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READ & DOWNLOAD » White Shark Û ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ White Shark Author Peter Benchley – At a small marine institute off the coast of Connecticut only marine biologist Simon Chase realizes that a sixteen foot pregnant Great White is feeding in the area But even Simon doesn't know that a f At a small marine institAt a small marine institute off the coast of Connecticut only marine biologist Simon Chase realizes that a sixteen foot pregnant Great White is feeding in the area But even Simon doesn't know that a far deadlier creature is about to come out of the deep and threa. Find all of my reviews at “What lives in the ocean and has five claws” “Nothing Nothing that I’ve ever heard of” Last year I was extremely underwhelmed by what should have been the best Shark Week selection of them all Today I’m wondering who hacked my account and changed the rating for that one because there is no chance I gave that turd 25 Stars Maybe I was drunk Anywho Jaws was supposed to deliver all of the nommy deliciousness of the movie but instead sucked giant monkey balls so I started White Shark expecting the kind of horror a fella like this might deliver I didn’t bother reading a synopsis because my Goodreads’ friends who had read both Jaws and White Shark swore this would deliver But you know how some of these book pushers are I mean even my closest friends and arch rivals flip the script and fail me errrrrrry now and again Needless to say I went in with low expectations My impression of Mr Benchley now that I have finished Talk about a redemption arc While I was expecting a real “sharky” shark book remember I didn’t read the synopsis and this wasn’t exactly it I was than pleased with the product that was delivered This is the type of story that comes to mind when someone tells me about a “horror” story It wasn’t a psychological thriller it wasn’t a whodunit it was straight up creature feature type of horror and I loved it Many thanks to my book swappin’ Howard the Duck lovin’ buddy for sending this my way You too are a gentleman and a scholar ORIGINAL REVIEW IT'S SHARK WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

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Ten everything he cares for A creature whose malevolence is unthinkable Whose need to feed is insatiable And whose relentless hunt for prey is unstoppableNearly twenty five years after his huge bestseller Jaws the master of the deep has done it again letting loos. So frickin' good I was entertained by this than by Jaws Please don't let the terrible TV movie of this called Creature make you not want to read it I would recommend this book to everyone if I wasn't already aware that blanket recommending books to your entire friends list just pisses people off

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White SharkE a chilling new predator that only he could create Drawing on his singular knowledge of the sea science and history Peter Benchley masterfully spins a suspense filled novel that hits you on a primal level makes your heart pound and leaves your blood running cold. Most of my reviews lately have started with me saying I loved this book because really I only feel compelled to write a review when I love a book On some occasions I might dislike A book so intensely that I want to rant about it in a review but that's rare So I'm going to start this review the same as most of my others I LOVED THIS BOOKIt was fun and intelligent all at the same time and to me that's what makes for good science ficton There has to be a good mix of plausibility with the creativity Sometimes the book could get a little heavy on the conservasionalism but the main HUMAN character had dedicated his life to the conservation and study of sharks so it made perfect sense and never felt preachy and annoying to meSpeaking of the main HUMAN character I really enjoyed him This book didn't go very deep into his psyche there wasn't a whole bunch of back story to get lost in but I felt like I got to know him and every other character well enough to care whether thhey lived or died and that's about as much character devolpment as I need when I read a book like thisSimon Chase wasn't a perfect hero but he was one of the likeable chracters that I have delt with in a long time He was a man that was drivin by a fierce love of the ocean and the creatures that dwelt in it; but he was also a very loving and attentive father and I think that is what I liked most about him Even though he was just really getting to know his son they didn't have that combative relationship that I expected them to have; on the contrary his son adored him and he was dedicated to making up for lost timeThere were a few other HUMAN character's like Amanda the obligatory female Love intrest and Tall man the Best friend; but even though they were nothing new I felt ike they were done very well Sometimes secondary characters can either feel like they are taking time away from the main storyline and cast or like they are virtualy non existent but every chracter in this book was placed there to enhance the story Even if their only purpose was to die they were there for a reason And now I can get to my absolute favorite part of this book The monsterI can't go too deeply into descriptions of him because one of the things that made this such an enjoyable read for me was learning and about the monster as the story progressed What I can say is that You will get to be inside his head and that is a very interesting place to be I won't go so far as to say I was rooting for him but I also can't say I hated all the time either Every thought he had wasn't evil he had moment's of confusion genuine hunger and fear that made him fee like an animal then a monster I mean he was evil and that comes across loud and clear but the thing that set this monster apart for me was the vunerability He wasn't all powerful and most of the time he knew itI'm always in the mood for some good sci fi whether it's a movee tv show or book and this was some grade A sci fi