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The Unfinished Diary Ebook Î 528 pages ë ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ The Unfinished Diary Author Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter – One of the only known wartime diaries written by an Orthodox Jew This diary was crafted as a memoir complete with chapter titles and a table of contents by its author a gifted writRaordinary eyewitness account comes to an abrupt end as he was murdered only months before liberation Saved from destruction the diary lay untouched in a drawer for many years Now than seventy years later after undergoing painstaking transcription translation and research the diary is finally being brought to light The diarymemoir of Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter depicts the resilience and spiritual r Another Holocaust memoir Amazing because the editors and translators did a fantastic job working with the original document 144 pages of tightly written Yiddish and yellowing paper The Chronicle of Tears of Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter's family is heartbreaking but a very worthwhile read The maps on the inside of the front and back covers makes it much easier to follow the family's wanderings to escape the Nazis While Wolgelernter wrote about what was going on for the family and in the area in general he also wrote beautiful liturgical poems about family and rabbis that were murdered by the Nazis and the PolesThis was a hard book to read and I often had to put it down and take a break Graphic details of how many family members and whole communities were murdered and the anti Semitic and money hungry Poles who took advantage at each and every turn made me both angry and sad But most of all the unfulfilled potential of the smart sensitive and creative author who was shot in cold blood with eight others as they were moving from one hiding spot to another the diary pages had been sent ahead with a family member was horribly sad If you have the fortitude it is a very worthwhile read

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One of the only known wartime diaries written by an Orthodox Jew This diary was crafted as a memoir complete with chapter titles and a table of contents by its author a gifted writer and brilliant Talmudic scholar who lived in Dzialoszyce Poland while in hiding during the years 1942 1944 The events recorded as the war unfolded spring off the page with immediacy urgency and poignancy The author's ext This is uite an unusual addition to the genre of Holocaust literature Very few Orthodox Jews wrote memoirs about their experiences in the Holocaust and of those I can think of only one other who was an Orthodox Rabbi Yechezkel Harfenes who wrote Slingshot of Hell Holocaust Journal Both men were of course intensely religious and wrote about a lot of religious themes Both lost almost everyone in their families during the HolocaustChaim Wolgelernter's diarymemoir is different from Harfenes's book in many ways though Harfenes was Hungarian and wrote about his passage through several concentration camps during the war; Wolgelernter was a Polish Jew who spent his Holocaust experience in hiding with various different Polish peasants Most importantly Harfenes survived the war and wrote his book years later while Wolgelernter wrote his diarymemoir while he was in hiding and never lived to complete it as he was betrayed and killed probably by the very man who was sheltering him just a few weeks before liberationA glossary for the book might have been good as I had trouble making out the meaning of the many words transliterated from Yiddish and Hebrew Sometimes I could figure out what they meant from the context and sometimes I couldn'tWolgelernter focuses mostly on the experiences of himself and his family members rather than the Jewish community as a whole His wife and baby son were hiding in plain sight in the city posing as Aryans with false papers His sister his parents and his three year old daughter were killed fairly early on but his brothers survived longerThey were completely dependent on the local Poles to feed and shelter them and Wolgelernter does not have much if anything good to say about the Polish people Many of the Poles former friends or customers of the family's textile business did nothing to help them and threatened to sic the Gestapo on them They volunteered to take the family's money and valuables for safekeeping from the Germans then refused to give the items back Even the Polish peasants who agreed to shelter Jews wanted large sums of money to do it Though you could argue that this wasn't unreasonable; by aiding Jews the Poles were risking their lives The Jews and the Poles were kind of mutually afraid of each other the Poles were afraid the Jews would get them caught and the Jews were afraid the Poles would kill them or turn them in to the GermansIt would have been interesting to see if had Wolgelernter survived his perception of the Polish people would have become less critical over the years But unfortunately we'll never know His diary survived hidden first in his brother's rucksack and then in a drawer in Canada for seventy years before it was finally translated and published

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The Unfinished DiaryEsistance of Jews during the Holocaust as well as the attitudes and actions of the Poles ranging from Righteous Gentiles to those who collaborated with the Nazis Includes a fascinating postscript of the Wolgelernter family's ultimate discovery of the unmarked grave of their father and other murdered relatives and the re interment of the remains in Israel Though the author perished his diary lives on This is a brilliant and outstanding literary masterpiece It is such a tremendous lose that the extremely capable talented and intelligent author has not survived Some descriptions there were so beautifully written that I had to read them again and again so I could soak my mind and heart with the words This is a very powerful book as the story develops it becomes and powerful and gripping The translation and editing are first class I could feel that someone has put his heart and soul as well as many many hours of toil in the publishing this book