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READ & DOWNLOAD Î Destructive Combative #3 Þ ❮PDF❯ ✍ Destructive Combative #3 Author Jay McLean – Some villains are made  Some villains are born  And some villains aren’t villains at all  
 Nate DeLuca was born into a life he didn’t want Forced to walk a path that was already chosenEartache and betrayals Nate only has one thing on his mind redemption  But with redemption comes destruction  And that destruction might cost him his heart  Three Lives  Two Loves  One ticking time bomb Tick tock. I’m not uite sure how to write this review without giving anything away Jay McLean stole my heart so long ago and she’s held a part of it since then With every word and every book I’m than in love with every word she writes I never know where the road will take me and even though her words should be than enough I’m always left wanting —the heartache and hope she delivers kicks you in the gut yet you’re always reminded of that first and forever love So you push through then you coast and you fall Hard The Combative trilogy had me glued to my kindle I couldn’t sleep couldn’t function—I’ve been living in a world with these characters for days and my heart is bursting These books were a bit different then what I’m used to from Jay A bit darkness intrigue suspense Twists and turns you didn’t see coming and a whole lot of heart palpitations get that paper bag ready—but there is a message with every book she writes Love Hope Healing It fills you till you’re heart is ready to burst and aches from the pain the characters endure The writing is flawless—the characters the angst the intricacy of the trilogy and how it flows Just pure brilliance This is by far one of the best trilogies I’ve ever read and Jay McLean has proved to me—again—why she’s on my list of top authors of all time Phenomenal from start to finish Eleventy three million stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Some villains are made  Some villains are born  And some villains aren’t villains at all  
 Nate DeLuca was born into a life he didn’t want Forced to walk a path that was already chosen for him  Grandson to. 5 stars Every day we rise This book is one I've been waiting for for YEARS I read the first book in this series in May of 2015 so it's been a while but let me tell you It was so worth the wait I loved it so much that when I finished it in late December I rearranged all my top reads of the year and put it in the top 3 It was that good Nate is one of my favorite characters Jay has ever written and this book just solidified that He's not perfect but I believe he does the best with the hand he was dealt in life Bailey is amazing too She's so strong and as insane as her life has been she's still a light The time Nate and Bailey spend together in 'Redemptive' is an unconventional way to fall in love but they did Twenty seven years of life and the only living I ever really did was with her Some time has passed but the feelings they have haven't changed There is SO MUCH I want to say about this book So much I want to talk about but honestly it's so convoluted between all three books that it's impossible to do so unless you've read all three I will say I loved this book I love this couple and I really love Tiny He's the true MVP of this book I couldn't have loved him and his bromance with Nate This is the trilogy to read It's so passionate intense romantic and suspenseful Jay's writing is perfection and her character building is out of this world Everything ties together in this book All your uestions will be answered and everything will come together seamlessly This story is epic it's flawless and it needs to be read If you haven't jumped on board yet start with 'Combative' and enjoy the ride Maybe it started with Bailey Maybe Bailey’s the beginning and Bailey’s the end


Destructive Combative #3A mob boss he’s forever torn between his duty his honor his legacy and the truth  But the truth is never simple and it’s not at all what it seems  
 In a world Destructive Combative Kindle full of secrets h. 6 To love freely stars EVERY DAY WE RISEThis story destroyed me for goodMy heart was shattering in million pieces through out the entire book but thank God that Jay pieced me back together and she left a huge smile on my faceHonestly guys This story will be one that I'm gonna savor for the rest of my lifeYes i cried a lot in here and i cried very ugly but it was worth itEvery second worth it I'd never had to wonder what it felt like to have a broken heartI was born with oneLive with one After the second book i have to confess that i was torn really bad Nate Bailey Madison Kyler didn't deserve any of what they went throughAnd the possibilities of how this story could ended were endless And of course i had a preference and even though the feeling was strong i was feeling bad for the other partBut Jay took a big turn of events in the third book and i couldn't believe what was happening after all We're all pawns Every single one of usMaybe it started with Bailey Maybe Bailey’s the beginning and Bailey’s the endI needed to keep my distanceIt was best for everyoneOr maybe not everyoneJust her I don't know how much i can say for the story without betraying serious informations so i'll prefer not to say muchNate Bailey and Kyler's lives are interwined together in a cruel game and how are they going to survive when their hearts are bleeding for many reasonsHow they will find their way out of darknessWho will win and who will lose And what will be the ultimate sacrifice I walk away fighting against my craving to be near her Because my mind knows it as much as my heart doesthat I’d rather die a thousand deaths beside her than live a single day without “I feel like I need to find a way to forgive himBecause I feel like he won't be around long enough to forgive himself” Even though i loved many characters in here my most favorite of them all is NateNate is a misunderstood man A good man who fate made him bad He is a man that is commited deeply to the ones that he loves and his pain through this book felt like my ownI just love him Period With all the good and the bad Twenty seven years of life and the only living I ever really did was with herI knew it then in those minuscule moments we shared my heart my soul my everything belonged to herPer sempre Forever Bailey's fate was the worst of them all She got through so many shitty things in her life He was a captive over and over again But once upon a time she fell in love with a boy but that love was hidden under the sun and she just wants to forget all the ugliness in her life and to live and love freely She deserves it after all It wasn't supposed to hurt like this I want to hate you so much But you're so deep in my fucking head and I can't shake it I can't shake youYou want to love freely And you deserve that Bailey You deserve it all Kyler was a good but very angry man He had also his reasonsAnd he needed a distraction of his lonely life and a girl made him want to live again fullyHe was an innocent but he had to play his part too But with what cost Parker and I we're alike than I want to admitI don't want to be hereI don't want to be sitting opposite a man who continually cracks my heart open while sitting next to a man who could potentially heal it I really loved how the author played out this story even though it was soooo complicatedBut i think that was its charmI loved the characters unconditionaly and i hurt for themI loved how she finally turned out the story so right It was needed for the things to become like thatAfter the destruction to come redemption We can go anywhere Anywhere in the world Nate Where do you want to goYouBut I'm not a placeYou are to meTi amo mio bellissimo ragazzo spezzato I love you my beautiful broken boy Oh Before i close my review i would love to reffer some other character that i loved fiercelyGod Tiny You were sent from heavenYou were the most loyal friend that ever existed and i loved how fiercely protective you were for Nate and his significantsYou were a good friend a brother and your connection with Nathaniel was sooo beautiful and uniue You ever wonder what your life would be if you hadn't met meNah I wouldn't have lived a life worthy of anything if you didn't come along You know what the most beautiful thing isIt's that regardless of how destroyed we all are how damaged our actions have left us our world fell apart right in front of our eyes crumbled to ashes and yet we stand As survivors we stand hand in hand and we rise We rise from the ashes because we have a purpose And that purpose might be something so simple as making someone smile or showing someone color or hugging someone because you know they need it Or that purpose could be bigger than ourselves bigger than we ever expected ARC was provided for the exchange of an honest review Thank you