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The Cure for Death by Lightning Book Û 304 pages Download ↠ ➹ [Download] ➵ The Cure for Death by Lightning By Gail Anderson-Dargatz ➼ – When fifteen year old Beth Week’s family is attacked by a grizzly her father becomes increasingly violent making him a danger to his neSands of painted turtles crossing a road the smell of baking that fills the Weeks’s kitchen The novel is sprinkled throughout with recipes and remedies from the scrapbook Beth’s mother keeps a boon to Beth as she learns to face down her demons and one of many elements that give The Cure for Death by Lightning its enchanting vitality Absolutely loved this book One of the small things that appealed to me was that it followed in time logically rather than skipping back and forth as so many current storytellers seem to like I really like the deep character development and the setting was fascinating It is set on prairie farm during WWII Lots of great detail suspense conflict She is a very descriptive writer with wonderful images Edging close to being in my top ten of all time

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H an Indian girl connects her to a mythology that enriches her landscape; and an unexpected protector shores up her world Set on an isolated Canadian farm in the midst of World War II The Cure for Death by Lightning evokes a life at once harshly demanding and rich in sensory pleasures the deafening chatter of starlings the sight of thou Twenty years or so after reading The Cure for Death by Lightening A Recipe for Bees and A Rhinestone Button I found myself mulling over the influence that Gail Anderson Dargatz has had on my future literary exploration Twenty years ago her novel was nominated for The Giller Prize a literary award newly established in 1994 to celebrate excellent Canadian writers Knopf Canada had launched a program The New Face of Fiction in 1996 to bring Canadian authors to the attention of the country's readers and Gail's first book was among themBecause of her novel I became a person who paid attention to The Giller Prize process from the nomination stage to the win I was introduced to vast talent who I'd never met before and a plethora of previously undiscovered serious literary styles I didn't realize it at the time but Gail introduced me to magical realism in her novels where I smoothly absorbed myself into the magical storytelling and emerged enchanted Isabel Allende then held no rapture for me Gail's books led me to try authors which I would formerly have by passed The gentle magical realism slightly fantastical turns in the novels of Sarah Allen Addison and Joshilyn Jackson further increased my appreciation for the genre Perla by South American author Caroline de Robertis the lauded The Snow Child and the haunting critic's favourite Wolf Winter I owe the risk tasking and resulting pleasure to Gail Anderson Datgatz Thank you so much Gail

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The Cure for Death by LightningWhen fifteen year old Beth Week’s family is attacked by a grizzly her father becomes increasingly violent making him a danger to his neighbors his family and especially Beth Meanwhile several young children from the nearby Indian reservation have gone missing and Beth fears that something is pursuing her in the bush But friendship wit This was a good book It was well written and I liked the elements of the magical peppered throughout But I just didn't enjoy it Between the lengthy descriptions of farm chores and the baking of desserts I spent much of this book wondering where it was going and what it was building toward I also found that none of the characters resonated I have finished the book with no greater insight into any of the people not even the protagonist I know many people love this book and I don't want to dissuade others from giving it a chance But for me I had to give it 2 stars because as much as I wanted to reward its uality I truly didn't like reading it and have finished it with a sense of so what?