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The House of SleepTrimit in cele din urma pe masa de operatie a unui chirurg specializat in schimbarile de sex in fine Terry Worth cinefilul impatimit si insomniac care poate recunoaste orice actor in orice poza fara a si aminti in schimb de personalul medical cu care tocmai a stat de vorba Asa arata cvartetul pe care isi sprijina Coe intreaga constructie“ Radu Paraschivesc. 47“ ‘A disease Terry the most widespread and life curtailing disease of all Forget cancer forget multiple sclerosis forget AIDS If you spend eight hours a day in bed then sleep is shortening your life by a third That’s euivalent of dying at the age of fifty and it’s happening to all of us This is than just a disease this is a plague And none of us is immune you realise” p180Very clever and twisted book about group of people who met in their student years in the eighties and now in after a decade they are drawn back together by problems with their sleepTerry is insomniac obsessed with old movies there is a lot about them Sarah is narcoleptic and can’t separate what is real life and what is a dream Robert is just lost and all his problems started because of Sarah And there is a doctor who manages the clinic and thinks that we are wasting our life by sleepingAll storyline is changing and unpredictable I don’t think I have ever read anything like this Very good humour some weird sex and an interesting study of sleep Structure is amazing I am not sure about the end as it left me hanging Overall experience than just a readPerfect book to read during your sleepless nights

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Re zidurile sale traiesc in trecut si in prezent deopotriva Gregory Dudden medicinistul riguros si vag dement care considera somnul o boala ce rontaie o treime din viata fiecaruia narcoleptica Sarah Tudor o fiinta fragila dilematica incapabila sa distinga intre vis si realitate Robert Madison prietenul sfisiat de iubiri nerostite si de drame identitare care l. Oh my freakin' duck This book is how I've imagined LSD on bread would be like This book is life now I sound like a tumblrer everything and the reason why I love reading I live for this kind of books Something like this of such majesty fervour ingenious depth has to be felt and steered perpetually from end to end of oneself As those being said Jonathan Coe is a master of mind tricks enclosed by words and brought to surface by the body's trembling Left with tears flooding my eyes on this one my synapses nipped nip which ran through my eyes and my heart I do feel this whenever I undergo ardent emotions of any kind Oh yes I believe the last one stopped for few seconds I think we all got the idea that this book is about sleep also all the diseases that sleep denotes What we ok let's say I didn't know was that this book can open your eyes bad joke as far as this is not mostly about sleep even though I find it uite educative but our inner self instead To start with the book is split into even the story is taking place in the last two weeks of June 1996 and uneven chapters 1983 1984 This is the first line in the whole scheme it makes the far fetched seem closer while the whole book is conseuently a fulfilment we had all dreamt of and this is to perceive what is not right in some decisions we make and how they tug at our heartstrings in the future when we least expect them to reappear In 1996 Ashdown turned into a clinic for insomniacs while in 1983 1984 all the characters gave all out to make a living From one chapter to another a world hatches right in front of our eyes dividing the novel into 'the world that is' and 'the world that isn't yet' The knack that stands at the bottom of the 'smoke and mirrors' are the paths followed everything knots when no one knows For instance to have the same language as the writer phases of sleep there was a 'phase' in which they were all working unconsciously at their own future during the time that with the use of the chapters' interlacing as a reader you have the eerie feeling that everything was fated of course there are and clues on the road This is an unnormal state of predictability that I've never read before in a book with such realism a story that is not on the cards for no one BUT from a source beyond everything I like to call this fiction that's why it sends chills on one's spine becomes embroidered for the sake of harmony For example imagine there are many people in a room at a party they do not want to have anything to do one with another KNOWING unconsciously they will be back in the same place where someday they'll have to talk AND they will for sure The intensity of this game with the aim of intergrowth is outlandish and bloodcurdling after some time due to the characters Everything was so carefully wrapped in the cloth of 'dream' that I can barely remember the backgrounds that were not images absorbed from the relation dream reality That's because each thing is like a mist nothing seems touchable since all is absurd while all revolve around all and all in the void Second of all Jonathan Coe gives birth to one of the most topping deliciously blown up out of all proportion characters to take everything in The idea of sleep is transmuted into 'ego' whereas the 'self' is distinctive and it floats above each character because yes this book is a web of fortunes refined by its own mains no matter how far On this very uniue grounding the characters are searching for one another that's why many of them dream and sense the fate in their reverie as this is what they really want others reveal how meaningful verity is and others are the 'linkers' between the two worlds It is like a drawing in which everyone has hisher own place and purpose I have always been fascinated concerning my own dreams that's why I had uitted making my own before the real ones On account of this I could get with all haste to what I wanted the one that I am not what I want I don't want to spread spoilers so I won't give any hint of who is who and why This is the gimmick All of them try to save what they have including eachother by entering 'life as it is' but the vacillation that delusions give baffle them from following their hearts and own conceptions combined with their own personality ualm and fear of surroundings Ashdown can be owning to this change what I like to call 'Land of Oblivion' Not like it wasn't menacing enough there are some pieces of twists love tragedy self hatred so all can recede in what we can all have vision One thing is for sure I will never forget this book Hopefully I will be able to put all that I've learned in 'actions' We all want something but dreaming is not the smartest escape This book is an escape

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The House of Sleep review ¼ 103 ↠ ➽ [Download] ✤ The House of Sleep By Jonathan Coe ➲ – „O universitate este transformata peste ani intr o clinica pentru insomniaci ai carei pacienti sau medici sint studentii de odinioara Locul se numeste Ashdown Are o mohoreala victoriana si respira u „O univers„O universitate este transformata peste ani intr o clinica pentru insomniaci ai carei pacienti sau medici sint studentii The House Epubde odinioara Locul se numeste Ashdown Are o mohoreala victoriana si respira un aer prin care plutesc umbrele castelului Elsinore slujbasii din Chancery ul lui Dickens si semnele de rau augur de pe linga Wuthering Heights Int. Sometimes I think there must be something broken inside my head for often as I read books which are labeled funny hilarious silly I find myself rarely cracking a smile during my reading In fact I am often so distracted by the idea that it is labeled as such that I am downright disturbed that anyone would find humor in the work This is one of those booksMaybe to some sleep disorders are funny maybe narcoleptics say and do funny things losing ones job due to narcolepsy must be the hilarious bit the San Francisco Chronicle was referring to on the front cover and maybe I just don't know any different Personally I don't find any sort of disability uite so wittyAnyway the story is about four friends from college Sarah the narcoleptic; Gregory the obsessive and freaky boyfriend who wants to be a sleep doctor; Terry the obsessive and not so freaky film buff; and Robert the obsessive and probably highly confused fan of Sarah's Other characters come and go the plot alternates chapter by chapter between the past and the present whatever the nineties present as the book was published in '97 there are all sorts of heavy connections between all of the characters from beginning to end which makes for a fairly interesting read to see how it all comes around in a giant circleIf O Henry wrote darker ironic stories this might ualify Except it's not O Henry so therefore immediately isn't deemed to be as good I bounced back and forth while reading one page made me think it rated as a 3 star book the next page made me want to rate it as a 2 star book I think the first half wasn't uite as good as the second part but really my biggest complaint are the characters I just couldn't care about them all the time I wanted to but some of them are so stupid Gregory or so pointless Terry and really the only semi decent parts really involved Sarah and her lesbian phase with Veronica I just wanted But I will say the sleep clinic freaked me the hell out