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Huang – This anthology includes 120 authors—who coOrt storyMichael Patrick HicksRevolver Dark Matter Publishing Short storyPreservation Windrift Books Short storySL HuangHunting Monsters The Book Smugglers Short storyBy Degrees and Dilatory Time Strange Horizons Short storyZero Sum Game self published Novel excerptKurt HuntPaolo Friend Paolo Ecotones Short storySFTmk Has a Name Perihelion Short storyTigerskin Strange Horizons Short storyLS JohnsonVacui Magia Strange Horizons Short storyLittle Men with Knives Crossed Genres NoveletteCameron JohnstonThe Economist The Dragon Buzzymag Short storyHead Games Swords and Sorcery Magazine Short storyThe Shadow Under Scotland The Lovecraft eZine Short storyRachael K JonesMakeisha In Time Crossed Genres Short storyWho Binds and Looses the World With Her Hands PodCastle Short storyCharlotte Incorporated Lightspeed Short storyJason KimbleBroken Escape Pod Short storyHide Behind The Sockdolager Short storyPaul B KohlerRememorations Windrift Bay Limited Short storyThe Soul Collector Global Endeavor Publishing Short storyJeanne Kramer SmythUnsealed Young Explorer's Adventure Guide Short storyView from Above Young Explorer's Adventure Guide Short storyJamie Gilman KressAnd Now Fill Her In Daily Science Fiction Short storyJason LaPierUnexpected Rain HarperVoyager UK Novel excerptFonda LeeZeroboxer Flux Novel excerptUniversal Print Crossed Genres Short storyS LynnFfydd Faith Crossed Genres Publications Short storyJack Hollis Marrinto the waters I rode down FutureFire Publishing Short storyArkady MartineCity of Salt Strange Horizons Short storyWhen The Fall Is All That's Left Apex Magazine Short storyAdjuva Lakeside Circus Short storyKim MayBlood Moon Carnival WMG Short storyThe Void around the Sword's Edge WMG Short storyAlison McBainGrandmother Winter On the Premises Short storyThe Lost Children Abbreviated Epics Short storyThe Heart of Yuki onna Frozen Fairy Tales Short storyRati MehrotraCharaid Dreams Apex Magazine Short storyGhosts of Englehart AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review Short storyLia Swope MitchellSlow Apex Magazine Short storyAllison MulderDecay Crossed Genres Magazine Short storyIan MuneshwarOssuary Clarkesworld Magazine Short storyBrian NiemeierStrange Matter Jason Rennie NoveletteNethereal Brian Niemeier Novel excerptWendy NikelRain Like Diamonds Daily Science Fiction Short storyThe Tea Space Continuum AE Short storyThe Book of Futures Broken Eye Books Short storyGeorge NikolopoulosA Rise to the Surface SFComet Short storyRazor Bill Vs Pistol Anne Bards and Sages uarterly Short storyMegan E O'KeefeOf Blood and Brine Shimmer Short storySteal the Sky Angry Robot Books Novel excerptMalka OlderTear Tracks Torcom Short storyEmma OsborneThe Box Wife Shock Totem Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted Short storyZip Bastion Science Fiction Magazine Short storyClean Hands Dirty Hands Aurealis Short storyChris OvendenUpgrade Penny Shorts Short storyPeace for our Times Every Day Fiction Short storyBehind Grey Eyes Daily Science Fiction Short storySteve PantazisSwitch Galaxy Press NoveletteCarrie PatelHere Be Monsters Beneath Ceaseless Skies Short storyThe Color of Regret PodCastle Short storyThe Buried Life Angry Robot Novel excerptSunil PatelThe Merger The Book Smugglers Short storyThe Robot Who Couldn't Lie Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show Short storyThe Attic of Memories Fantastic Stories of the Imagination Short storyLaura PearlmanI am Graalnak of the Vroon Empire Destroyer of Galaxies Supreme Overlord of the Planet Earth Ask Me Anything Flash Fiction Online Short storyA Dozen Frogs a Bakery and a Thing That Didn't Happen Daily Science Fiction Short storyIn the End You Get Clarity UFO Publishing Short storySamuel PeraltaHereafter David Gatewood Short storyHumanity David Gatewood Short storyAndrea PhillipsIn Loco Parentis Escape Pod Short storyRevision Fireside Fiction Novel excerptMark Robert PhilpsDragonfire is Brighter than the Ten Thousand Stars Robinson NovellaMonica Enderle PierceJudgment Windrift Books NoveletteIvan Popovtranslated from the Bulgarian by Vladimir Poleganov Ivan Popov and Kalin M NenovThe Keresztury TVirs Sci Phi Publications Short storyBill PowellThe Punctuality Machine Or A Steampunk Libretto Beneath Ceaseless Skies Short storyStephen S PowerStripped to Zero Nature Short storyWire Paladin AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review Short storyAutomatic Sky AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review Short storyRhiannon RasmussenThe Hymn of Ordeal No Lightspeed Women Destroy Science Fiction Short storyCharge Love Heart The Sockdolager Short storyHow to Survive the Apocalypse ZEAL Short storyChris ReherThe Kasant Objective Windrift Books Short storyEthan ReidTHE UNDYING SHADE. When I began reading this book I did something I virtually never do I gave myself permission to skim and even skip works almost entirely if I felt they offered little or nothing to me in terms of art andor pleasure I had to do this a bit often than I would have liked there are some seriously unimaginative and clumsy writers out there that somehow manage to get published but overall the weeks I spent reading this massive anthology were well worth it I'm not going to call out the bad writers or poor stories here I believe most of the truly substandard writers in this collection will likely never publish again or their reach will be limited confined to tiny obscure mostly online genre sites almost nobody reads anyway I believe most of these folks are probably writing in the genre because they love it they are primarily hobbyists and that criticism in this case makes little difference and just causes unnecessary pain and embarrassment But I do want to note the really good authors writers who likely have a real career ahead of them if they keep writing and also list the five stars that would have made up my nominations had I actually planned to vote for the Campbell Award this year All are in alphabetical orderThe very good I will be happy to read anything new any of these talented writers release in the futureCharlotte AshleyDavid BrunsCurtis C ChenLiz ColterDaniel J DavisSB DivyaMargaret DunlapHarlow C FallonRafaela F FerrazAuston HabershawNin HarrisS L HuangKurt HuntRachel K JonesJason KimbleCarrie PatelLaura PearlmanRhiannon RasmussenEthan ReidKelly RobsonSteve RuskinEffie SeibergTahmeed ShafiWilliam SuirrellNaru Dames SundarJoseph TomarasTamara VardomskayaNancy SM WaldmanThomas M WaldroonJo Lindsay WaltonAlison WilgusNominees Gifted writers who surely have brilliant careers ahead Just the sight of their names on a submission envelope or email must make discerning editors hearts beat a little fasterLS JohnsonSunil PatelNatalia TheodoridouAlyssa WongJY YangIsabel YapYes I know that technically one can only choose five nominees for the Campbell award but all of these writers are so damn good and so worthy of an award that I just couldn't drop one

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S Simon Schuster Inc Novel excerptKelly RobsonWaters of Versailles torcom Novella excerptThe Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill Clarkesworld Magazine Short storyTwo Year Man Asimov's Science Fiction Short storyAndy RogersThe Doom Of Sallee Grantville Gazette Short storyBrothers In Arms Star Citizen Jump Point Magazine NovellaLauren M RoyThe Eleventh Hour Fireside Magazine Short storySteve RuskinGrand Tour Zombies Need Brains LLC Short storyKB RylanderWe Fly Baen Short storyHope Erica SchultzMr Reilly's Tattoo Fireside Magazine Short storyThe Princess in the Basement Diabolical Plots Short storyEffie SeibergRe Little Miss Apocalypse Playset Fireside Fiction Short storyRocket Surgery Analog Science Fiction and Fact Short storyThundergod in Therapy Galaxy's Edge Short storyTahmeed ShafiThe Djinn Who Sought To Kill The Sun Lightspeed Magazine NoveletteIona SharmaArchana and Chandni Betwixt Short storyAlnwick Middle Planet Short storyAnthea SharpIce in D Minor Timberland Regional Library Short storyThe Sun Never Sets Windrift Books Short storyFae Horse Fiddlehead Press Short storyElsa Sjunneson HenryEdge of The Unknown Broken Eye Books Short storyDaniel Arthur SmithThe Diatomic uantum Flop Windrift Books Short storyTower Holt Smith ltd Short storyHugh Howey Lives Holt Smith ltd Novella excerptLesley SmithThe Soulless A History of Zombieism in Chiitai and Mihari Culture Windrift Books Short storyWilliam SuirrellGötterdämmerung AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review Short storyFighting in the Streets of the City of Time Bewildering Stories Short storyI am Problem Solving Astronaut How to Write Hard SF Blue Monday Review Short storyDan StoutOutpatient Nature Short storyThe Curious Case of Alpha DE Mad Scientist Journal Short storyNaru Dames SundarA Revolution In Four Courses Daily Science Fiction Short storyInfinite Skeins Crossed Genres Short storyBroken Winged Love Strange Horizons Short storyWill SwardstromUncle Allen Windrift Books NoveletteThe Control Windrift Books NoveletteJeremy SzalDaega's Test Nature Short storyLast Age of Kings Fantasy Scroll Magazine Short storySkingame Perihelion Science Fiction Short storyLauren C TeffeauForge and Fledge Crossed Genres Magazine Issue Short storyJump Cut Unlikely Story Short storyNatalia TheodoridouThe Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul Clarkesworld Magazine Short storyOn Post Mortem Birds Interfictions A Journal of Interstitial Arts Short storyAndroid Whores Can't Cry Clarkesworld Magazine Short storyJoseph TomarasBonfires in Anacostia Clarkesworld Magazine Short storyThirty Eight Observations on the Nature of the Self Haikasoru Short storyThe Joy of Sects Unlikely Story Short storyVincent TrigiliThe Storymaster Windrift Books Short storyPK TylerMoon Dust Evolved Publishing NoveletteAvendui ive Windrift Books Short storyTamara VardomskayaThe Metamorphoses of Narcissus Beneath Ceaseless Skies Short storyAcrobatic Duality Torcom Short storyLeo VladimirskyCollar FSF Short storyDandelion Boing Boing Short storyNancy SM WaldmanReMemories Fantasy Scroll Magazine Short storyAnd Always Murder AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review Short storySound of Chartreuse Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine Short storyThomas M WaldroonSinseerly A Friend Yr Obed't Beneath Ceaseless Skies NoveletteJo Lindsay WaltonIt's OK To Say If You Went Back In Time And Killed Baby Hitler Self Published Short storyKim WellsThe Book of Safkhet Chronicler of the Journey Mistress of the House of Books Windrift Books Short storyAlison WilgusKing Tide Terraform Short storyNoise Pollution Strange Horizons Short storyNicolas WilsonTrials Windrift Publishing NoveletteMultiply Windrift Publishing NoveletteAlyssa WongHungry Daughters of Starving Mothers Nightmare Magazine Short storyThe Fisher ueen The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction Short storySantos de Sampaguitas Strange Horizons Short storyEleanor R WoodFibonacci Flash Fiction Online Short storyPawprints in the Aeolian Dust Sci Phi Journal Short storyDaddy's Girl Crossed Genres Short storyFrank WuSeason of the Ants in a Timeless Land Analog NoveletteJeff XilonH Daily Science Fiction Short storyAll of Our Days Fireside Fiction Short storyJY YangA House Of Anxious Spiders The Dark magazine Short storyTemporary Saints Fireside Fiction Short storySong Of The Krakenmaid Lackington's Short storyIsabel YapMilagroso Torcom Short storyThe Oiran's Song Uncanny Magazine NoveletteGood Girls Shimmer Magazine Short storyJo ZebedeeInish Carraig Self published Novel excerptJon F ZeiglerGalen and the Golden Coat Hare Uncanny Books Short storyAnna ZumbroThe Pixie Game Daily Science Fiction Short storyThe Cur of County Road Six Grievous Angel Short sto. Dryness death despair dystopia defeat ‘droids despair I soldiered through over half of this dog’s breakfast of short stories hoping it would get better It got worse These folks may be eligible for recognition but most don’t deserve it They don’t deserve to be published My apologies to those whose surnames fall in the latter part of the alphabet; I gave up I can’t believe there was any selection process involved This is not a scatter gun collection; it’s a hand grenadeThere are a few noteworthy exceptions like Curtis C Chen but most of these a mediocre nihilistic apocalyptic woe is me tales Too many in too close proximity Thousands of pages of dreck Don’t Waste Your Time

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Up and Coming Stories by the 2016 Campbell Eligible AuthorsThis anthology includes Coming Stories MOBI #243 authors who contributed works totaling approximately MILLION words of fiction These pieces all originally appeared inor from writers who are new professionals to the SFF field and they represent a breathtaking range of work from the next generation Up and ePUB #8608 of speculative storytellingAll of these authors are eligible for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in We hope you’ll use this anthology as a guide in nominating for that award as well as a way of exploring many vibrant new voices in the genreThis and Coming Stories MOBI #183 anthology was offered as a free download until MarchonlyTable of ContentsPrefaceCharlotte AshleyLa Héron FSF Short storySigrid Under the Mountain The Sockdolager Short storyJohn AyliffBelt Three HarperVoyager Novel excerptLucas BaleTo Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night Dark Matter Publishing NoveletteNicolette BarischoffPirate Songs The Future Fire NoveletteFollow and Coming Stories by the PDF Me Down Unlikely Story NoveletteIn the Woods Behind My House Podcastle Short storySofie BirdA' is for Alacrity Astronauts and Grief Zombies Need Brains LLC Short storyDerrick BodenClay and Coming Stories by the PDF Soldiers Daily Science Fiction Short storyThe Last Mardi Gras Flash Fiction Online Short storyStefan BolzThe Traveler Samuel Peralta Short storyDavid BrunsThe Water Finder's Shadow Hip Phoenix NoveletteI Caroline David Bruns Short storyMartin CahillIt Was Never The Fire Nightmare Magazine Short storyVanilla Fireside Fiction Short storyAaron CantonDining Out Phobos Magazine Short storyA Most Unusual Patriot Michael DeAngelo Short storyDK CassidyRoom Windrift Bay Limited Short storyZach ChapmanBetween Screens Galaxy Press Short storyCurtis C ChenZugzwang Daily Science Fiction Short storyMaking Waves SNAFU An Anthology of Military Horror Short storyLaddie Come Home Young Explorer's Adventure Guide Short storyZZ ClaybourneAgents of Change Windrift Books Short storyLiz ColterThe Ties That Bind The Chains That Break Galaxy's Edge Magazine Short storyEchoes Urban Fantasy Magazine Short storyThe Clouds in Her Eyes Writers and Illustrators of the Future vol Short storyNik ConstantineLast Transaction FSF Short storyDaniel J DavisThe God Whisperer Galaxy Press Short storySB DivyaStrange Attractors Daily Science Fiction Short storyThe Egg Nature Short storyShips in the Night Daily Science Fiction Short storyMargaret DunlapJane Shimmer Short storyBroken Glass Wisdom Crieth Without Short storyBookburners Episode The Market Arcanum Serial Box Publishing NoveletteS K DunstallLINESMAN Ace Books Novel excerptJonathan EdelsteinFirst Do No Harm Strange Horizons NoveletteHarlow C FallonA Long Horizon The Immortality Chronicles The Future Chronicles Anthology Series Short storyRafaela F FerrazThe Lady of the House of Mirrors Lethe Press NoveletteSam FlemingShe Gave her Heart He Took Her Marrow Apex Magazine Short storyAnnalee Flower HorneSeven Things Cadet Blanchard Learned From The Trade Summit Incident The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Short storyRon S FriedmanGame Not Over Galaxy's Edge Short storyLUCA Analemma Books Short storyDavid Jón FullerThe Harsh Light of Morning EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing Short storyCaged Crossroad Press Short storyIn Open Air Futurefirenet Publishing Short storySarah GaileyBargain Mothership Zeta Short storyHaunted Fireside Fiction Short storyPatricia GilliamThe Backup Windrift Books Short storyJaymee GohLiminal Grid Strange Horizons Short storyElad HaberNumber One Hit Interfictions Online Short storyAuston HabershawAdaptation and Predation Escape Pod Short storyA Revolutionary's Guide to Practical Conjuration Galaxy Press NovelettePhilip Brian HallSpatchcock AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review NovellaThe Waiting Room Flame Tree Publishing Short storyThe Man on the Church Street Omnibus The Sockdolager Short storyJohn Gregory HancockThe Antares Cigar Shoppe Windrift Books Short storyNin HarrisSang Rimau and the Medicine Woman Lackington's Magazine editor Ranylt Richildis Short storyYour Right Arm Clarkesworld Magazine Publisher Neil Clarke Short storyCA HawksmoorY Brenin Beneath Ceaseless Skies NoveletteMurder on the Laplacian Express Interzone Short storySean Patrick HazlettBoomer Hunter Grimdark Magazine Short storyEntropic Order Outposts of Beyond Short storyChandler's Hollow Perihelion Science Fiction Short storyHolly HeiseyThe Monastery of the Parallels Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show Short storyAn Understanding Escape Pod Short storyContents of Care Package to Etsath tachri Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran Human English Translated to Sedrayin EGM Shorts Sh. The anthology has been taken offline with nearly 16000 downloads making it the most popular book in which I have a hand If you still want to read it drop me a noteCynical Cold Confused Cringeworthy This is not the future of my favorite genreI'm getting nauseous of postapocalyptica and paranoia and psychopathologies This is not the future I'm going to live to make to take part inI'd like to thank S L Huang and Kurt Hunt for their tremendous effort in compiling this anthology I'd also like to thank the authors I've mentioned below and the editors who have recognized their work and passed it forward Most of all I'd like to have them as part of my futureHere come my individual impressions I may try of Kurt Hunt because of the minimalist yet effective sense of connection in Tigerskin Laura Pearlman for her delightfully uirky sense of humor with just a tad of poetic justice Curtis C Chen for bringing together a likable child and a likable emergent intelligence in Laddie Come Home Brian Niemeier for infusing Strange Matter a gamelike tried and tired time travel scenario with hope and warmthview spoiler although the ending let my hope down hide spoiler