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PDF á BOOK Closer to the Chest ¹ DOGSALONBRISTOL ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Closer to the Chest Author Mercedes Lackey – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Herald Mags the King of Valdemar’s Herald Spy has been developing a clandestine network of young informants who operate not only on the streets of the capital citE real King’s Own Nonetheless she finds it increasingly useful to be underestimated for there are dark things stirring in the shadows of Haven and up on the Hill Someone has discovered many secrets of the women of the Court and the Collegia and is using those secrets to terrorize and bully them Someone is targeting the religious houses of women too leaving behind destruction and obscene lettersBut who? Someone at the Court? A disgruntled Palace servant? One of the members of the Collegia? Someone in the patriarchal sect of the god Sethor? Could the vi Mercedes Lackey seems to be running out of really good fodder for her Valdemar series Lately her books have been less than stellar good enough for fans but with too much contrivance to be excellent I enjoy them still but not as much as her earlier stuffShe's really milking this character for all he's worth this is the eighth book starring Mags the orphan boy who was Chosen to be a Herald and who eventually becomes a spy for the king A bit of a Gary Stu but not enough to be overly annoying Mags in this volume deals with a mundane problem than in previous books instead of a threat to the kingdom from a foreign nation he is investigating an anonymous writer of poison pen letters targeted at women who gradually escalates his activity to attacks on them It makes a nice change from the preventing the end of the world as we know it type of storyIt's a blatantly political statement on misogyny feminism and women's rights which is all well and good for a young adult audience What I'm a bit skeptical about is the setting in which she places this story as this happens in an earlier time in the history of Valdemar which to me seems a little out of place But over the years she's changed Valdemar so much in order to fit her stories in that it really reuires suspension of disbelief than it used to to enjoy them Still for longtime fans she retains the core of what we love about the world so I give this 35 stars though I would round down instead of up

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Herald Mags the King of Valdemar’s Herald Spy has been developing a clandestine network of young informants who operate not only on the streets of the capital city of Haven but also in the Great Halls and kitchens of the wealthy and highborn In his own established alternate personas Mags observes the Court and the alleys alike uietly gathering information to keep Haven and the Kingdom safeHis wife Amily is growing into her position as the King’s Own Herald though she is irritated to encounter many who still consider her father Herald Nikolas to be th Got somewhat determinedly preachy in spots Rolan reminding Amily that there is no one true way in Valdemar the constant repetitions of we think the person writing all these hateful obscene letters to women and trashing shops owned by women and burning woman shaped effigies is a man but in fairness it could be a woman but there is 99% less Kirball and multiple people actually do things as opposed to sitting around talking about themAlso please have Companion Seraf let her Choose Lirelle and have scholar Herald adventures

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Closer to the ChestLlain be a woman? And what is this person hoping to achieve? It isn’t blackmail for the letters demand nothing; the aim seems to be the victims’ panic and despair But why?Mags and Amily take steps to minimize the damage while using both magic and wits to find the evildoer But just as they appear to be on the verge of success the letter writer tires of terror and is now out for bloodMags and Amily will have to track down someone who leaves few clues behind They must thwart whatever plans have been set in motion and uickly before terror turns to murder This book fit the pattern of Ms Lackey's recent Valdemar books perfectly she takes a story from another book or play not written by her transports it into Valdemar gives it enough twists and differences to avoid actual allegations of copying does a great deal of preaching makes several editorial mistakes does only a very little character development does a lot of obvious and long winded plot development builds to a climax that is all over far too uickly with no denoument and leaves the reader wondering where the last chapter isYet I keep reading them and vaguely enjoying them And as long as we all keep reading them because we are nostalgic for the old Valdemar books Ms Lackey will keep churning them out just like this and we'll keep reading them and she'll keep writing them and So we are at an impasse and I'm not entirely certain that I mind