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Xperiment review ✓ 3 ó ➣ [Epub] ➝ Xperiment By Dan Skinner ➭ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Monsters aren't born they're engineered For nineteen year old socially awkward Geoff Markham the promise of a miracle pill to make him into the person he’d always wanted to be was everything he coul Monsters aren't born they're engineered For To change becoming confident stronger even fearless People began to admire him and find him attractive As with every new drug there came side effects the agitation sleeplessness the bad temper When the strange dreams began the ones that couldn't possibly be his own he realized s. Xperiment was an outstanding written after all it's Dan Skinner and emotional read The world building was exceptional Look foward to reading the next book of the series it's either Chris or DiMarco's story Can you get addicted to a book A thought provoking and boundaries pushing book A fast paced amazing suspenseful book that first seems to be 300 pages too long but in the middle of reading it’s suddenly not long enoughCan you fall in love with a guy like Geoff lonely and socially awkward And what if he starts doing things you can’t even imagine doing in your wildest dreams Can you still root for him Yes I am convinced you can if you have an open mind and if you are the kind of reader who is able to sit down a bit longer and enjoy a truly amazing page turning bookThis was superb Dan Period

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Monsters aren't born they're engineered For nineteen year old socially awkward Geoff Markham the promise of a miracle pill to make him into the person he’d always wanted to be was everything he could have hoped for At first the experiment delivered on that promise Geoff began. 5 STARS Just finished a re read 1 year later and it's still an amazing bookThis book turned into absolutely NOTHING I was expecting from it It's very smart funny sad and gives an eye opening insight to good and bad love and hate and every single thing in between that earth has become It's actually too hard for me to review Xperment properly to do it justice Dan Skinner has written one excellent novel After such a long novel I must admit that I didn't enjoy the very abrupt ending yes it wound everything up nicely but I would have liked to see of what happened afterwards I also LOVE extremely long novel's and I think the possibility of one kick ass and even mind bending clusterfuck of a seuel would be greatly receivedThe main MC is portrayed perfectly a loner who was bullied his entire life that had a heart of gold He encounters multiple people during the course of this book but there's one very special person he meets along the way that's a huge game changer The writing is excellent the storyline and sub plot are seamless and coalesce to make for a monumental finale This book absolutely does your head in at times it's constantly flipping what you think is happening 180º and back again constantly keeping you completely riveted to your seat You do not for a second feel like you're tackling a behemoth of a book if anything it flies by far too uickly It's a great read if you're a lover of freaky on the brink of post apocalyptic sci fi driven novelsNOTE I'm changing my score because I can't concentrate on another book for the life of me after reading Xperiment Another thing I don't understand is people complaining about word count of a novel 8 out of 10 of my favourite novels are all over 500K words This is worth the time if you like the gerne's

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XperimentOmething else was happening to him As he continued to change he was becoming something much than what had been promised something far less human Something unimaginable unrecognizable Increasingly strange and violent things begin to happen around him Is he the hunted or the hunte. 45 never underestimate the power of wishing StarsWithin the 686 pages not once did I feel its length I was captivated invested in the story being told It was thrilling suspenseful and the tomboy in me thought it was sooo cool But it was also lovely and most definitely thought provoking And whether one ends up agreeing with them or not there's no denying that MrSkinner is one hell of an amazing story teller So have a seat buckle up and be prepared for a rideBR with Susan Elsbeth