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The Church as MovementIVP Readers' Choice AwardMissio Alliance Essential Reading List of Public gatherings are vital for movement but too often in our approach to planting churches we haven't paid enough attention to the difficult grassroots work of movement discipleship community formation and mission This book will help you start missional incarnational communities in a way that reflects the viral movement of the early New Testament church JR Woodward author of Crea. If I am being honest I’m not generally a big fan of books on church planting My lack of enthusiasm stems from two primary observationsFirst many books on church planting are authored by people who actually have surprisingly limited experience in church planting or whose credibility rests on a single relatively meaningless criterion—their ability to draw a large crowdSecond a preponderance of books on church planting that seem to gain popular traction lack any meaningful theological foundations andor framework for their proposalsThe Church as Movement by my friends JR Woodward and Dan White Jr I am thrilled to say subverts those stereotypes and gives me fresh hope for a new breed of resources in this areaHere’s why I say that Full review here

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Read The Church as Movement é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À ❮PDF❯ ✯ The Church as Movement ⚣ Author J.R. Woodward – 2016 IVP Readers' Choice AwardMissio Alliance Essential Reading List of 2016Public gatherings are vital for movement but too often in our approach tTing a Missional Culture and Dan White Jr author of Subterranean have trained church planters all over North America to create movemental The Church eBook #9734 churches that are rooted in the neighborhood based on eight necessary competenciesMovement IntelligencePolycentric LeadershipBeing DisciplesMaking DisciplesMissional TheologyEcclesial ArchitectureCommunity FormationIncarnational PracticesThe book features an interactive format with tools e. can often tell alot about a book by its title In “The Church As Movement” authors JR Woodward and Dan White Jr do an excellent job unpacking the title of this book For most of us our view of “church” is tied up in a building; a place we go to on a particular day of the week Our inherited patterns of “church” fall short of the kind of movement that Jesus and his disciples initiated Imagine what it would look like for us to return once again to The Church as Movement “where everyone regardless of race gender and class is an active agent in the game” This book will help the reader understand with great clarity what it looks like to recover lost practices and perspectives of living this out in the world around us on a day to day basisFor those not familiar with the terms “missional” and “incarnational” the authors do well at not only unpacking these terms as well as others related to them but explaining it as wellMissional is about joining God in His work of restoration in the world around us “Not only is God relational; he is also a sending God In other words God is missional in his very essence The Father sends the Son into the world to reveal and inaugurate the kingdom; the Father and Son send the Spirit into the world to continue their work and the Son sends the church into the world through the power of the Spirit so that we can join our triune God in the renewal of all things Rev 21 5”“Incarnation is about inhabiting the place where God has called us to live to engage in grounded missional practices in the concrete realities of life It’s moving from Facebook to facing our neighbors and networks It’s about standing in solidarity with those who suffer and celebrating with those who are experiencing the goodness of life”Mission and Incarnation is best expressed in community and not an individualistic pursuit “Too often we approach mission in an individualistic fashion instead of communally We get the impression that Jesus has sent us out alone by ourselves But typically he sent people in at least pairs”There is much I love about Woodward’s and White’s book and much that challenges my thoughts and perspectives as well I have highlights in this book than I usually do in other books Over the last 10 years or so there have been many books written that introduces readers to the missional conversation that is taking place This book builds on the works of others on this same subject without repeating much of the same conversation but taking the conversation several steps further If you are ready to move from theory to practice in forming missional communities this book will prove valuableOne of the many things I love about the book is how broad the concepts range but how interrelated they are to the topic at hand The reader will begin the journey to understanding the church as movement The reader will learn about leadership structures with a specific focus on Polycentric Leadership Woodward and White also do perhaps the best I have seen at unpacking giftedness with an intentional focus on the theo genetic coding of the five fold typology and how these relate to starting and sustaining missional incarnational communities The reader then will journey to understanding how to be a disciple and then how to make disciples The reader will then come to a broader understanding of missional theology to help frame and broaden perspective of living out our sent ness From there the reader will come to an understanding of ecclesial architecture that allows the reader to designs systems and structures for mission Finally there are the much

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Xercises and reflection uestions and activities It's ideal for church planting teams or discipleship groups to use together It's not enough to understand why the church needs missional and incarnational congregationsThe Church as Movement will also show you how to make disciples that make disciples This is the engine that drives the church as movement so that everyday Christians can be present in the world to join God's mission in the way of Jesus. It’s a uick read A lot of practical advice about planting Missional communities and churches However I found myself moving through it rather uickly because much of it has been covered in other books that I have read for my program And in general it wasn’t sticky enough to remember