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Been burned every timeExcept at my jobI thrive there In my office I Salvation #1 The Belonging Duet eBook #191 have the ability to fix things and command situationsUntil my new client walks inIt shouldn’t matter that he fills out a suit better than any man I’ve ever seen His dimples and blue Salvation #1 The Belonging Duet eBook #191 green eyes shouldn. A solid 4 45 Stars for this Debut NovelWant a male MC that has baggage but is still a nice guy that makes you swoon with his mixture of toughness and thoughtfulness Want a relatable heroine that you can see sitting next to having a glass of wine Want an ensemble cast that makes you like the main characters that much Want a heart warming story about hurt hearts learning to heal and love again Want steamy sex scenes juxtaposed with real situations and honest dialogue Want that little tug on your heart and your mouth falling openlax when you finish the last page You sure have a lot of wants lol but if your answer is yes to all of thesethen don't hesitate to read this solid debut novel my Corinne Michaelsyou won't be disappointed with it ARC provided for review purposes

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Beloved Salvation #1; The Belonging Duet #1’t call to me on every level I know men like him and they’re dangerous to trustBut Jackson Cole is irresistible The pain of the past disappears when he’s around With him I’m than enough and I break every rule about dating a client I fall desperately in love with him only to realize I should’ve trusted my instincts because I’m no one’s beloved. I want to share a little background information with everyone before I jump into my review So I am sure most of you have heard about Corinne Michael’s new book Consolation coming out in few days Well I was psyched to read it no dying to read it So I entered myself in contests all over FB because I didn’t want to wait for the blog tour arcs Yes I am crazy I know this The point is there are books you want to read you know we all wait for them then there are books you are dying to read I was dying to read Consolation from the moment I read the excerpt and cried I knew I had to have this book Here’s the worse partI had no freaking clue Beloved and Beholden even existed You know sometimes I feel like I live under a rock Then I learned that Consolation is a spinoff of the Belonging Series WTF I had to read these immediately So the gist of all that if you decide to skim my review is these books are fantastic and blew me away Do I love Consolation Hell yeah HOWEVER these books are just as good and should be read If you like myself have been under a rockread these books Okay enough rambling onto my review Beloved is the story of Jackson and Catherine Catherine has just found out her fiancé the man she had planned to spend the rest of her life with has been cheating on her She is completely devastated and her world is shattered As if this isn’t enough of a blow she finds him with her friend Catherine is completely shattered when she discovers their betrayal but she is a strong independent and determined woman so she picks herself up and continues to live When she meets Jackson it is completely unexpected and despite her instant attraction to him isn’t interested in what in starting anything However when fate brings them back together and they begin working together there is only so much denying herself she can do In my opinion she held out a lot longer then I would have Jackson Cole is sex on stick He is sexy protective and successful than that he is honest There is so much to this story and I truly loved every minute of it I read this book in one sitting What sold me on these two characters were their brokenness First I love damaged characters because I love watching them overcome their circumstances I enjoy seeing the struggle and character building that goes into finding yourself forgiveness and peace That’s what this story is about to me Jackson and Catherine’s story is beautiful and I loved these characters I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a romance story with tons of heart and depth while still remaining fun and sexy This was my first Corinne Michael’s book but I am completely sold on her beautiful characters and strong heartfelt writing

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Beloved Salvation #1; The Belonging Duet #1 review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Download] ➽ Beloved Salvation #1; The Belonging Duet #1 ➺ Corinne Michaels – New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels brings a heartfelt story of love and healing in this bingNew York #1 The PDFEPUB #180 Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels brings a heartfelt story of love and healing in this binge worthy series Book Beloved Salvation PDF orof in the Belonging Duet EnoughThat single word is all I’ve ever wanted to be Enough to make someone stay Salvation #1 The Epub #221 Enough for someone to love and cherish but I’ve. 90% STUD 10% MUFFIN JACKSON BE MY STUD MUFFIN 475 STARS Jackson and Catherine ♥ Falling out of love is hardFalling for betrayal is worseBroken trust and broken hearts ►♫ You fell into my life and I won't let you fall out Jackson I want youUnderstatement of the yearARE YOU KIDDING ME This novel was released A YEAR AGO and I'm reading it now I've been deprived I truly have from my #STUDMUFFIN gosh got to love JACKSON I'm glad I took on this recommendation I certainly was not disappointed At first I was like uhh typical and thought I had the whole plot figured out HOWEVER Corinne Michaels does not fail to SURPRISE me I seriously was not expecting it to end LIKE THAT I was thinking along the lines of a HEA but then she does THAT WHAT ON EARTH TALK ABOUT CLIFFHANGER I WILL BE STARTING DEVOURING THE SECOND ONE SOONDo you always have to manhandle meWell baby I'm all man and I sure as hell love to handle you Look for the girl with the broken smileAsk her if she wants to stay awhileAnd she will be loved ►♫ Don't kiss me if you're going to break my heart Good bye Catherine Beloved Corinne Michaels Sleepless Read Twitter