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Hollywood UndercoverBusiness This time he poses as an aspiring actor and soon finds himself with an agent a job offer admittedly in a hardcore porn film and ultimately a part in The Aviator directed by Martin Scorcese In the interim he is surprised to uncover anti Semitism in Holly This book was mildly interesting to the extent that it compelled me to keep reading just in case it actually fulfilled the promise of it's title Far from revealing the sordid secrets of tinseltown author Canadian Ian halperin or as he irritatingly and arrogantly refers to himself as through out the book 'His Highness Halperin' merely plods lazily around the fringes He learns nothing particularly new seemingly puts in zero effort into researching or creating an interesting documentary informs us flippantly of his trysts with women screams about republicans Mel Gibson and vague anti Semitism stands on street corners petitioning people for little reason then to fill up screen timepage countand so on In chapter 8 I was incredibly annoyed the phrase 'get over yourself' literally came out of my mouth and sick of his self important rubbish and at the end of the book I realised he'd accomplished nothing at all uite the let down

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Ian Halperin is no stranger to undercover investigations He posed as a model in 2001 to expose the fashion industry his resulting in the exposé Shut Up and Smile In Hollywood Undercover he gives us a uniue and scandalous glimpse behind the scenes of the movie Ian Halperin is commisioned to film a documentary by Canadian TV about aspiring Canadian actors trying to make it in Hollywood But while interviewing many luckless actors he realises how cliched it all is so he decides to do something different he will go undercover as a gay actor called 'His Highness Halperin the King of the Jews' and try to make it into the movies himself Some of his adventures include a poker game with the 'ueers of the Round Table' a short affair with the ill fated Anna Nicole Smith hearing sordid secrets of the stars a course at the Scientology Church where they attempt to turn gays straight and many My ThoughtsI'm not really sure why I picked up this library book as it is definitely not my usual genre but I thought I'd try something differentIan Halperin comes across as a likeable enough person though a little egocentric I thought there were too many coincidencs for instance he met so many Hollywood stars who wanted to tell him all their secrets This is a typical passage from the book where he's at a party and meets the 50's starlet Debbie Reynolds who starred in Singin' in the Rain 'Every man I ever dated in Hollywood turned out to be gay' she revealed She had actually famously been married to Eddie Fisher father of her daughter Carrie aka Princess Leia whom she stole away from her old friend Elizabeth Taylor causing one of Hollywood's all time greatest scandals I didn't have the guts to ask her if that applied to Fisher as wellAlso all the people he met who were working in Hollywood were only too happy to start telling him secrets about this or about that actor no names were mentioned in the book unless they were deceased who was gay took drugs had an affair with them etc etc Even one elderly woman walked up to him one day and told him all about her affair with Charlie Chaplin I felt it was maybe a bit too exaggeratedMaybe I'm doubting Ian Halperin too much I don't know it was just the way I felt Another story that I found hard to swallow was the story from when he lived in London in the 1980's he had been busking and was sitting on a bench when an elderly lady came by and started talking to him It turned out that she was Ava Gardner and he was invited to her apartment where she proceeded to tell him stories about Frank Sinatra Again it just seemed too unbelievableHere's another couple of excerpts regarding George Clooney The one celeb I seemed to keep bumping into no matter where I went was Clooney who appeared to be omnipresent I had first encountered George outside the Formosa Cafe on Santa Monica Boulevard back in 1998 He looked fit was wearing Converse running shoes and was with two gorgous model types He was in a great mood'George I like your Chuck Taylors' I said 'I guess it gets the women''Probably does' he responded 'I thought it was my hair but you have made me re think'The next time I bumped into him I was back in Montreal and he was directing and shooting Confessions of a Dangerous Mind I saw him several times that summer at a health club at a bar at a coffee shop and walking downtown Everywhere I went George seemed to be there I started to wonder if we were stalking each otherBut having said all this I did enjoy the book it was well written fast flowing and kept my interest throughout it was never boring It is a book for people who enjoy magazines like Heat with lots of gossip There was so much name dropping involvedThere were some colour photos in the middle of the book corroborating some of his stories and there were also links on You Tube as well

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Hollywood Undercover Book ð 224 pages Download Á ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Hollywood Undercover By Ian Halperin ❅ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Ian Halperin is no stranger to undercover investigations He posed as a model in 2001 to expose the fashion industry his resulting in the exposé Shut Up and Smile In Hollywood UndercWood; infiltrates the Church of Scientology whose celebrity stable includes Tom Cruise and John Travolta; and meets numerous A listers including Brad Pitt Barbra Streisand and Leonardo DiCaprio who give him the inside track on what life in Hollywood is really li For a book that claims to drop names it has a terrible habit of leaving out the most interesting a list celebrities The book comes across arrogant unfocused and ultimately unlikeable