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Epub × Eloise At Christmastime ñ Kay Thompson Yes Here she is at Christmastime Complete with tinsel and holly Singing fa la la la lolly And over the roar of the jingle bells You Christmas comes to the Plaza Hotel and that pint sized terror Eloise is in the thick of things in this third picture book adventure bringing her own inimitable style to the seasonal celebration Complete with tinsel and holly Singing fa la la la lolly Eloise really gets into the swing of things here finding uniue gifts for all of the Plaza staff gracing many of the in house parties with her presence and making sure that seasonal greetings written in red on the hallway walls can be seen by all When it comes to being jolly Eloise is in top formOriginally published in 1958 out of print for many years and then reprinted in 1999 with new cover art by Hilary Knight Eloise at Christmastime differs from its two predecessors both in length it has considerably less text than either Eloise or Eloise in Paris and in form Told in rhyming verse it reads fairly well and while the heroine is no appealing to me than in Eloise in Paris somehow what amused me in the first book palled in the second I found this one fairly engaging Perhaps given the determined efforts at precocious cleverness comparative brevity helps the experience along? In any case Eloise fans will enjoy this Christmas tale I think and it is to them I would recommend it

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Download Eloise At Christmastime Mobi ä 56 pages Ï Kay thompson ↠ ❰Download❯ ➵ Eloise At Christmastime Author Kay Thompson – Yes Here she is at Christmastime Complete with tinsel and holly Singing fa la la la lolly And over the roar of the jingle bells You Can hear hear hear her say It's absolutely Christmas But I don't mind a bit I give everyone a present For that's the thing of it S It could be said that 'Eloise at Christmastime' falls between two stools but that would perhaps be being a little too unkind for the literal meaning of the phrase usually implies that the object fails to fit into either of two categories As Hilary Knight's illustrations are excellent that would be unfair although Kay Thompson's text is at times rather wishy washy and banal and at other times uite amusingThe story begins uite promisingly on Christmas Eve with a blizzard raging outside and Eloise lounging in front of a blazing log fire with her Nanny Skipperdee her turtle and Weenie her dog at The Plaza Cut from this somewhat idyllic scene to Eloise dashing around the place doing a variety of tricks and singing a silly song that goes something like 'Fa la la la fa la la lolly tingledy here and there Blow music of trinkles and drinkles of glass there's Christmas everywhere'A plan of The Plaza charts Eloise's progress through it as she runs leaps skibbles zapps and zimbers around while Nanny tries to organise the Christmas decorations They put up the Christmas tree in their suite and fill it with 'Ornaments big and bright and all of these sparkling icicles and twirling balls of white'Then Eloise gets up to all her tricks again before she joins Nanny as the latter plays 'We Three Kings of Orient Are' on the piano; Eloise accompanies her by banging a spoon on a silver dish Eloise then flits around doing some carolling of her own and she is joined in her dance antics by Skipperdee and WeenieAfter an hour long chat with her mother 'long distance from the Mediterranean' Eloise gets up to her antics once because as she says 'I usually walk around uite a bit or so thinking of a way to stay up hawlf sic the night' But Nanny eventually tires of all these antics and suggests bed but Eloise is not in favour of it So Nanny takes her by the ankles and carries her off to bed where she and Weenie immediately flake out because 'some of us were rawther tired'Eloise dreams of plum pudding with extra cream reindeers with sunglasses skating on the stars and Santa chuckling and saying 'Dash on to The Plaza my lovely boys We'll have Christmas punch with Nanny and give Eloise her toys'And when Eloise wakes up on Christmas day Santa had come and gone and she imagines that she can see the tail lights of Santa's sleigh through the trees in Central Park Nanny then reminds her that it is Christmas Day and hurries her off to open the presents that are under the tree She is overjoyed with what she receives as are Skipperdee and Weenie and Eloise opens her bedroom window and shouts out loud to the friends gathered below 'Its absolutely Christmas so come to the top floor please come all of my friends where ever you are for a trinkle with ME ELOISE'And Eloise finishes with the view 'Oooooooooooooooooooooo I absolutely love Christmas'Beguiling as Eloise can be this particular seasonal episode is one that I can take or leave with the illustrations giving it that extra oomph I will however try another I have two other Eloise titles on my shelves

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Eloise At ChristmastimeO when it's everly Christmastime And you're under your Christmas trees Simply tinkle a bell and have a trinkle And remember Me Eloi In all of the Eloise books the precocious 6 year old's mother is not with her young daughter Eloise is left in the care of Nanny Besides Nanny her companions are mostly her beloved pets It seems especially sad that this is true at ChristmastimeBut I think this lies at the heart of who this spunky little girl isshe is not a naughty child she is a parent less one and as such is free spirited Her imagination is not encumbered by a mother or father with conventional rules of good behaviorStill Eloise has patched together her own rules of how to treat others which include giving presents to the people who work at or are guests of the Plaza Hotel where she lives That Eloise's efforts at bringing holiday cheer are not exactly appreciated by her audience is lost on the little girl in her unbridled enthusiasm for the holiday That irrepressible spirit and utter lack of inhibition make her a humorous and endearing characterIt is that joie de vivre which makes the book fun instead of melancholy Kay Thompson captures Eloise's rollicking adventures in her rhymes and made up words The charming illustrations by Hilary Knight convey her boundless energy and milk belly; whirling around creating havoc ruffling feathers and warming hearts in the festive atmosphere of the elegant hotel