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Escape to exotic settings with these sizzling heroes and strong admirable women From sweeping deserts to secluded islands from the African savannah to snow covered peaks the passion burns hot in these seven full length contemporary romance novels from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors An alpha rock star with a dominant streak a special ops veteran turned wildlife ranger a cowboy with a tragic past and a BBW who will make you stand up and cheer Fall in love with HEARTS ON FIRE
 Rescued by the Sheikh Jennifer Lewis Film producer Samantha Bechtel has her whole life mapped out like the shooting script of one of her documentaries but it takes a detour when she breaks down in the desert and is rescued by a commanding and charismatic sheikh BRAVE HEARTS Phoenix Sullivan Nicky has two problems at her new Tanzanian sanctuary poachers and a pregnant elephant devastated by a terrible loss Nicky's new ranger Peter Currently free on

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Hearts on FireEx special ops is running from similar pain Together they must find the family hope and courage needed to heal their wounded hearts Rock the Boat Lib Starling Jordan is about ready to give up her charter sailing business when she’s hired to skipper a vacation cruise for Davis a world famous rock star In the close uarters of Jordan’s schooner their personalities clash but neither can deny the attraction growing between them If they can turn hate into love they’ll find unexpected passion filling their sails All that Glitters Lily Zante For businesswoman Andrea Brunelli a weekend in Bellagio turns into a sultry summer romance when Riley James a wealthy and handsome American catches her eye But her nights of passion soon lead to than she had bargained for when she discovers that there is a price to pay The Cowboy Way Anna Alexander Cattle rancher Trey Armstrong loses his memory and wakes to what he thinks is the per CRAVING FOR LOVE by Violet Vaughn CAPTIVATING SIZZLING ROMANCEThis story focuses on; CASEY a sassy sexy beautiful ski instructor; JASON a strikingly gorgeous heart stirring ski instructor and Casey’s ex boyfriend; Blaine; a strikingly handsome ski instructor What you’ll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters spectacular story line picturesue and dynamic vivid scene descriptions superb banter camaraderie gripping suspense emotions spiral pent up tension gut wrenching moments earth shattering heart throbbing sensual romance and a heart melting conclusion that leaves you wanting Casey broke up with Jason because she desperately wants children and Jason does not Finding it hard living in the same town as him she moves from her home to Colorado in the hopes of starting a new life without Jason She is lucky enough to find a job cleaning resort rentals and living accommodations in an all girls boarding house with a no drinking rule and no male visitors She makes friends easily and is introduced to Blaine a ski instructor To Casey’s delight she eventually ends up landing a job as a ski instructor Blaine and Casey have a dating relationship and she believes she has found her dream man When Jason shows up and lands a job as a ski instructor on the same mountain Casey begins to uestion everything she has wanted in a relationship Blaine has kept a secret from Casey but so has Jason The three face challenges; it is a time to grow and face the demons that haunt each of them and a time to realize what each one really wants to make them have a blissful lifeA FANTASTIC fast paced well written creative read by a truly gifted author The fusion of authenticity and fantasy make this an impressive story The author does not disappoint in giving readers an entertaining story with an intriguing plot fabulous dialogue and breathtaking scene descriptions to keep you glued from start to finish Though Casey has a sassy persona she is kind and turns out to be a most considerate friend when the going gets rough The chemistry between Casey and Jason is than convincing and their romance is filled with fiery passion and unwavering devotion I loved this story as it was a most gratifying read If you treasure fantasy romance this is a terrific book for your library I was gifted this book and this is my complete honest review In the world of fantasy romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating Without reservation I recommend this book


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Book í Hearts on Fire Download » Violet vaughn Å ➤ [Epub] ➞ Hearts on Fire By Violet Vaughn ➮ – Escape to exotic settings with these sizzling heroes and strong admirable women From sweeping deserts to secluded islands from the African savannah to snow covered peaks—theFect life But his sexy wife is hiding secrets and he soon realizes he's going to have to remember the past in order to have a future Fat Sara Wylde “You’re pretty for a fat girl” That’s nothing Claire Howard hasn’t heard before and there’s part of her that thinks it’s the worst thing in the world Even when she has the attentions of two men who are the embodiment of fantasy But it’s not their love that matters it’s her own Fat is a brand that’s been seared into every aspect of her life even her heart Can Claire love herself enough to reach past the labels for her own happiness? Craving for Love Violet Vaughn Casey moves to snowy Colorado for a fresh start finding a man that wants a family She discovers ski instructor Blaine a dream come true But Blaine has a secret that ruins her plans When Casey's ex Jason comes to town she's faced with the difficult decision between the love of her life and a famil This review is for the book Craving for Love by Violet Vaughn which is included in the setLove isn't easy when you both want different things Casey and Jason love each other but he is unwilling to consider having children and children are something that are very important to her They can't resist each other so she leaves to put distance and try to find a man that can meet all her needs She meets a nice guy but there are issues and secrets that keep it from being the complete package she is looking for When Jason comes to her new town she will have to make some difficult decisions about her futureIt is a very realistic storyline Many couples struggle with the decision about whether or not to have children The story is told from only Casey's POV so it takes some time to understand where Jason is coming from in regard to his decision making People look for someone to meet all their needs and sometimes that is just not the case and you have to make some compromises that you can both live with and acceptI enjoyed the story and the characters It is a pretty uick read with a steady storyline that is really focused on the relationship issuesI received a copy in return for a honest review