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Download doc À Beloved Salvation #1; The Belonging Duet #1 ´ 391 pages À Corinne Michaels ↠ [Download] ➽ Beloved Salvation #1; The Belonging Duet #1 ➺ Corinne Michaels – New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels brings And they’re dangerous to trustBut Jackson Cole is irresistible The pain of the past disappears when he’s around With him I’m than enough and I break every rule about dating a client I fall desperately in love with him only to realize I should’ve trusted my instincts because I’m no one’s beloved NOooooo Why the hell did I not know this had a cliffhanger of epic nature? OMGCorinne Michaels is tying to kill meWhat can I say this is a bit of a hot heartbreaker from start to finish Catherine Pope has not had good luck with the men of her life esp those who are supposed to love her unconditionally But now she is getting marriedshe is happyshe is ummmwellThat is not supposed to happen right?Yea Girlcry drink it up and then just move on I mean chalk this one up to another loser male who you weren't good enough for right? Focus on work and focus on youdon't let anyone inyou seem have been doing it your whole lifeOh hell maybe just some hot hooking up a complete stranger will be the answerJackson Colemystery man extraordinaire Catches tipsy woman drops panties with his sexy voice and invades Cat's dreams nightlyPush and Pull of two characters Lots of insta lust and ridiculous attraction Both damaged in the soul but both able to find something in one another SCREW IT you only life once right?OH the heatahemso damn good But oh the flipping drama and angst The mysterious pasts the douche ex boyfriends the military side jobs the dangerous air around them and the oh so heartbreaking angst of falling in love without a netHoly hell of a cliffhangerWTH why did in not prepare myself for this damn emotional rollercoaster???wellonly book 2 will answer that uestion

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Y timeExcept at my jobI thrive there In my office I have the ability to fix things and command situationsUntil my new client walks inIt shouldn’t matter that he fills out a suit better than any man I’ve ever seen His dimples and blue green eyes shouldn’t call to me on every level I know men like him This was a sweet enjoyable love story about a down on her luck lady and a damaged man Having not read any of the other books by this author this was my first introduction to Catherine and Jackson I've gathered from other reviews that they are featured in the author's other series as well Catherine was successful smart and beautiful Unfortunately the shortcomings of her father have left her with some heavy emotional baggage Believing herself to be undeserving she chooses some real losers to date unconsciously sabotaging any decent relationships along the wayWhen her loser fiancé Neil cheats on her with her supposed friend Piper the backstabbing duo set out to ruin her life As if betraying and humiliating her wasn't enough they constantly go out of the way to rub their actions in her face even trying to sabotage her at work These two were uite a piece of workIn the aftermath of their betrayal Catherine unwittingly finds herself competing against Neil to represent an important client Despite stealing Catherine's research and having Piper on the inside Neil still loses the lucrative contract to Catherine I've got to hand it to Catherine she was one strong ladyMeanwhile Catherine keeps crossing paths with the sexy stranger Jackson They exchange a few very heated moments only to be surprised with the revelation that he is the CEO of the company that she's been trying to gain as a client Regardless of the conflict of interests the two pursue a relationship on the down low Or the most part everything goes along in a rather uneventful manner The death of Catherine's estranged father and interference from Neil and Piper provide some minor conflicts along the way Otherwise the story is largely uneventful up until the very last chapter when the story ends with a huge cliffhangerOverall I give this story stars I liked the characters but didn't fall in love with them or the story It was entertaining enough but not a stand out for me in any memorable way I'll probably return to it at some point but I'm not in any hurry

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Beloved Salvation #1; The Belonging Duet #1New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels brings a heartfelt story of love and healing in this binge worthy series Book 1 of 2 in the Belonging Duet EnoughThat single word is all I’ve ever wanted to be Enough to make someone stay Enough for someone to love and cherish but I’ve been burned ever 4 45 stars Beloved is the story of Catherine Pope and Jackson Cole If you’re like me and have read Corinne's Consolation Duet first you’ve already met them and know a little about them I've been anxious to read it and get to know about these characters since I finished and I'm glad I finally made the time Catherine Pope has had terrible luck with men It started with her father and then her ex She’s not looking to let anyone else in to just leave her Then she meets Jackson Cole Jackson was a Navy SEAL He’s now running a successful business Catherine isn't the only one with issues Jackson has a past of his own which I can’t wait to find out about Even with all that from the very start Jackson and Catherine have chemistry From the moment they first meet they are drawn to each other As much as Catherine doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again Jackson is irresistible to her Catherine didn't have to fight very hard to fall for a man like Jackson ColeI adored Jackson and Catherine They were both fantastic characters Corinne’s writing has a great flow to it I enjoyed this book lots and that ending Gah I’m going to have to read the next book soon