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All These Hidden Scars summary Ù 8 õ [Epub] ➝ All These Hidden Scars By Avril Ashton – When I leave I never return the samePretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI But those dangerous assignments take somet When I leave I never retuLt’s only intention was to escort the lonely stranger out of his place before he locked up Yet somehow they end up in All These PDFEPUBan alley Carter’s pants around his ankles Their encounter is intense A onetime thing Except months later Sullivan is sneaking through Carter’s window appearing and disappearing at random The blistering hot sex doesn’t hide the obvious torment Sul. 45Eenie meenie miny moeYou ain’t nothing but a foeYou think you are lovedYou think you are cleverNewsflash SolYou are fricken nasty“Dutch” is a man in control He controls everything even down to who lives and who dies His Operatives are all in deep undercover assignments but when they resurface even if it’s only for a while they are broken a shell of their former selves The plight of their job the depravity that they witness is draining and slowly sucking their humanity out of them Is Dutch really their Protector and has their backs at all times or is he also another leech sucking them dry using them because their ‘missions’ are a necessity to get rid of the viscous unscrupulous low life scum that trades in Human Trafficking and other diabolical thingsSullivan Black is one of Dutch’s Operatives He’s fragmenting at an alarming rate Apart from being undercover for so long his twin brother has been given three life sentences for cold murder Sol was Sullivan’s ‘fixer’ He made Sullivan whole again after a Mission or as whole as Sullivan can be he was his rock They protected each other they shared everything Sol was solid and always protected Sullivan Unexpectedly Sullivan meets Carter Even unexpectedly he falls in love with him Can he stop himself from fragmenting even further can he protect Carter and importantly than anything else can he keep him in his life can he also forgive Sol for what he did and can he trust Dutch Because is Dutch really just the euivalent of a Spider spinning a web of deceit and lies Once esconded on those treacherous threads tangled for life with no get out or even worse eaten aliveSo in summing up Dutch has earnt his place on my Assholian List Whilst the sex was hot between Sullivan and Carter something was just missing for me I loved seeing characters from other books entwining with this one As always it’s fast paced especially the last 20% The ruthlessness that was used and justified by those that dealt it out in the name of good over evil makes interesting reading and I’ll leave it you to make up your own minds on the justification of it but for me they got what they deserved It was harrowing and brutal but yet again so dam addictiveAnother winner from the Ashton Book Stable

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Livan is going through but Carter doesn’t want to be caught in the middleJust when he thinks he’s seen the end of that undercover life Sullivan gets pulled back in But this time his identity is no longer a secret and the aggressive need he has for Carter could get the other man killed To set everything right Sullivan has to face the one man he loves and hates in eual measure his twi. Really enjoyed the gritty aspect to this book the characters were perfectly matched and the pace was spot on I'm looking forward to this series

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All These Hidden ScarsWhen I leave I never return the samePretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI But those dangerous assignments take something from him every time leaving him a mess unfamiliar even to himself As he struggles to shed the skin of his latest op he finds solace in the most random of placesBar manager Carter Renau. 4 stars Well look at me it seems I'm finally getting out of my review slump and I'm so glad it was with an author I've come to love The first thing I thought when I finished this book was holy shit this is only the preuel This is going to be an intense series for sure In All The Hidden Scars we meet Sullivan an FBI undercover agent who has to infiltrate a dark world but every time he does it takes away something from his soul On a night out he meets Carter sparks fly and they end up having a one night stand But soon Sullivan keeps going for and can't help feel this connection with Carter At first Sullivan fought his attraction to Carter He had a pull push relationship with him but dam this man was going through so much His personal life was a mess and his profesional one was full of twists and turns betrayals and conspiracies Carter was the calm to his storm the light he needed so desperately in his darkness Regardless of Sullivan's being hesitant of Carter I loved that once he accepted it he held on to that love Carter was just as amazing loving and supporting Sullivan Ms Ashton has done it again with this series her MC always so passionate and intense with just the right amount of angst I love The sexual encounters are always scorching hot This was definitely a great introduction to this lose ends series where we meet the rest of the characters for the following books which I'm looking forward to reading Even a certain annoying character yea I'm talking about you Dutch Can't wait to know why you did what you did ❤️