared to enter its much desired post racial era in which race would no longer be a central organizing feature of our social world As wrongheaded as the idea was then it seems downright absurd todaygiven the racial cultural and economic divides that continue to starkly define American life well into the twenty first century 25 26 We as people contain implicit biases that color our every interaction unconscious judgements based on clothes speech affects skin color etc These prejudices have been part of America since the beginning and are built into the foundation By pretending otherwise we do a tremendous disservice to communities of color and make it ever impossible for us to make real change to a system that is only benefitting a few The biggest insight that I took from Nobody was that these systems which we live in with their entrenched biases against people of color and the poor are part of a dialogue that our country and its lawmakers have been having since its inception Nowhere is it writ that things have to be this way but in order to change them we need to be honest with ourselves that we don't live in a land of euality Racism and classism are as alive and well as they always have been and only by acknowledging them can we begin re defining the systems that are so broken that a large part of our country elected a man with a personality disorder to save them Who is our government and our economy serving who are law enforcement protecting and are we willing to go along with it even if means that while we rest in comfort others are suffering Make America Great Again is a stupid slogan because America has never been great not for all of its citizens But we do have as Americans an optimism that we can continually make ourselves better to be great We just need to re define what that means I'm glad there are people like Marc Lamont Hill out there to galvanize us and make us uestion the way things are because it is very easy to do nothing when you're not directly facing adversity

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Nobody by Marc Lamont HiTo help us understand the plight of vulnerable communities he examines the effects of unfettered capitalism mass incarceration and political power while urging us to consider a new world in which everyone has a chance to become somebodyHeralded as an essential text for our times Marc Lamont Hill’s galvanizing work embodies the best traditions of scholarship journalism and storytelling to lift unheard voices and to address the necessary uestion “how did we get he. I liked this book but it did not feel like an original contribution It was devastating and well written but it felt a bit scattered It tried to cover so many recent events and their historic underpinnings