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Book Ô Small Changes È 562 pages Download Ú Marge piercy à ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Small Changes By Marge Piercy ➥ – Two unforgettable women see their lives change in unimaginable ways in this captivating novel spanning the explosion of feminism in the 1960s   GrE only solution her family suggests is to have a baby which she knows would trap her in this miserable life forever So she takes matters into her own hands and flees to Boston There she meets Miriam an ambitious computer science PhD candidate who nonetheless gives up her career for an unfulfilling marriage   Alongside a cast of intellectuals budding feminists and political activists Beth and Miriam find themselves rapidly evolvi Honestly this book depressed me Beth's story turned out okay but Miriam's was frustrating and depressing from start to finish The political message of the author seemed to be important than a satisfying narrative and from that standpoint I understand the choice to have Beth end up happy with a woman while Miriam slowly drowned in her marriage It seems the message is traditional heterosexual relationships are doomed to fail Dorine and Phil work out only in the context of them living in separate rooms in a commune and having a very loose and free relationshipFor a while it seemed as if the message would be that men are incapable of anything but violence and possession but then Phil had his last minute redemption that he honestly didn't earn in the narrative If the author wanted us to believe him worthy of forgiveness she should probably have included another chapter from his POV that showed his growth and remorse As it stands all we had directly from Phil was an awful chapter that he spent sexually assaulting Miriam objectifying women hating our two protagonists for being people with lives of their own and reminiscing about a gang rape he had participated in but not been able to perform at a traumatizing experience mainly because he had not been able to prove his manhood and had almost become a victim himself I guess this was a clumsy attempt to show how toxic masculinity is pushed on working class boys but as a character this renders him pretty much beyond redemption at least not without a significant amount of work and being assured it occurred off screen just doesn't cut itA minor point of frustration but a personal sore point the word bisexual is used once or twice dismissively Wanda and Beth both end up identifying as lesbian despite continuing to have relationships with men as well as each other It frustrates me to once again see the lesbian identity touted as the politically radical one and the bisexual identity discarded immediatelyIn addition to all this the book is as is typical of white feminist literature at the time painfully white None of the characters have any friends of colour except for Wanda's Puerto Rican ex husband who is never really seen Even when they're organizing in radical political groups everyone is white There are unnamed Black women in Wanda's prison part of the tragic backdrop Most unsettling Beth uses blackness as a metaphor for white womanhood in an argument with Jackson in which he complains about passive women It's a power trip and they were Uncle Tomming too crudely for you You go in for uppity ns It gives you sense of having overcomeAll in all this novel is too much a product of its time and too much a clumsy political narrative to be an enjoyable read in this day and age And was it really necessary to include five rape scenes

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Ng as they are swept up in the tumultuous social upheaval of the sixties Experimenting with relationships and sexuality and taking a stand for women’s rights and against the Vietnam War they learn to trust their instincts and lean on each other Small Changes is a glimmering example of bestselling author Marge Piercy’s knack for capturing the authentic struggles and desires of contemporary women with clarity and compassion   Apparently I like Marge Piercy's poetry which I read in college a lot than her prose I read over 500 pages of this 999 novel before giving up There are several interconnected story lines here the first of a bride who gives up on her marriage and no one will blame here who reads it It abruptly changes to one of her Greenwich Village friends housemates an intellectual Jewish woman with a highly dysfunctional family who lets the men in her life walk all over her After hundreds of pages of repeatedly bad relationships I gave up I may check it out of the library again finish it but for now it's just too bleak

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Small ChangesTwo unforgettable women see their lives change in unimaginable ways in this captivating novel spanning the explosion of feminism in the s   Growing up Beth always dreamed of her wedding day But a few months into her marriage to Jim whose affection she once clung to desperately she realizes she didn’t anticipate life beyond the altar Jim spends his nights out drinking with his buddies and criticizes every meal Beth cooks and th This title was originally published in 1973 during the second wave of feminism that followed the US Civil Rights movement and then the anti war movement against the US invasion of Vietnam Marge Piercy is a prominent veteran writer who spoke to women’s issues during that time and in years to follow She doesn’t need my review and neither does Open Road Integrated Media I suspect but my thanks go to them and Net Galley for letting me reread this wonderful novel digitally I received this copy free in exchange for an honest review but the reader should also know that I came to this galley with a strong strong affinity for Piercy’s work already and my bookshelves are lined with paperbacks and hard cover copies of her books But they are thick and sometimes heavy to the arthritic hand and it’s a joy to be able to read them on a slender electronic readerIn 1973 many young adults had cast off the fetters of the impossibly repressive social relations of the 1950’s and early 1960’s Their parents on the other hand were freuently entrenched in the s that had been with them all of their lives and felt threatened by the new ideas—some of which were actually pretty stupid—that many Boomer era teens and twenty somethings embraced Some notions that were new then are ones most of us now take for granted Most of western civilization is no longer troubled for example by the idea that a woman may want to have a career and that some women don’t want to have children Most parents no longer speak of marrying a daughter as a way to transfer the expense of feeding and sustaining her from themselves to a man But in 1973 these social s were still really prevalent So to readers younger than fifty or perhaps younger than forty some of Piercy’s text is going to appear to be over the top a vast exaggeration It isn’t And I have to thank Piercy for the gift of her insights which came to me while I was a young woman still determining what was and was not acceptable in my own relationshipsThe sly way Piercy makes her most prominent point is in following the lives of women two in particular Beth who at the story’s outset is indeed being “married off” and Miriam the least favored child of the family who goes away to school and moves into a series of unconventional relationships There’s a lot of the cultural flavor of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s here and Piercy uses her narrative to describe ways in which even the most enlightened women those seeking to build bonds with other women and support them as they set out to fulfill their dreams nevertheless find themselves mired in uneual sometimes physically and emotionally abusive relationships Women that believe they have liberated themselves by refusing to marry or by joining a commune and not being monogamous nevertheless find themselves trapped in destructive situations Piercy shows us how every woman in her story can see that a good friend is in a bad place; each woman doubts herself first when she starts to reconsider her own entanglements It is interesting in hindsight that communal and non monogamous relationships could be discussed freely but lesbianism was still so far out on the periphery that not even the most trusted of straight friends were necessarily going to be in on the nature of the coupling And this is dead accurate given the time period; I was there And gay sex among men was a mental cobweb to be brushed away Tran sexuality was still considered a sign of mental illness by nearly everyone and it isn’t in this bookBecause it deals with relationships and the internal narratives primarily of women with occasional side trips into the heads of the men both women encounter and also of other women Beth and Miriam are close to this novel is likely to be labeled “Chick Lit” a genre title I have become increasingly reluctant to use Think of it this way how many women have read novels that are entirely about men or one man and considered what they just read to be relevant and at times superior literature And now I have to wonder why when a book is almost entirely about women or a woman told from a feminine perspective it is assumed by so many people that men should not be interested in that literature alsoNote that this tome exceeds 500 pages The text itself should be accessible to anyone with a high school diploma or euivalency but not everyone has sufficient stamina to make it through a book of this length However if one is on the borderline and especially if one is a woman interested in evaluating the nature of our most important relationships this would be a fine place to begin reading longer booksFor those that enjoy reading about this time period and for those interested in modern feminism as well as the history of American feminist thought Piercy’s body of work including this title should be unmissable Her towering feminist presence was a beacon to so many of us and many of the issues that were so urgent then are still urgent now