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Read ePub ✓ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces ç Paperback ☆ dogsalonbristol ä ❴Reading❵ ➶ Species of Spaces and Other Pieces Author Georges Perec – George Perec produced some of the most entertaining and spirited essays of his aHere is also the sadness of a French Jewish boy who lost his parents in the Second World War and found comfort in the material world around him and above all in writingThis volume contains a selection of Georges Perec's non fiction works along with a charming short story 'The Winter Journey' It also includes notes and an introduction describing Perec's life and career To live is to pass from one space to another while doing your very best not to bump yourself Perec takes space apart item by item list by list observation by observation his bed his room his apartment his building his neighbourhood his city his country Europe the World Space Then he reassembles it for you on the page Whilst most authors tend of want to escape the confines of the page and take the reader into the imagined realms beyond I had the feeling that Perec was attempting the opposite to confine space within the page And he succeeds Perec's work feels ordered mathematical though clearly creative he also liked to send word puzzles for his friends which is unsurprising as he was a member of the Oulipo group that explored constrained writing techniues And in that sense Perec's forays into the species of space complement the distinctly lyrical and philosophical forays of Gaston Bachelard in his The Poetics of SpaceSpace melts like sand running through one’s fingers Time bears it away and leaves me only shapeless shredsTo write to try meticulously to retain something to cause something to survive; to wrest a few precise scraps from the void as it grows to leave somewhere a furrow a trace a mark or a few signsPerec enhances your perception of details You might even fancy writing a few of them downPerec's most famous standalone piece also included in this collection is The Winter Journey Its Borgesian uality is appropriately haunting and cooky

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Rench writers The pieces in this volume show him to be at times playful serious at other but writing always with the of Spaces and ePUB #8608 lightest of touches He had the keenest of eyes for the 'infra ordinary' the things we do every day eating sleeping working and the places we do them in without giving them a moment's thought But behind the lightness and humour t Species of Spaces 55Something about Perec’s originality just really gets me His attention to detail his ability to notice the everyday but so his taking the time to pay attention to notice the everyday is some combination of the words “breathtaking” and “touching” that I can’t pin down It’s like he embodies those hackneyed saying “you’ve got to stop to smell the roses” or “Life move’s pretty fast If you don’t stop and look around you might miss it” thanks Ferris Of course Perec does it without the “hackney” He explains how to see something intimately familiar for the first time “Make an effort to exhaust the subject even if that seems grotesue or pointless or stupid You still haven’t looked at anything you’ve merely picked out what you’ve long ago picked out” 50 I’m not sure that makes much sense so I’ll say that one other thing that I love about Perec is that he really does challenge me to think differently It actually took me a while to wrap my head around the concept of “space” Space is the nothingness the void all around us right How could one write a book about that After all it’s impossible to think about or write about nothing since in doing so one would inherently be thinking about or writing about something Perec considers this type of space when he “tried to think of an apartment in which there would be a useless room absolutely and intentionally uselessbut language itself seemingly proved unsuited to describing this nothing this void as if we could only speak of what is full useful functional” 33 So what “space” then Well first it’s not “space” but “spaces” That makes all the difference Perec writes of the various spaces in which we live It still took my mind sometime to come to terms with this use of “spaces” why not “places” “locations” even “borders” since it really is the borders that define a space However “spaces” is the perfect term for not all are places or locations and the very ethereal and mutable nature of boarders makes that term inappropriate So “spaces” it is But how can they be divided into “species”1 The BookFilled with nothing but idiosyncratic arrangements in horizontal lines of twenty six phonetic symbols ten numbers and maybe eight punctuation marks all in black However “filled” is inaccurate—there’s a lot of white “space” on each page In the margins Both left and right Top and bottom Small white gaps in between words Larger ones in between paragraphs • Product Dimensions 51 x 07 x 78 inches • Shipping Weight 91 ouncesYet in the limited space of a book one could count himself the king of infinite space I read I travel to Paris I travel to cafes and apartments and streets and metros and countrysides I travel back in timeI travel with limitless potential through my own mind This travel affects the book Suddenly the white of the margins is overrun by “haha”s or “interesting thought”s or “”s or “ “s The book will find its place on a shelf alphabetized of course But it may lie horizontally atop the other Perecs due to lack of space on the shelf 2 The CouchWhere I finished reading the book Although most of it was read in the bed Perec does a chapter on the bed Also the couch has “extra” pillows on it just as the bed does So the couch The first thing that this space now makes me painfully aware of is my woefully limited vocabulary when it comes to colors Green ish is the best I can do Three cushions One white thread sticking out note will have to turn that one over unless there is already a stain hiding on its reverse Cloth type Again woefully uninstructed Soft ish Relatively clean until one looks beneath or between the cushions Then dog hair and various debris pebbles are plainly viewed And one of those little Cadbury mini eggs I was eating those earlier—they are freakin’ deliciousSpeaking of eating the couch is a space of much potential eating sleeping sitting resting reclining feet up on the couch or sliding off onto the floor—or even a footstool watching television playing Playstation 3 thinking drifting snacking screwing talking jumping oh when we were young hiding money or other booty not in this couch but in 25th Hour Ed Norton’s character hid his drugs andor money in the couch and when the FBI guy came to arrest him he sat on the couch and commented how the cushions felt because he already knew the money andor drugs were in the cushions because someone had tipped him off and readingThis couch has been in two houses It was once in my parents’ living room or possibly dining room It was not there to be sat upon; rather it was there to wait for the impending move into my house We bought this couch at Bob’s Discount Furniture from “The Pit” of course I say “of course” because I am extremely frugal and love a good deal—and I’ll be damned if I care if the couch has a scratch on the back if it’ll save me 250 dollars Because of this though this couch necessitated many trips to “The Pit” Because of the hit or miss inventory of said “Pit” it is nearly impossible to find a full living room set in one trip Thus the matching chaise lounge was acuired later Now the couch and chaise serve as the primary spaces on which one can sit or lie etc in my living roomScout is allowed on the couch That explains the dog hair beneath and in between the cushions I am in charge of vacuuming which also explains the dog hair beneath and in between the cushions of the couchI spend a lot of time on the couch Probably than in any other space except the bed Sad what a sedentary life I am even on the couch this very moment at 539 PM on Saturday March 23 2013 This makes me realize that I forgot one and probably many thing one can do on the couch use a Dell netbook3 The Living RoomHere’s where it’s still occasionally hard for me to think of “spaces” without liming myself to “boundaries” or “borders” For example a good portion of the living room is penned off uite literally There is a large plastic interconnected set of grey gates which we affectionately refer to as “The Cage” This is where we store our one year old son Even I just became aware of my then unconscious shift from first person singular to first person plural as if I am trying to adulterate my own culpability “The Cage” is filled withwell too many toys knickknacks games books stuffed animals whatsits and other baubles thingamajigs and miscellany It’s funny to think of the name “living room” as if that is the only room in which one actually lives or perhaps the room in which one is most alive Because televisions are common staples of living rooms I would argue that it is uite the opposite the living room may be the room where one is least alive—becoming a mindless “boob” watching his tube That said there is a 47” flat panel Samsung HD television residing atop the mantle of my living as if it is the centerpiece perhaps of the entire room Relegated to the periphery are the bookshelves One tall and wide A M one short and wide M R and one tall and thin R Z These are each placed in one of the five corners of the room Yes I actually just counted five The walls are yellow a color I know in fact I might even say light yellow This I feel brightens the room enlivening it so that it lives up to its name Artificial light beams in through one window that is actually in the living room and from two that are outside of this space There are no doors but there are I suppose what should be called “doorways” I like an open floor plan especially in a small house There are three lamps from a set—housewarming gifts from I believe my sister There is one lamp with a mosaic of tiles depicting Testudo The University of Maryland’s noble mascot Testudo—a stuffed version—also stands gracefully atop the tall and wide bookshelf A M along with other novelties a Rubix cube with an all white face facing roomwise since that is the only side complete a green visor that says “Las Vegas” on it in white lettering a small globe a stuffed uinnipiac University mascot Bobcat a certificate affirming that Erin and I “rose above” by venturing in a hot air balloon above San Diego In addition to books there are also other items on the shelves most of which are there so that when freed of his cage the one year old does not mangle them glasses a pocketwatch numerous pens and bookmarks flashcards—remnants from 2008’s GRE cramming a camera a utilities bill dust Other items in the living room stray coupons pictures of our wedding our son our niece us at a wedding us in a hot air balloon a caricature of us at the San Diego Zoo “paintings” purchased at Kohl’s of Venetian canals baby powder diapers a fake fireplace candles a coffee table with coasters and lamps and pictures on top and a whole heap of “miscellaneous” books beneath un put away clothes my work briefcasebag a cell phone charger a pillow on the floor Scout’s an i pod touch a basket of dog toys and at this very moment a dog right up in my grill as I also in the living room sit on the couch typingIn retrospect I see that the description of this space was largely an inventory of items populating the space; however how easily one can glean all sorts of things about life my life from that inventory A living room indeed Sort of a collection of living now in this room4 The House5 The Neighborhood6 The Town7 The State8 The Region9 The Country10 The WorldAND THAT IS HOW THIS BOOK GOT ME THINKING If my wife son and dog didn’t suddenly invade my space on the couch in the living room with my book I might like to continue this activity But time is the enemy of space and it has won this round and Other Pieces 55I initially planned to review each piece separately but there are like 25 of them Some better than others but all worth reading for Perec fansA Favorite uotation Literature is indissolubly bound up with life it is the necessary prolongation the obvious culmination the indispensable complement of experience All experience opens on to literature and all literature on to experience and the path that leads from one to the other whether it be literary creation or reading establishes this relationship between the fragmentary and the whole this passage from the anecdotal to the historical this interplay between the general and the particular between what is felt and what is understood which form the very tissue of our consciousness 254

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Species of Spaces and Other PiecesGeorge Perec produced some of the Spaces and Kindle #209 most entertaining and spirited essays of his age and Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is edited and translated from the French with an introduction by John Sturrock in Penguin ClassicsGeorges Perec Species of PDFEPUB or author of Life A User's Manual was one of the most surprising and enjoyable of all modern F First time reading Perec It felt strange real dreamy and at times too honest I liked it And i believe the time passes the i am into the book Great stuff