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Firefly Summer Download À PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ [Read] ➳ Firefly Summer By Nan Rossiter – A little light can guide you home New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nan Rossiter’s touching new novel reunites four sisters at their childhood vacation spOther rarely mentioning their deep childhood loss But one evening as they sit together at Whit’s End to watch the sun set the gathering fireflies elicit memories of that long ago night and a tumult of regrets guilt and secrets tumble outPoignant yet hopeful Firefly Summer is an uplifting story of the resilience of sisterhood and the bright glimpses of joy and solace that like fireflies after rain can follow even the deepest heartaches. The Short of ItTragedy and heartache can ruin a family but for the uinn sisters their love for one another helps them come to terms with the events of the pastThe Rest of ItThe uinn family spent summer after summer at Whit’s End their summer house on the Cape With four sisters and one brother they were a formidable bunch but their time on the Cape was always magical and memorable But in the summer of 1964 eight year old Easton drowns under the watch of one of his sisters and the events of that night forever haunt themThe uinn sisters now grown and all living on the Cape find themselves leaning on one another as they deal with health scares crumbling marriages new relationships addiction and the overwhelming grief they carry with them from that fateful nightRossiter is known for writing stories with heart Firefly Summer is no exception The setting the food their conversations and their real life struggles make this the perfect summer readI’ve had the pleasure of reading all of Nan Rossiter’s novels and they are all wonderful You can’t go wrong with any of them They center around family and she always has these wonderful settings For reviews visit my blog Book Chatter

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A little light can guide you home New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nan Rossiter’s touching new novel reunites four sisters at their childhood vacation spot on Cape Cod where they uncover the truth about a past tragedy to find their future as a familyThe close knit uinn siblings enjoyed the kind of idyllic childhood that seems made for greeting cards spending each summer at Whit’s End the family’s home on Cape Cod Th. Review also found at received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date us July 26th 2016 Against my own set of rules when I am reading a book and reviewing it I took a peak at what others were saying I had to as I needed to know if how I felt upon completion of the story is the same as others Based on the current reviews out there it appears that I am alone in my opinion While others have raved about the story I myself found it on the dull and unrealistic side The writing style was great I can find no fault My issue was really with the characters With the age of the four sisters I found it difficult to believe that they all of a sudden were coming to terms with the death of their brother There was no real turning point in the story that would have brought theses sisters to this point in their grieving process particularly after over 50 years It felt kind of random to me Not to mention that most of the characters were not really likeable or if they were they were just boring I hate to say anything negative about a book because people have different tastes and opinions and mine certainly should not be a deciding factor For me I just found this story a little too much about nothing for my tastes

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Firefly SummerEn comes the summer of warm and lush after a rainy spring perfect firefly weather Sisters Birdie Remy Sailor Piper and their brother Easton delight in catching the insects in mason jars to make blinking lanterns Until one terrible night tragedy strikesDecades later the sisters have carved out separate lives on the Cape Through love and heartbreak health issues raising children and caring for their aging parents they have supported each. I’m from a big family of seven girls and one boy so I love novels about siblings especially sisters Nan Rossiter’s new novel is about four sisters in their late fifties to mid sixties When they were young than fifty years earlier tragedy struck the family and had a profound effect on each siblingBirdie the oldest feels responsible for the tragedy and has increasingly self medicated with wine It’s taking a toll on her marriage as well as her relationship with her sisters Remy was widowed young and made her life’s focus raising her three children Now she has an unexpected chance of love Sailor having just filed for divorce from her philandering husband has realized her dream of living on the Cape near her sisters Piper the youngest sister is feeling the physical changes women of a certain age go through and is a bit disconcerted by it allI loved reading Firefly Summer The Cape setting was lovely There’s so much I identified with – a bit in each sister I found that so enjoyable There’s not a lot of fiction out there with characters in my age demographic so I relished in reading it The future is uncertain for all the siblings just as it is for all of us What is certain is that if one remains optimistic in life it makes the tough times a little easier to endure And in this novel as well as my case having sisters is always a plus Recommended I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review