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Our Last NightSometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards Dan is a professional ghost hunter who's never actually found a ghost But his newest case is promising a cursed Russian rifle allegedly haunted by a demon According to legend anyone who touches the antiue weapon dies within 24 hours But for Dan it's personal he's still mourning the death of his fian THE DETAILS⇣ ⤏ SUPERNATURAL GHOSTS DEMONS A CURSED FIREARM⤏ TIME TRAVELING ISH⤏ THRILLER WINTENSE PACING⤏ HORROR IF IC GORY⤏ DEALING WITH THE GRIEF OF A SPOUSE⤏ A PET SAVANNAH MONITOR I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE⤏ LENGTH OF AUDIO 8 HOURS 33 MINUTES⤏ KU LISTEN ON AUDIBLE MY THOUGHTS⇣The narration by Scott Merriman was decently performedI just found his voice easy to tune outhe didn't keep me in the storyeven when I had ear buds in This is most likely just a personal issue for me though Unfortunately when you constantly fall out of a story it leads to not always knowing what's going on and less enjoyment of the story overall Especially when a story has a lot of technical time travel y jargon Plus the pacing was so intenseit was almost too intense to keep up with at times Despite all that the potential for a five star rating is there and plenty of others have given that There are a lot of elements at play in this bookand the concept alone is intriguing enough to recommend this bookmaybe I would suggest reading over listening but again you may really like the narrationit is available as a Read and Listen on KUso that's always a great possibility for trying both mediums BREAKDOWN⇣ Narration Rating ⇢ 3¾ STARSPlot ⇢ 385Characters ⇢ 375The Feels ⇢ 335Pacing ⇢ 355Addictiveness ⇢ 355Theme Tone or Intensity ⇢ 45Originality ⇢455Flow Writing StyleEase of Listening ⇢ 35World BuildingTwisty nessMystery ⇢ 45Ending ⇢ 385Summation ⇢ 3¾ STARS

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R Taylor Adams Our Last Night is a roller coaster of a ghost story with a bruised beating heart Great for people who love Dean Koontz Stephen King Peter Straub or David Wong but really a book like nothing you’ve ever read Taylor Adams is the author of the #1 best seller EYESHOT In the middle of the desert a couple are pinned down by a ruthless snip Dan doesn’t really believe in ghosts god or the paranormal even though he’s the host of a popular ghost hunting show But when his fiancée passes away suddenly in an accident he desperately wants to believe in somethingHe seeks out a notoriously haunted Russian firearm which is apparently cursed and has caused every previous owner kill themselves Once he has the gun the being that haunts it digs deep into Dan’s brain chasing him through his memoriesThis book started out great completely pulling the rug out from underneath the reader But after the initial shock I could easily accept the strange rules in the world and all the tension evaporated There are some cool connections between Dan’s memories and cases he’s investigated for his show and the ‘gasman’ is delightfully creepy and threateningI was kind of disappointed by the ending view spoilerAfter all the danger and turmoil Dan goes through the conclusion is uncharacteristically happy with everything neatly resolved hide spoiler

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Our Last Night epub ¸ Kindle Edition ´ dogsalonbristol ð [BOOKS] ✰ Our Last Night ✺ Taylor Adams – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards Dan is a professional ghost hunter who's never actually found a ghost But his newest case is promising a cursed Russian riflCée Adelaide and he's desperate to find proof that spirits exist At any cost As the clock ticks down Dan's paranormal investigation uickly twists into a mind bending nightmare He is stalked through time and memory by a terrifying and very real demon And as for his lost love Adelaide? She might be the only one who can save him From best selling autho Thank you Netgalley and Taylor Adams for providing me this book It took me too long for the review but it’s better late than never right? One Last Night is about Dan a ghost hunter who have never seen a ghost He badly wants to see one so he tracked and purchased a gun that when touched will shorten your lifespan into 24 hours Well he touched it He’s desperate to see spirits now he’s desperate to surviveOh holy cow I think the gif summarized everythingThis was such an amazing book I was engrossed to read the book just because of its introduction I LOVE everything in this book the characters the plot the scenery the writing EVERYTHINGI can’t really say it’s visually pleasing because the scenes were terrifying Like there would be a jump scare any moment My heart was beating so fast SO FAST Oh my god Not to mention the countdown The freakin' 24 hour countdown Oh my goshI have to admit this was supposed to be a 4 star rating because of some dragging scenes But since I loved how it made me feel enthralled I gave it one start Also the we’re about to die but I really need to make a joke type of humor? Hmm THE BEST I was frightened but I cannot help but laugh at those scenesThis book is a perfect read for those who love thriller and some gory scenes and the freaking time travelling Hmm Yes