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Review Ñ Ivory Throne 102 ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Ivory Throne Author Manu S. Pillai – In 1498 when Vasco da Gama set foot in Kerala looking for Christians and spices he unleashed a wave of political fury that would topple local powers like a house of cards The cosmopolitan fabric of a In when Vasco da Gama set fLudes the flamboyant painter Raja Ravi Varma and his wrathful wife scheming matriarchs of 'violent profligate and sordid' character wife swapping court favourites vigilant English agents uarrelling consorts and lustful kings Extensively researched and vividly rendered The Ivory Throne conjures up a dramatic world of political intrigues and factions black magic and conspiracies crafty ceremonies and splendorous temple treasures all harnessed in a tragic contest for power and authority in the age of empire. uite a boring book Felt like book was commissioned by the Rani Lakhshmi Sethu Bai This book is not even about Travancore family as the book title mentioned Rather than the history of Travancore family the book is biased towards and concentrates too much on Sethu Lakshmi Bai And at times it felt like writer try to whitewash unjustifiable parts of her reign Too much attention on palace politics such as court intrigues jealousy royal secrets and power battles The book does throw insights into the social and economic situation And references is heavily based on manuscripts written by royal family of British It is uite a lengthy 700 pages Author could have reduced the book by 100 or 200 pages It was uite a dullish and dry read

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The dominion of Travancore destined to become one of the most dutiful pillars of the British Raj What followed was two centuries of internecine conflict in one of India's premier princely states culminating in a dynastic feud between two sisters battling to steer the fortunes of their house on the eve of Independence Manu S Pillai's retelling of this sprawling saga focuses on the remarkable life and work of Sethu Lakshmi Bayi the last and forgotten ueen of the House of Travancore The supporting cast inc. One of the first things I do when I come home to Kerala on vacations is book shopping Specifically books by Indian authors This time I found this gem by Manu Pillai The Ivory Throne is the history of the royal house of Travancore but it is also in many ways the history of Kerala's evolution to its current avatar Meticulously researched non fiction penned like fiction making it unputdownable I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in Kerala and feminist ueens My only grouse with the book is that it could have done with a bit of editing post 400 pages The author seems to have been too close to the massive research he has done for this tome choosing to share every minute detail even those which are not really relevant to moving the book ahead He also seems to be a tad of an apologist for Sethu Lakshmi Bayi seemingly too close to her and her work choosing to gloss over even unjustifiable parts of her reign few as they may beDespite that I still think this is a fantastic book worthy of your time #FeministRead

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Ivory ThroneIn when Vasco da Gama set foot in Kerala looking for Christians and spices he unleashed a wave of political fury that would topple local powers like a house of cards The cosmopolitan fabric of a vibrant trading society with its Jewish and Arab merchants Chinese pirate heroes and masterful Hindu Zamorins was ripped apart heralding an age of violence and bloodshed One prince however emerged triumphant from this descent into chaos Shrewdly marrying Western arms to Eastern strategy Martanda Varma consecrated. Am in awe of this magnum opus book and it's young erudite author A niggling doubt whether he's related to the Ivory throne family 🤔The Kerala I was born in and the Kerala I knew has a vivid history with varying chieftains and kings fighting against each other I was born in the Zamorin's territory but had heard of Marthanda Varma and Sri ChithirarhirunalHaving learnt in a state syllabus school history of Kerala should have been taught but whatever knowledge I had came through non curricular booksThis book filled a huge void in my knowledge of the history of the state which I was born in Found this very educative and interesting though a bit dragging in very few placesHadn't known about Sethu Laxmi Bai and was astonished that she could be swept out of the pages of historyAnd though her descendents are prominently mentionedwhat about Junior Maharanis descendents They merit only a few pages Is it because they didn't agree to be talked about Or they just led inconspicuous lives in the disintegrating Kowdiar palace Still a few uestions unanswered and a few new ueries and doubts after reading this bookOverall rating still remains 5 because positives far far outweigh negativesAm in an Ivory throne hangover