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Free read á La consolante Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ La consolante Author Anna Gavalda – Zguduit de vestea mortii unei prietene dragi a carei prezenta magica i a incintat anii copilariei si adolescentei Charles Balanda un arhiHarles porneste intr o calatorie pe parcursul careia redescopera bucuriile simple ale vietii si regaseste dragostea alaturi de o femeie plina de daruire care pare sa fie replica mai tinara a prietenei sal. This book is so well splashed with tears and bathwater that I couldn't loan it out even if I wanted to

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Zguduit de vestea mortii unei prietene dragi a carei prezenta magica i a incintat anii copilariei si adolescentei Charles Balanda un arhitect parizian in virsta de patruzeci si sapte de ani isi remeaza tr. This is a rather odd book It reminds me of Elizabeth Goudge and Rumer Godden because nothing really seems to happen but there's a story there that's awfully compelling This is a story about life falling apart and coming together About life and death and living despite being dead and the slow decaying death that is a meaningless life of going through the motionsThere's a main character a man I don't particularly like and who I thought very little of until I reached the almost end of the book There's Anouk who haunts the book peeking out of corners where you didn't expect her to be There's Claire the man's sister who's hard to pin down but could have an entire book written about her as well there's that much hidden depth to the character There's Alexis who moves from one extreme to the other over the course of his life There's Mathilde the man's sort of daughter who's here and there and rather like Little Women's Jo with appendages in odd places and in that not uite fitting stage of adolescence And then there's Kate and the village of childrenI would love to have been one of Kate's children I would have loved to have grown up there though really would I I don't know for sure And really Kate forms the center of the novel as she forms the center of the children's lives all the while slipping out of the frame with Anouk in the distance behind herI don't uite know how to define this book because like Anouk and Kate it keeps slipping out of my grasp and going where I don't expect it to go

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La consolanteEcutul si isi da seama ca existenta lui se reduce doar la ore nesfirsite de munca licitatii intilniri de afaceri si discutii cu clienti nemultumiti Hotarit sa afle cit mai multe despre moartea lui Anouk C. While I always enjoy Anna Gavalda's books this is perhaps my least favourite so far Charles while reasonably likeable did not grab me as the central protagonist and the sudden shift into bucolic fantasy in the last third of the book felt so whimsical that it was ridiculous Both Kate and Anouk read as Manic Dream Pixie Girls rather than characters with whom I could connect Nevertheless there are dimensions to Gavalda's writing style that I enjoy such as her occasional bursts of almost stream of consciousness that always make me think rather pretentiously of my undergraduate fascination with Hélène Cixous She also uses minor characters to great satirical effect The highlight of this novel for me was a brief cameo from some particularly loveable characters from one of Gavalda's previous novels which also gave a great sense of completeness to Gavalda's growing portrait of modern Parisian life