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review Doreen Valiente Witch ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ß [PDF] ✈ Doreen Valiente Witch Author Philip Heselton – A personal biographical account of the life of Doreen Valiente described by Professor Ronald Hutton as the greatest single female figure in the modern British history of witchcraftMony and Doreen's own personal papers to reveal previously unknown details of her life with fascinating and sometimes startling insights Adding to the still emerging story of how an underground cult described by some as Britain's only living indigenous. It's undoubtable that Doreen Dominy Vlachopoulos Valiente has had an early and lasting influence on modern Wicca A definitive biography of Valiente has yet to be written but Philip Heselton's recent biography will have to hold that place for now Heselton is the author of Witchfather the bio of Gerald Gardner and Wiccan Roots which investigated Gardner's early years in the Craft so I was expecting much from this book The results however are mixed The book covers Valiente's life from her family's roots in Cerne Abbas to her unsettled but psychic childhood to glimpses of her working at Bletchley Park and possibly as a spy in south Wales to her associations with Gardner Robert Cochrane Charles Cardell Patricia Crowther and the late John Bellham Payne on to her illness and death in 1999 Selections from her poetry are included as is Heselton's discussion of her various publications perhaps the least interesting part of the book for me The book ends with the formation of the Centre For Pagan Studies and of the Doreen Valiente Foundation which protects much of her legacy In an afterword by Bellham Payne correspondence from Gerald Gardner including several very ancient looking handwritten documents which Doreen believed proved that Old Gerald did not make it all up were sadly not passed on to the foundation and have been lost to posterityAs I said this is uite possibly the best biography of Valiente to date and provides a good jumping off point for further research

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Religion became a worldwide spiritual movement in the course of a few decades While Gerald Brosseau Gardner is credited with breathing life into modern witchcraft it was his High Priestess Doreen Valiente who made it truly accessible to the wider worl. While I found fault with some of the writing way too many exclamation marks and some of the organization of the book the actual uotes from letters and diaries of Doreen's are invaluable along with uotes from others who knew her The overall tone of the book feels like you're sitting in a pub with the author and he's telling the story not necessarily a bad thing and he does indulge in a fair amount of speculation guessing and imagining While this may be poor techniue for a serious biography by the end I felt I had a pretty good sense of the type of person Doreen was and her pure motives and love for the Old Religion Unlike many who burst onto the burgeoning pagan scene in the early days in the 1950s and 1960s Doreen never sought fame or money for her involvement I find her to be a great inspiration something with which I'm sure she'd be rather uncomfortable even if privately gratified and a kindred spirit in the desire to honor nature and the old gods Heselton shares some of her poetry and a gifted poet she was I will be looking up of her writing

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Doreen Valiente WitchA personal biographical account of the life of Doreen Valiente described by Professor Ronald Hutton as the greatest single female figure in the modern British history of witchcraft Author Philip Heselton Doreen Valiente PDF or draws on first hand testi. Doreen Valiente has been a role model for me since I was 1112 years old and had first learned about Witchcraft She is to this day an inspiration Reading her biography learning about her from personal possessions and correspondences is just surreal This book is amazing and it became one my favorites It has lots of unpublished material and information letters reviews personal notes and opinions and even testimonials from people who were close to herI loved this book so much it's hard to put into words I recommend it to anyone who loves Wicca the History of Wicca and above all loves Doreen