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summary A Thousand Yesteryears Point Pleasant #1 ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ ❮EPUB❯ ✾ A Thousand Yesteryears Point Pleasant #1 ✹ Author Mae Clair – “Masterful bone chilling fictionone intense thriller A Thousand Yesteryears will keep you guessiIs one of the few lucky survivors of the bridge collapse but blames himself for coercing his younger sister out that night He’s carried that guilt for fifteen years unaware of darker currents haunting the town It isn’t long before Eve’s arrival unravels an old secret one Thousand Yesteryears Point Epub #217 that places her and Caden in the crosshairs of a deadly killer. I received an ARC of A Thousand Yesteryears andWhat a fun and amazing book I love immersing myself in the fascinating worlds created by author Mae Clair Her rich imagery and depth of character inside each story is never a disappointment A Thousand Yesteryears is no exception In the setting of Point Pleasant a small town deep in decline Ms Clair skillfully entwines a long ago tragedy with legend mystery suspense and romance From the first enthralling page to the last we follow Eve Parrish and Caden Flynn on a journey of discovery regarding past events and intriguing myths that are not all they seemself and their ultimate destiny I’m not one to publish spoilers because I firmly believe readers deserve to discover all of the surprises a great story has to offer for themselves So just let me say that I highly recommend this book for all those who love a good mystery with a touch of the paranormal edge of your seat suspense unexpected twists and turns and than one couple you can't help but root for Trust me this book has it all

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Ns to Point Pleasant to settle her deceased aunt’s estate Though much has changed about the once thriving river community the ghost of tragedy still weighs A Thousand PDF or heavily on the town as do rumors and sightings of the Mothman a local legend When Eve uncovers startling information about her aunt’s death that legend is in danger of becoming all too realCaden Flynn. I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you Kensington BooksI apologize to my dog for feeding him late; to my husband for ignoring him for two days and to my coworkers for pretending I couldn't hear them making conversation in the break room A Thousand Yesteryears was so utterly engrossing that I had no choice I just had to know how this story ended Was the Mothman real Did he cause the collapse of the Silver Bridge Was he killing people Or was the monster really a human The pace is fast the plot well constructed and the characters likable The Mothman is a creepy mysterious figure that is scariest when it's just at the edge of your vision The atmosphere is so well defined that you can picture the run down city that has seen better days And even if the ending was not unexpected it was suspenseful and satisfying This book is hugely entertaining and creepy

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A Thousand Yesteryears Point Pleasant #1“Masterful bone chilling Yesteryears Point Kindle #212 fictionone intense thriller A Thousand Yesteryears will keep you guessing gasping and turning the pages for ” New York Times bestselling author Kevin O’BrienBehind a legend lies the truthAs a child Eve Parrish lost her father and her best friend Maggie Flynn in a tragic bridge collapse Fifteen years later she retur. After finding out that her aunt had passed away from cancer Eve Parrish finds that she has inherited the family home and business back in Point Pleasant Eve's mother had packed up her daughter and left the town behind years ago after a bridge collapse that claimed Eve's father's life along with the life of her best friend Maggie When Eve arrives in Point Pleasant she finds some things have changed about the town but others are still the same from her childhood Rumors of sightings of a supernatural creature called the Mothman still plague the town and Eve soon finds that her aunt may have had secrets hidden after finding that her home ha been broken into Soon Eve finds herself caught up in the mystery of what happened that tragic night the bridge had collapsed A Thousand Yesteryears is one of those books that had a great mix of several different elements to it There's the mysterythriller aspect but with a mix of supernatural and paranormal thrown into the mix but you also have a bit of a romantic suspense when Eve meets up with her childhood crush who helps her solve the mysteryThe characters are all likable in the story A great little small town vibe where everyone knows everyone else I couldn't help but like Eve as a main character and uickly found myself rooting for her to figure out just what had happened She also grows a bit in the story as she learns that people are not always what they were rud to be and becomes friends with someone from her childhood Overall best described as a supernatural mysterythriller and one that I really enjoyed would definitely recommend I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit