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Most eligible bachelor Molly wants And in newcomer Isaac Gruber she's found her way out If Isaac will pretend to court her her mother has to stop matchmaking once and for all What Molly didn't plan on are the unexp This is a sweet story that is sometimes uite comical It certainly is a reminder of how much trouble we can get into if we go through life reacting to worrisome things rather than thinking it all through and trusting God to carry us forward The characters are interesting and realistic to human reaction rather than being the stoic perfection some Amish stories portray Enjoyable read

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The Amish Midwifes Courtship Pinecraft #2Ected feelings the businessman stirs in her Isaac will go along with Molly's ruse Especially since he can't stop thinking about her But when the favor backfires spectacularly it might just lead them toward true lov Good StoryI enjoyed this story it was a little sad but it turned out to have a happy ending which I was glad to see


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FREE EPUB é MOBI The Amish Midwifes Courtship Pinecraft #2 ☆ 9780373819133 ß DOGSALONBRISTOL ✓ [EPUB] ✷ The Amish Midwifes Courtship Pinecraft #2 By Cheryl Williford – An Arranged Romance Molly Ziegler is proud of being a successAn Arranged Romance Molly Ziegler is proud of being a successful midwife But at age twenty one she's unmarried and fodder for gossip in her Amish community Even as her meddling mother urges her to marry the town's Isaac knew now was the time to declare his love but the tender words scrambled in his mind and wouldn't come off his tongue How did a man tell a woman that she meant to him than the very breath he drew and then confess himself to be a murderer?Isaac is moving to a new town to escape his community He is full of guilt because he was driving the truck his friend was in when the friend died when both of them were hit by a drunk driver He was driving without a license and blames himself He's ostracized from his family but not shunnedMolly lives with her abusive mother As an Amish woman she has no recourse A spinster at age 21 her abusive mother is pushing her to marry rich man Samuel But she doesn't love Samuel and sees abusive tendencies in him But she might be forced to marry him by her mom and her church She works two jobs waiting tables at a café and being a midwife She also is of course a full time live in servant for her mom who runs a boarding houseBoth Molly and Isaac have a bad leg and both consider themselves to be crippled It's rare for me to see a disabled hero or heroine in romance novels much less TWO disabled MCs uite bold on Williford's part Their disabilities while present and constant do not affect their work their love their attractiveness to the opposite sex or their marriage opportunities It's actually uite nicely handled on Williford's part She expertly makes the damaged legs noticeable in the story at most times but draws back from making it the main focus It's perfect You're right I did fall over my own feet That's what cripples do He leaned heavily on a single crutch and pushed his way to his feet his face contorting with painAch you're no cripple she said standingWhat would you know about being crippled?He'd crossed the line Molly lifted her skirt an inch and showed him the built up shoe on her right foot I think I know a lot about being crippledBeing disabled since she was young Molly is used to her disability and deals with it a lot better than Isaac who just became crippled after his car accident But he grows and changes during the book and becomes at peace with itIsaac is a little bit of an asshole He's not a total asshole like so many of the Amish heroes are authors seem to think Amish women find asshole Amish men cute or endearing or something but he does hurt Molly on purpose and fuck with her on occasion Luckily this only lasts about the first one third of the novel Here you go Fries and eggs Hope you enjoy themI would have enjoyed them ten minutes ago The man's hand rattled his empty coffee mug to express his neglectI'm so sorry sir We've been a bit busy and I Isaac? Was tut Sie Hier?Pulling his plate closer he folded his newspaper and looked at Molly Why do you think I'm here? I'm hungry and want my second cup of coffeeShe hadn't seen Isaac since he'd repaired the cart for her the day before Why didn't you eat at home? Mamm made pancakes with hot apple butter early this morningI'm a solitary man I like my own company he grumbled as he cut his eggs into perfect bite sized suares He leaned over the plate to get the full benefit of a fork full of eggs and home fries Now can I have some coffee to wash down my breakfast?Ya of course I'll get you coffee right awayTaking a fresh carafe of coffee off the heater Molly hurried back reminding herself of the café's customer service policy The customer is always right She'd agreed with the policy when she'd taken the job a year ago but some days it took perseverance and a cool head to be friendly and courteous to certain patrons who passed through the café doorShe grimaced as the toe of her built up shoe hit the edge of Isaac's booth but kept a smile plastered on her face Let me pour you a fresh cup of coffee She went to pour and before she could stop him he reached for the tiny container of milk next to his cup Hot coffee splashed his wrist and shirt cuff He jerked his hand away and reached for a napkin Do you really work here or are you following me around making sure I get hurt at least once a day?UGH Good thing he knocks this off because I would have to hate him and turn this into a rant review if he kept practicing asshole behavior of which this is only a tasteOne thing I like in this book is how Molly stands up for herself It's very unusual in Amish romance novels She's not afraid to tell her abusive mother that she won't marry Samuel Of course her mother ignores her but she really stands up for herself She puts up with a lot of her mother's shit cleans cooks gives up activities to do work for her mom her mom forgets her birthday and Molly never says anything etc etc but draws the line at marrying Samuel I have sacrificed all my life for you It is time you sacrificed for meMolly jerked out of her mother's grasp and stood her ground Nee not any I have done all I am going to do A loveless marriage is where I draw the lineWhen her mother persists Molly up and moves out of her mother's house and into a very very small motel room This is SO GUTSY She knows her mother will go to the church and reuest Molly be shunned and bannedMolly also shows a lot of guts standing up to Samuel a man she knows tends towards abusive behavior She keeps shooting him down and she is NOT polite about it She's not stupid she's just fed up I admired her bravery in standing up to both Samuel and her mom even though she could easily lose everything due to her actionsThe patriarchy is extra strong and disgusting in this book and in true patriarchy form it shits on both men and women Molly can't choose to be single She MUST get married and MUST have children Molly can be forced into a marriage by the church They tell her it is God's will and she'll learn to love him Isaac cannot choose to be single He MUST get married and MUST have children Isaac can be forced into a marriage by the church They tell him it is God's will and he'll learn to love her Not only Amish women but all women in this novel can't have dreams of anything than birthing children and being a lifelong servant to their husband Here's what Willa Mae an Englischer tells Molly One day you gonna meet some nice Amish man like that Isaac fella and get married Children become your dream and a clean house your job You'll see if I'm not right When Molly eats a friend's delicious pancakes and tells her she should open a restaurant her friend says You really should open up a restaurant These pancakes are wonderfulAnd when would I have time for this wonderful dream? Between diaper changes and dirty hands?She is married and pregnant with kids #4 and #5 She cooks and cleans and serves her husband all dayEven though Isaac is male and therefore is allowed freedom he's still trapped by the patriarchy and forced to obey it You've been forgiven by Gott haven't you? He understands you and Isaac meant no real harm Gott's not punishing you You're punishing yourself by thinking this arranged marriage is wrong and that Gott is not in itBut Isaac Molly moanedForget about Isaac He's a man He doesn't know what he wants Time will bring him aroundDoesn't matter if he doesn't want to marry he has no choice He can't choose not to have children either Don't look so scared Kinner are wonderful blessings from Gott I can't wait for our next one to get hereThe married people with children who surround both Isaac and Molly seem to think their ideas of independence and making their own choices is cute but soon they will come to their senses and fall in line When Isaac says to Molly on page 170 I'm very serious I've been doing a lot of thinking It's time I marry I need a wife Someone to do my laundry and cook my meals I need to be practicalHe's not even being an asshole it's just the facts that women are their husband's live in slaves cooking cleaning and birthing as many children as possible Of course it's important for a man to have a live in slave so that he can be cared for and so he can have a clean house clothes and full time childcare Isaac isn't saying this out of malice it's simply the facts of their situation It's very bleak I have no idea how it reflects on real life Amish culture as this was written by an evangelical Christian and not an Amish woman GOD God is mentioned 50 times in this novel And God gets the credit for everything For instance if Molly clears out an infant's airways and gives it mouth to mouth God is breathing life back into the baby If Sarah sews a wedding dress for Molly then pulls it out and shows everyone everyone marvels at how God is pulling this wedding together by giving Molly a dress etc When the church orders X and Y to get married it is said to be God's will and that God is bringing the couple together and that God wants them together Even though X and Y do not want to get married It's very strange Don't read this if you don't enjoy inspirational romanceTL;DR I liked Molly's fierce spirit her willingness to stand up for herself and her work ethic Isaac started off as kind of an asshole but he calmed down and wasn't bad for the last 23 of the novelDespite the premise of this novel being a 'fake courtship' that's not really what the book is about or what actually happens It's a lot complex than that and not really descriptive of the novelAbusive mothersrelatives seem to be prevalent in Amish fiction perhaps because there is no recourse to people who have to love support and live with family no matter what This isn't like An Amish Reunion where Hannah is being beaten and bruised by her great grandmother here Molly's mom is mostly verbally and emotionally abusive but it is still badROMANCE CATEGORIESAmish RomanceContemporary RomanceInspirational RomanceVirgin Hero RomanceDisabled HeroDisabled HeroineShe's a MidwifeWaitress He's a Bike Repair Shop Owner