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FREE READ ´ Murder at the Mansion A Kelly Jackson Mystery #2 ↠ ❴Ebook❵ ➣ Murder at the Mansion A Kelly Jackson Mystery #2 Author Janet Finsilver – Fortunes fineries and foul play   It’s whale watching season in Redwood Cove and BB manager Kelly Jackson’s battening doFortunes fineries and foul play the Mansion eBook #10003   It’s whale watching season in Redwood Cove and BB manager Kelly Jackson’s battening down the hatches for the Murder at PDF or tourist rush at Redwood Heights a Victorian style estate owned b. This review isn't about this book It is a big thank you to the author Janet Finsilver for writing a book that took my mind away from the absolute gut wrenching sadness of the last two days My younger brother was out at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN He had been in failing health They determined Thursday that he was in the late stages of ALS Lou Gehrig's disease After returning to the hotel room one of my nephews who had driven my brother and sister in law to MN got my brother seated in a recliner to watch TV My sister in law went into another room to call family about the diagnosisMy brother stopped breathing; 911 was called after nearly 20 minutes they got a pulse and transfered him to the CCU He was placed on life support My other two nephews flew in yesterday Life support was disconnected and my brother passed away at 715 PM eastern US time This book got me through the emotional roller coaster My brother is no longer suffering and is in a better placeI will be reading the next book in this series sometime soon I really like this series

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Y her boss And due to recent jewelry thefts her duties include keeping track of the at the Mansion MOBI #241 many dust covered artifacts spread throughout the property But when Kelly finds Sylvia Porter’s lifeless body menial tasks don’t seem so terr. 35 starsI love cozies and part of what I love is that they are than just the mystery or the action or suspense I love that they are in fact cozy like hanging out with friends in an intimate setting Murder at the Mansion gave me that in spades It's as much about family and coming home as it is the murders and mysteriesKelly Jackson has returned to Redwood Cove to take over management of the BB Redwood Cove After searching for a home she's finally found it here at the BB and in Redwood Cove The BB isn't open for business yet so she lends a hand at another local property owned by her boss Soon she's busy inventorying antiues and other items tracking down the person responsible for a jewel thefts at the property and the sudden death of a guest She's also settling into her new home and reconnecting with friends she made in book one Murder at Redwood Cove Kelly solves the mysteries with help from her friends the Silver Sentinels as well as some of her co workers Her relationships are a large part of the story and provided much of the color and depth There's also a hint of a romance Kelly was enjoyable smart sweet helpful thoughtful and loyal She takes a few risks but she's not careless except for one incident and I can overlook that She's not afraid to ask for help or accept it which is a nice change from many mysteries cozy or otherwiseI had one gripe; it's a small detail but for me the small details can make or break a book Kelly calls 911 on her cell phone and in just a few minutes the local police are there When she calls she talks to the dispatcher of her local police station That's not realistic Cell phones do not call your local 911; calls are routed to the nearest cell tower which means you could get a police station 20 miles away from where you are And no your location doesn't show up on their computer screen Since the police's swift response time was important to the events of the story that whole scene came across as fake unlikely and deux ex machinaOther than that little impossibility I enjoyed the story and Kelly's sleuthing as well as the relationships Murder at the Mansion was enjoyable and the identity of the villain kept me guessing right to the end The clues were there but Finsilver carefully sprinkled them in with red herrings keeping you unsure All of the characters whether minor or major were real interesting and believably uirky They're all memorable and make the story; characterization is Finsilver's strength Murder at the Mansion was sweet yet twisty with the small town uirkiness of most cozies and a well written mystery that wasn't too easy to solve


Murder at the Mansion A Kelly Jackson Mystery #2Ible Enlisting the help at the Mansion A Kelly PDF of a ragtag group of brainy retirees aka the “Silver Sentinels” Kelly’s on the hunt for clues hidden behind the mansion’s glamorous façadeand for a killer who may want to make history of her nex. Kelly Jackson is finally moving to Redwood Cove California to take over as manager of Redwood Cove BB But since the renovations aren't yet complete she's promised her boss Michael Corrigan that she'll help inventory items at his newest acuisition Redwood Heights which is an old Victorian that's been converted to an upscale BB for the wealthier While there she hears one of the guests scream and finding Sylvia Porter at the bottom of the stairs insisting she was pushed The manager of Redwood Heights states as how Sylvia's been a problem guest and that she probably tripped and Kelly wonders who's telling the truth But the next day Sylvia asks Kelly if she will wake her for a tour Kelly goes to do so and finds Sylvia dead at her dressing table stabbed with a long hat pin When the police arrive they find no pin Later on Kelly locates the pin while doing inventory and it somehow makes her a suspect in the murder according to something she overhears the detectives saying Then another accident befalls one of her friends who is a member of the Silver Sentinels and Kelly knows that something sinister is going on and she decides to investigate But will her investigation lead to finding a killer or will the killer follow her every move until they get a chance to silence her permanentlyThis is the second book in the series and I enjoyed it uite as much as the first I do like the fact that Kelly is kind to those around her and the Silver Sentinels are almost the best part of the book their combined actions being both worthwhile and informative to Kelly She's also finding her way around a possible relationship with Scott who also works for the same corporation as she; even though he prefers his traveling position and she likes being where she is Kelly is working through thingsThe mystery is a delightful one with a mystery within another mystery the possible disappearance of one of the original owners of Redwood Heights whose being missing was never solved I do so love old mysteries within current ones as it gives me an extra one to solve along with the protagonist who I might say is doing a wonderful job in this bookDiscovering the reasons why Kelly was attacked is definitely worth looking at and finding the jewel thief was hoot to say the least I would say on this but in doing so I would give away the answer and I prefer not to do that At any rate when the ending comes and the killer is revealed it all comes together nicely and the puzzle is completed giving us a satisfactory ending Recommended