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Burn by Maya Banks Read µ 106 ¼ ➹ [Read] ➵ Burn By Maya Banks ➼ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Troisième volet de la série Slow Burn Saura t il la reconuérir Zach est depuis peu employé chez les frères Devereaux Il passe par hasard devant un tableau représentant un lieu u'il n'a jamais ou Troisième volet de la série Slow BTroisième volet de la série Slow Burn Saura t il la reconuérir Zach est depuis peu employé chez les frères Devereaux Il passe par hasard devant un tableau représentant un lieu u'il n'a jamais oublié leur endroit secret Ce ne peut pas être une coïnci. 25 disappointing starsI so so wanted to like this book And it wasn't bad it just wasn't anything We start again with the insta relationship While Ash and Josie hold off on the I loveYou's for a short while we seriously go first meeting which leads to the apparently inevitable stalking of the heroine to first date to moving in together in the first week and they didn't even see each other in the week between the first date and the moving in talk It felt than a little like a re tread of Fever On their first date Ash is all we are real This is long term yada yada Ugh Josie was a blah heroine she's not the sensitive fragile heroine that Bethany was or the independent feisty heroine that Mia was she was just middle of the road She claimed she wasn't a pushover and I guess she wasn't a total doormat but she just agrees to everything Ash says which was flat out insane given the speed he was moving their relationship forward She had no spark I couldn't connect to her at all Then there was Ash I've always liked Ash he was the affable hottie with an edge Yum But in this book he turned into the relationship whisperer Half of his conversations with Josie where lectures on how relationships should work How they should fight touching no putting any distance between them How they should communicate she always needs to tell him how she's feeling etc It's not that there was anything wrong with what he was saying it was relationship 101 but it was just too much and really for the guy with zero real relationship experience the whole I'm and expert thing was a little baffling There was also this shadow part of Ash's life connections to apparently unsavory characters that is hinted at but never explained And which lead to no less then five conversations with various people about how it wouldn't touch them In general I was bored most of the book I didn't care about Ash and Josie's relationship and very little on any front happens until the last 20% of the book and by that point I didn't care Even the big conflict was blah We get what felt like a re hash of a lot of the things that happened in the other books like girls night part trios blech I even started skimming the sex scenes because they weren't anything new or exciting And if one insta relationship isn't enough we get an extra one from the secondary characters Overall a seriously disappointing ending to the trilogy I can only be glad it's over

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L l'a abandonnée pendant toutes ces années Et pire ses ennemis découvrent u'elle est son talon d'Achille et se servent d'elle pour atteindre Zach Parviendra t il à la sauver des griffes de ceux ui lui veulent du mal et à regagnersa confiance et son amour. 3 STARSPlus Steamy A little suspense in the final Better than Gabe and Jase Finally it's doneMinus Almost the same like Jase Too Cinderella syndrome Insta lust and love BDSM wanna be Too stalker ish Pussy whipped hero pOverall This is the last book from Breathless Trilogy It didn't leave me breathless but brainless It was so dumb and empty Finished with disappointment and surprised that I finished all the books Once again an okay read for Cinderella syndrome romance with steamy sex by powerful and not really dominant man

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Burn by Maya BanDence Gracie son amour de jeunesse est certainement vivante uelue part Il n'aura de cesse de chercher cette jeune fille un peu étrange u'il a tant aimée et ui a disparu du jour au lendemain Malheureusement il retrouve une jeune femme blessée persuadée u'i. Although I was sure I’d enjoy the last book in the Breathless trilogy ‘Burn‘ by Maya Banks I didn’t think it could top book two for me Yeahwell I was wrong ‘Burn’ is my favorite of the three and Ash McIntrye is the biggest reason why In the first two books Ash comes off as a little bit too laid back for my taste I like my literary men to be complex and to have a certain intensity about them Wellin his own story he is that and He’s proven to be a loyal and fierce friend to Gabe and Jace but in Burn we also find out he can actually show those same characteristics to a womanthat was a welcome changeYou can read the rest of my review here