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Warrior Women free read Í 0 é ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Warrior Women By Paula Guran ✓ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk From fantastic legends and science fictional futures come compelling tales of powerful women—or those who discover strength they did not know they possessed—who fight because they must for what th From fantastic legends andBy Mary GentleBecome a Warrior by Jane YollenThe Sea Troll's Daughter by Caitlin R KiernanJoenna's Axe by Elaine IsaakLove Among the Talus by Elizabeth BearSoul Case by Nalo HopkinsonJust YesterdayThe Girls from Avenger by Carrie VaughnIn the Loop by Ken LiuDying with her Cheer Pants On by Seanan McGuirePrayer by Robert ReedSomewhere between Myth Possibility England Under the White Witch by Theodora GossThe Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr by George RR MartinThe Knight of. Overall ImpressionA mixed bag as anthologies so often are I much preferred the later sections to the beginning; I wonder if I just don't much like sword and sorceryI will say that I found the collection to be a little scattered a little unfocused I think it was trying to do too many things at once It also had an overall grim tone Still it was worth a read and there are a couple of real gems in the mixHighlights include The Knight of Chains the Deuce of Stars by Yoon Ha Lee And Wash Out by Tides of War by An Owomoyela and Eaters by Nancy KressNorthern Chess Tanith Lee 4 starsBeautifully written and not in a way that I'm used to The twist will feel familiar to anyone who's grown up with Lord of the Rings but it's still a plot device I appreciateAnukazi's Daughter Mary Gentle 2 starsI didn't much like this storyBecome a Warrior Jane Yolen 3 starsPowerful but very bleakThe Sea Troll's Daughter Caitlin R Kiernan 2 starsThis was uite long and didn't really work for meJoenna's Axe Elaine Isaak 4 starsVery nice I though this story was very engaging appreciated the character development and the ending made me smile grimlyLove Among the Talus Elizabeth Bear 4 starsA detached writing style but I loved the worldSoul Case Nalo Hopkinson 4 starsShort but effectiveThe Girls from Avenger Carrie Vaughn 3 starsSomething about the writing felt just slightly clunky to me and there's no SFnal element But it's okayIn the Loop Ken Liu 3 starsLike the idea not so keen on the execution The writing style is very telling which is not generally what I preferDying With Her Cheer Pants On Seanan McGuire 4 starsThis story is just so absurd that you have to like it Fighting Pumpkins foreverPrayer Robert Reed 4 starsI don't know that I found the ending so satisfying but this story gets 4 stars just for the totally bonkers worldEngland Under the White Witch Theodora Goss 45 starsHistory made fairy tale I very much like Goss's writing definitely looking forward to reading something novel length from herThe Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr George R R Martin 5 starsMelancholy but utterly lovely The Knight of Chains the Deuce of Stars Yoon Ha Lee 5 starsHOLY COW Can I give this stars I want to give this stars Gorgeously written fantastically inventive the imagery is to die for the construction is tight I'm only about halfway through the anthology but I'm pretty sure this is going to be the highlightBoy Twelve Jessica Reisman 4 starsI liked this one A prickly narrator but Reisman constructed her well Very inventive in its worldbuildingThe Application of Hope Kristine Kathryn Rusch 3 starsI liked this one too and possibly enough to foray into the rest of the Diving Universe However it felt uite long at least novelette length and I thought it might be tighter if it were pared down Plus the prose felt a bitdry Unemotional I'm not certainNot That Kind of a War Tanya Huff 4 starsAlways love me some Torin Huff is always very insightful about the realities of war and the personalities of those who wage itNaratha's Shadow Sharon Lee Steve Miller 35 starsThis was an interesting sci fifantasy blend I confess myself intrigued enough to investigate a Liaden Universe novelalthough what I was most captivated by was the idea of the scouts and their work finding artifacts and chasing down legends which mostly happened offscreen in this taleEaters Nancy Kress 5 starsWow Tight bursting with energy complicated characters ethical dilemmasan exceptionally strong storyAnd Wash Out by Tides of War An Owomoyela 5 starsOkay this one impressed me a lot I was captivated from the start and again really interesting worldbuilding Will definitely be looking out for stories by this authorHand to Hand Elizabeth Moon 4 starsRight so I don't know where exactly my opinion stands on the central argument of this story but it certainly has one and one that made me think and it's well writtenThey Tell Me There Will Be No Pain Rachael Acks 45 starsGrim but it resonated with meWonder Maul Doll Kameron Hurley 3 starsHurley is pretty much always gory This story is no exception It's just universally brutal I see where it was a challenge to ennui surrounding occupation and war; I see where it was a challenge to specifically the invasion of Ira I really didn't enjoy the reading experience thoughThe Days of the War as Red as Blood as Dark as Bile Aliette de Bodard 4 starsWell that was depressing

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Chains the Deuce of Stars by Yoon Ha LeeSpace AriaBoy Twelve by Jessica ReismanThe Application of Hope by Kristine RuschNot That Kind of War by Tanya HuffNaratha's Shadow by Sharon Lee Steve MillerWill No War End All WarEaters by Nancy KressAnd Wash Out by Tides of Ware by An OwomoyelaHand to Hand by Elizabeth MoonThey Tell Me There Will be No Pain by Rachael AcksWonder Maul Doll by Kameron HurleyThe Days of the War as Red as Blood as Dark as Bile by Aliette de Boda. Find my full review of all the short stories in this collection on my blogWarrior Women is an anthology edited by Paula Guran that puts women front and center There are many ways to be a warrior and many ways to tell the story of one This anthology collects a variety of stories arranged around five different themes Swords SpearsArrowsAxes Sorcery Just Yesterday Perhaps Just Beyond Tomorrow Somewhere Between Myth Possibility Space Aria and Will No War End All WarOverall this is a great anthology It has a good mix of different stories They all show differen aspects of what it means to be a warrior All have different approaches There were a lot of authors I now want to read of The stories I particularly enjoyed were The Girls from Avenger by Carrie Vaughn about WASPs during World War II England Under the White Witch by Theodora Goss about an empress with ice powers and her expanding empire The Application of Hope by Kristine Kathryn Rusch a novella about a captain trying to find a lost friend in foldspace And Wash Out by Tides of War by An Owomoyela about a girl with a chip on her shoulder and her mother a war machine newly returned from war They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain by Rachael Acks about a woman trying to fit back into civilian life The Days of the War as Red as Blood as Dark as Bile by Aliette de Bodard about a young girl during war and a mindship looking for a warrior

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Warrior WomenFrom fantastic legends and science fictional futures come compelling tales of powerful women or those who discover strength they did not know they possessed who fight because they must for what they believe in for those they love to simply survive or who glory in battle itself Fierce or fearful they are courageous and honorable occasionally unscrupulous and tainted but all warriors worthy of the nameCONTENTSwords SorceryNorthern Chess by Tanith LeeAnukazi's Daughter. So I only really liked about three stories in the entire anthology The very first one I read Northern Chess by Paula Guran I loved the ending I can't help but chuckle view spoiler even if it's a total trope now that a woman can succeed where a man can't due to the wording of a curse Or you know having someone actually named Nobody or No Man hide spoiler