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The Artists Masuerade Chronicles of Tournai #2 Summary Û 6 Û [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Artists Masuerade Chronicles of Tournai #2 By Antonia Aquilante – As the first born son of the Duke of Tournai and cousin to the prince Cathal has always tried to fulfill his duty to family and country includinInine illusion than the man beneath it While both men battle their longings for each other spies from Ardunn infiltrate the capital attempting to uncover Tournai’s weaknesses They are also searching for Flavian who possesses a magical Talent that allows him to see the truth of a person just by painting their portrait a skill invaluable to Ardunn’s emper. Unlike the first book this romance story follows Prince Phillip's cousin Cathal and Flavian At first I wasn't as excited to read their story as I wasn't originally a huge fan of Cathal I am glad I read it though as I loved watching him slowly shed his standoffish personality the his story developed I think a lot of that had to do with him stepping out from underneath his fathers shadow and of course through the growth of his relationships with Amory Phillip and Flavian Overall I really enjoyed the second installment in this series It made me laugh and it was a super sweet and cute storyDisclosure I received a complimentary eARC at no cost from the authorpublisher for review purposes I'd like to thank NineStar Press and the publisher for providing me this opportunity

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As the first born son of the Duke Masuerade Chronicles PDF #8608 of Tournai and cousin to the prince Cathal has always tried to fulfill his duty to family and country including following through with an arranged marriage to Velia cousin to the emperor of Ardunn But it’s Velia’s companion Flavia who fascinates Cathal Cathal doesn’t know that Flavia is. This second visit to the fantasy world of which Tournai is a part was as fantastic amazing and full of surprises as the first While ‘The Prince’s Consort’ focused on royal couple Philip and Amory who play an essential role again this second volume is cousin Cathal’s story Now if you have read the first book and you should before attempting this one you may remember that Cathal was not exactly the nicest person around I thought it was fascinating how that changed with a little information and how Cathal gradually emerged from the shadow of his overbearing father Philip’s uncle Umber With some great new characters as well as old favorites who return for royal intrigue this seuel made me laugh frown at some of the characters’ stupidity and delight in the special magic that pervades TournaiPlease find my full review of the second edition on Rainbow Book Reviews

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The Artists Masuerade Chronicles of Tournai #2Really Flavian a man masuerading as a woman to escape Ardunn a restrictive place in which Flavian’s preference for men is forbiddenEven when Cathal discovers Flavian’s true gender he cannot fight his attraction to him Flavian is intrigued by Cathal but The Artists PDFEPUBCathal is still betrothed to Velia and Flavian worries Cathal is taken with his fem. This is the second book in a fantasy series and likely best enjoyed when read in seuence though it can be read as a standalone Cathal is the eldest son of a Grand Duke in Tournai a small but wealthy country with a bustling port in the capital city of Jumelle Cathal's cousin is the Crown Prince Philip and Cathal is his advisor and personal secretary Cathal is 25 and is startled to learn that his father has arranged a marriage for him to a cousin of the Emperor of Ardunn This marriage proposal was arranged without both Cathal or Philip's knowledge or consent Politically this was a huge overstep by Cathal's father because Ardunn is a warring nation bent on conuest and offending the Emperor by breaking this betrothal could be an encitement to war Also emotionally Cathal has been a dutiful and respectful son though his father laments his lack of ambition His father has recently created some large protocol offenses regarding Philip's marriage to his husband and consort Amory Philip is concerned his uncle is hatching some power play for the control of TournaiFlavian is an Ardunnian artist with the Talent to read the heart of any person that he draws in a portrait The Emperor who trusts few of his advisors or court planned to make ample use of Flavian's magic and Flavian knew he could not live in that capacity Also matches between men are illegal in Ardunn and a man cannot make his own way in the country until he is 30 years old so for all these reasons Flavian decided to run from Ardunn He is a good friend to Velia the woman betrothed to Cathal and they hatch a plan to transport Flavian to Tournai disguised as a female companion to Velia when she leaves to Tournai It's upsetting and humiliating for Flavian to masuerade as Lady Flavia for the three week boat journey He cannot wait to escape as soon as they make land However Flavian's plans are scuttled when their party is not lodged in a house in Jumelle but is instead welcomed by Princess Elodie Philip's younger sister and taken to the palace to stay Escaping the palace is not easy trick and Lady Flavia is expected to accompany Lady Velia to all of her attendant parties and excursions in the palace It's especially hard for Flavian to continue his ruse under the scrutiny of Cathal who develops and unwanted attraction to the mysterious Lady FlaviaSo it's a mismatch and an intrigue Philip and Cathal are hunting Ardunnian spies and a chance encounter first puts Lady Flavia in their sights Even Cathal's growing attraction would not save Flavian if he were a spy which he is not Flavian is nearly consumed with jealousy for the acceptance of male male pairings in Tournai and wants to find a loving partner and to get his life back as soon as possible Because of the intrigue he must continue his masuerade but Cathal's love grows and shelters Flavian in many ways Cathal wants out of his betrothal and Philip is working to find out the specifics of the marriage agreement to see how he can disentangle his dear cousin from Velia who seems to be a decent woman but not one that Cathal truly loves She's aloof and Cathal's attempts to develop a rapport are shut down with courtly manners an