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The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 doc ô reader Free Î dogsalonbristol ò [PDF / Epub] ★ The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 ✪ Poppy Rhys – New world New home New family Lucia's story continues as she attempts to adjust to life in a new setting with new people and new thNew world New home New family Lucia's story continues as she attempts to adjust to life in a new setting with new people and new threats all while feeling completely out of her depth She soon realizes a deeply rooted prejudice toward humans is Author said the book will be available early January Oh the lies you have told me book the lies OO it is late January and my forever avid eyes see no updates whatsoever about the release day so far I am conflicted Meanwhileenters standby mode exits standby modeOfficial release date for the book is now 29th of January source our wonderful author Let us all rejoice party and pre order in 72 hours reenters standby mode with tab openREVIEW TO COME

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Going to make things far difficult than she had imagined Trying to come to terms with Melierun's disturbing culture and mating customs becomes challenging when an unseen threat is intent on ending her And then there's the fight for respect fr 35 StarsI’ve been on a bit of Sci Fi alien romance run recently luckily I am not the only one who like their heroes which extra parts and jewel toned skin Some of our lovely followers of the Under the Covers Facebook page love it as well and this series was one of the recommendations I received In this review I will be talking about the first two books in the series The Melier and The Melier Homeworld They focus on the same characters and is basically one big ol’ book split into two parts What I liked about this book and what grabbed my attention straight away was that the tables were turned Normally it is a poor human woman who is kidnapped and her sexy alien mate saves the day However in The Melier our heroine Lucia saves our hero from slavery and gives him a chance at a brand new life Unfortunately Soren – as named by Lucia – has no memories of who he is or where he came from Soren What an alien If you like your aliens weird and alien then Soren is for you Being 7 ft tall with 4 arms and blue skin with some different alien euipment you won’t mistake him for a earthling However despite his intimidating look I loved Soren; as much as a 7ft blue alien with 4 arms can be adorable he was adorable I think it helped that he purred when he was happyThis was a great romance however I didn’t think it was a particularly sexy one Despite loving weird alien differences unfortunately Rhys didn’t uite manage to make sexy timessexy Maybe because she focussed too much on how different Solen was from what you would usually expect rather than making the scene sensualIn the second half The Melier Homeworld Soren has recovered his memories and we go from Lucia’s home to his And it’s clear that this couple are on their way to becoming a triad I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first part we were introduced to members of Soren’s family who I really hope get a book of their ownI also had the same issue with the second book that I did with the first it just wasn’t hot Despite the addition of another sexy Melier However as the book wasn’t flooded with loads of sex scenes it was still a sweet alien romanceadventure and I was hookedIf you like sci fi romances with aliens as heroes this is for you If you don’t like your romances a little ‘out there’ then you will probably want to avoid this it’s not every bodies cup of tea For myself I am already desperate to read the next book in this series and see what other wonderful alien treats Poppy Rhys has in store for me

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The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2Om her in lawsWho said the life of an ex bounty hunter was going to be easy? WARNING This story contains non human alien heroes mature content involving multiple heterosexual males mfm graphic language and situations intended for mature reader Although this story builds on the first one it is not nearly as good The lack of trust and associated lies really detracted from this established couple The major new element here was not handled well and there were large gaps in the development of the relationshipsI like the central characters but they need to get away from home