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Catching the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #4 Read ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF À ❮BOOKS❯ ✻ Catching the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #4 ✴ Author Sennah Tate – Emily Westcott witch and interior designer extraordinaire has been slowly growing her business fEmily Westcott witch and Tiger Palm Kindle #180 interior designer extraordinaire has been slowly growing her business for years waiting for her big break she finds it in the form of a national magazine spread and now she’s got work on her hands than she knows what to do with New clients are calling her by the dozens but there’s one client that makes Emily break into cold sweats just thinking about him Sean Simons the elusive billionaire recluse wants her to decorate for him Has the whole world flipped upside do. Here kitty kittyThe danger and intrigue really heat up with this installment to the series So many secrets are revealed and yet the author kept us guessing as to what will happen in the final showdown I really enjoyed this couple and their second chance at love The author tugged my heartstrings when she brought these two together at just the right time The uirky leading lady found her perfect match in this tiger whose not afraid to have fun enjoying life The battle of good and evil continues in the next book and I just know it’s going to be amazing

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Wn Sean wasn’t always Sean Simons household name for Catching the PDF his entrepreneurial pursuits No once upon a time he’d just been a clueless kid with big dreams and no confidence Until he met her The woman that stirred his tiger to life and encouraged him to be the best man he could Sean’s spent over a decade dreaming about finding that woman again and thanking the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters PDF her in every possible way When he sees her smiling face on the cover of a magazine it feels like he’s been struc. Catching the Tiger by Sennah Tate is the ultimate Love Story with a Dark Twist Senneah's story line and plot are awesome The characters are uniue and some with a bit of complex I truly enjoyed this story Enough longing romance for the lover's at heart and enough dark intrigue to keep it from being sappySean and Emily met ten years ago at the airport They talked for hours until Emily's fight was called and she took off to the gate and remembered they hadn't gotten any last names Emily went on and forgot about Sean Sean however never forgot about her her scent her voice or the fact that in his youth didn't recognize his mateSean checked into the motel he was back at home A late night and long flight sent him straight for the shower When he came out he had his back to the TV which he had turned on before he went into the shower There was an interview going on and suddenly Sean froze The lady that was talking he knew that voice he slowly turned around and there she was staring at him from the TV All Sean could think Was that really her after all these years He finally came to his senses and took down her contact informationSeam sent her an email and said that he had need of her skills Emily couldn't believe the message What would The Sean Simmons need her skills for He was an eccentric multi billionaire and her skills as a Designer were low class to those whom he could pay for Emily convinced herself that someone was pulling a prank on her so she sent a message telling him to stop by anytime She didn't expect anyone to show upSean went to look over his new home and while there he had a surprise uninvited visitor Elder Cunningham leader of Sean's clan Sean knew why he showed up The elder wanted to make sure that Sean remembered the was still a dept owed for the seed money the clan had given him Ten years ago to start his business Even with all his billions he couldn't buy back that debtWhen Sean got back to his room at the hotel he was greeted with another uninvited visitor He uickly flipped the lights on and just about took the throat out of his very best friend Sloan Slone and Sean were as close as brothers Slone grabbed Seam and hugged him tight his oldest and best friend and the brother he never hadSlone could have called but things were too important so Slone had to tell him in person Apparently there was some big trouble brewing things were amping up for a war between the tigers and the witches That information didn't set well with Sean and Slone as Slone's mate was a witch and Sean's intended mate was a witchSlone had been called back home by Cunningham about two months ago as the clan had also given him seed money for his business There was no turning down the ElderSonja Emily's assistant was saying that she had seen an old witch meeting with one of the wolves who just happened to be her mate It seems as though she was instigating trouble between the wolves and the bears Sonya asked Emily to come with her to a coven meeting and to let her know which witch was causing the problems Emily was not only a typical witch but she could see auras While at the meeting Emily and Sonja sat down with their friend Ashley As soon as the dark witch came out Emily asked Sonja if that was the witch she saw It was and Emily told the other two that she had a very dark black aura She was tainted Emily started to stand up and tell everyone at the meeting but Sonja grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down into her seat Ashley told her she couldn't say anything as she wouldn't be believed so Emily got up and left she told them she couldn't stay where there was a tainted witch The two followed her out and Emily told them both that the witch had a demon in her Then the three of them made plans to provoke the demon to take control of the witchSuch a good book with lots of fantastic story line left outI was given a copy for an honest review

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Catching the Tiger Palm Haven Shifters #4K by a comet and he knows he has to find a way into her life It’s easier said than done the Tiger Palm Kindle #211 even for someone with the vast resources that Sean has at his disposal Something strange is going on with the tiger clan and it seems to have something to do with the strange things happening in Emily’s coven With the stakes higher than ever will adversity drive a wedge between them or make them stronger than ever Get the entire Palm Haven Series Tempting the Tiger Claimed by the Bear Bound to the Wo. Tigers witches and wolves and whatever else lurks out there with a touch of love Magical lovesoul wrenching passion and determination beyond the blue skies That is how I would describe this wonderful book that was given to me in exchange for an honest review To find and to lose love the To have the chance of winning it is already a tough goal to reach but to also add in the safety of friends and loved ones to that at the same time is hurricane That is what Sean will have to go through to finally having his mate the beautiful Emily He is not just a billionaire but a tiger shifter and once upon a time met Emily and she made an impact in his life But being so young didn't seethe signs of what finding a true fated mate was until it was too late But fate had mercy on him and he finds her again 10years later but really truly the same Will she accept him Will he be able to keep her safe from the danger lurking in the dark Emily is a witch and a designer right about now in her life things are finally getting to the point where she wanted to be but not without struggles Then out of nowhere this reclusive billionaire shows up needing her designer skills but what she doesn't know is it the guy she met many years ago and who is her life partner He will reveal himself and they will come face to face with a mutual enemy Will she give Sean a chance Will she accused the witch of darkness Will there be a future for career Read and find out