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The Legendary Lord Playful Brides #6Y escape seems reckless now that she’s estranged from her family and has no one to count on besides Christian Turning the luckless lord into such a catch has another unplanned conseuence for Sarah Has he run away with her heart? The Legendary Lord is the sixth installment of Valerie Bowman's Regency set Playful Brides serie This reads like a very light hearted romance to me Both Christian and Sarah are so unbelievably normal characters Christian is a shy man who seems like an honest and kind man He wants a wife but doesn't really know how to attract the ladies Sarah is the toast of ton Circumstances put them together and they spent some time together developed some feelings for each other but Sarah had to go back to London Christian helped Sarah to get back to London with her reputation intact so Sarah was going to help Christian find a wife The story went on like this If you are in the mood for something light you might like this book I like my stories to be about how people come to terms with themselves And this book is too goody two shoes for me But I really like how Valerie Bowman describes a scene The characters seem to come to life the way she depicts them in the book This review is for an ARC provided by the publisher on NetGalley


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The Legendary Lord Playful Brides #6 ePub ë 309 pages Download Í dogsalonbristol í [Reading] ➿ The Legendary Lord Playful Brides #6 Author Valerie Bowman – THE MAKING OF A LEGEND When Christian Forester Viscount Berkeley flees the stuffy ballrooms of LondTHE MAKING OF A LEGEND When Christian Forester Viscount Berkeley flees the stuffy ballrooms of London for his Scottish hunting lodge the last thing he expects to find ensconced before his fire is an incredibly beautiful woman But the plight of lovely young Sarah Highgate who has run away from an unwanted betrothal inspires an 'The Legendary Lord' by Valerie Bowman is book six in the Playful Brides series This is the story of Christian Bancroft Viscount Berkeley and Sarah Highgate I have read the other book in this series but easily feel this is a standalone book But I will say that I enjoyed catching up with the past main characters Christian has been in the previous stories as a secondary character that ends up helping the couples get togetherso it was nice to see his story play out in this book Sarah parents has set her up to marry a popular and well connected man about town But Sarah has tried to have feelings for him but he seems to only be able to talk about himself and nothing else So Sarah gets the ideal to runaway and heads to her father's cabin but ends up at the wrong one She ends up at Christian cabin When he comes home from traveling and finds her there he thinks she is a thief at first but soon finds what actually is going on Christian is not confident around the ladies and the ones he does become close to turn into his friends So they strike a bargain that if Christian can get her back to London without a scandal Sarah will help him find a wife Truly enjoyed this bookcan't wait for from Ms Bowman My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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Eminently practical exchange He’ll safeguard her reputation with the ton while she advises him how to best attract a proper bride As the undisputed belle of the season Sarah has enchanted plenty of suitors Still she isn’t interested in marriage especially not to the pompous bore her father has chosen for her But her hast I'm soooooooooooooooo in love with this bookI should know why but the truth is that I love Valerie Bowman narrative It is light and engaging The characters are dense deep and at the same time so easy to love even when you feel angry with them for some reason Christian Forester Viscount Berkeley usually flee to his cottage in ScotlandHe tried for a long time to find a suitable wife but the truth is that he ends up becoming friend with all the ladies and they marry others Tired of it he decided he would stay in Scotland or at his estate in NorthumbriaImagine his surprise when he arrived at his cottage and find that it was invaded by the most beautiful lady he had already metLady Sarah Highgate daughter of the Earl of Highfield had fled from London because she didn't like to know that she was engaged to the Maruess of BranfordHer chaperone had broken her ankle and would be immobilized for than a month and a storm caused Sarah to be alone in the cottage with Christian for daysBut away from the two become uncomfortable friendship flowing fastShe was the Belle of the Season and Christian then asks for her help how he should act to draw attention of other ladies and get a brideAfter a few days Sarah is seen worried that should go back to London and Christian asks for help to his friends Lucy and CassOnly then Sarah knows that Christian is not only a gentleman but a ViscountThey have so many things in common but the point was her father would never allow her to marry him She was engaged to a maruess Regency Prince's best friend himselfLucy and Cassandra help Sarah spreading about the famous and mysterious chaperone Mrs Bunbury she was introduced in previous bookBack to London Sarah still was Branford's fiancee and Christian strictly follows all the tips given by Sarah for him to become charmingAnd it's a huge successNext ball in which they attend Christian is the sensation of the night and becomes the Legendary LordDespite being than interested in Sarah Christian doesn't think right to steal the bride of another gentleman Sarah in turn thinks she should obey her parents unconditionallyLucy can't keep herself anxious to see both Sarah as Christian sufferingSomething needed to be done and urgentlyAnd when it happens it can all go wrong againGreat love story You will not be disappointed to read it5 stars ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review