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READ & DOWNLOAD Ç Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure ã ❮Download❯ ➻ Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure Author Carolyn Lunn – Join Tomas as he rides his beloved horse Bonito through his home of Ecuador and see the landscape from the banana plantations to the beautiful wooded hills TraTomas as he goes on a dream journey to explore the ocean and beach of one of the Galapagos Islands From riding a green sea turtle and seeing a humpback whale pod and hammerhead sharks to a l. Drawn as a cartoon than a graphic novel—but then it’s obviously for kids—this very short book has Tomas falling off his horse and dreaming about a pirate and zoological adventure on the Galapagos just as the title says Tomas has a gap in his teeth “like a movie star” his mom says To me he looks like Zack Braff must have as a kid At times I couldn’t tell if the writing was being snarky or was really that bad but since I liked the line “Bonito’s trot uickens into a canter as they gallop” I’ll give it a doubtful benefit There is one thing that’ll make adults cringe though it won’t matter to kids so it probably doesn’t need mentioning in a book for them but here goes anyway it’s disturbing to have a character go down with a concussion and not even get taken to a doctor On to the important part the artwork It’s done in broad strokes and bright colors All the animals are smiling except the hammerhead sharks for whom it would be virtually impossible; the suid about to be eaten don’t look happy either Since this is a dream it doesn’t have to make sense and as if to prove my point a line says “Are there such things as friendly pirates There are in dreams”I was wondering if they might go Twilight Zone at the end and they did


Join Tomas as he the Galapagos Epub #218 rides his beloved horse Bonito through his home of Ecuador and see the landscape from the banana plantations to the beautiful wooded hills Travel with. 45 starsImagination comes to life in the book Tomas the Galapagos Adventure Join Tomas as he explores Galapagos Islands and takes off on a wild adventure There is so much to see in the beautiful illustrations that you cannot help but to be swept up in the story It is both beautiful and creative You will see the landscape indulge in the native foods and get to know the animals that call the island their home It is a sure fire hit for all young kids who have ever imagined going on an epic journey 45 stars

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Tomas and the Galapagos AdventureUnch of fresh fruits and fish with pirates on Tomas and PDF the beach and escaping from a volcano eruption Tomas goes on a grand adventure and he s still home in time for dinner with his mama. Advance copy provided by Netgalley for review I really wanted to love this story but there were a few things I couldn't get past to rate it higher The colors used in the book are nice and bright which I love However the way the font is overlaid onto the illustrations makes some text in the book very hard to read The story starts off great but then takes a turn which may be confusing to younger readers The plot seems convoluted and the story ending left me with uestions which is not always a great thing I did like how the text is fiction but the author included information about Ecuador and the animals shown in the book For example Tomas is underwater and sees hammerhead sharks up ahead and Tomas isn't scared because he knows hammerhead sharks eat mostly suid