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Chaotic Good Review  102 ó ❰Read❯ ➲ Chaotic Good Author Whitney Gardner – Cameron's cosplay dressing like a fictional character is finally starting to earn her attention attention she hopes to use to get into the CalTech costume department for college But when she wins a ma Cameron's cosplay dressing like Cameron's cosplay dressing like a fictional character is finally starting to earn her attention attention she hopes to use to get into the CalTech costume department for college But when she wins a major competition she inadvertently sets off a firestorm of angry comments from male fansWhen Cameron's family moves the summer before her senior year she hopes to complete her costume portfolio in p. Cute and full of fandom y moments Cameron who loves cosplay is sick of being treated differently in fandom by guys because she happens to be a girl When she goes into a comic book store and is made fun of by the shop’s owner she’s annoyed enough that with the help of her brother Cooper she disguises herself as a boy the next time All sorts of crazy nerdy fandom stuff ensues including lots of Dungeons and Dragons and costume making I liked the romance in this one and the cool side characters Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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The nerd inner sanctum Soon Cameron finds herself drafted into a DD campaign alongside the jerky shop owner Brody friendly almost flirtatiously so clerk Wyatt handsome Lincoln and her bro Cooper dragged along for good measure But as her secret identity gets and entrenched Cameron's portfolio falls by the wayside and her feelings for Lincoln threaten to make a complicated situation even precario. I wanted to love this book so badly When I picked it up I finished reading it within a day It started off so strong the characters were solid likeable and real The story was familiar and so true to life But what killed this book for me was the ending Not only did the writing uality go down hill in the last half of the book but the ending itself felt like a slap in the face I think I had such a visceral reaction because I saw myself in this book I saw a geeky lonely girl who desperately wanted to be herself But the author's message made me so angry I won't share spoilers here but are you interested scroll lower to hear my specific reasons why I thought I was crazy for not liking this book But I have spoken with several others who disliked the book for the same reasons I did I will not be recommending this book to anyone Nor will I hide my opinion for it WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD I think my biggest complaint with the novel is the fact that Cameron the main female character is shunned and has to APPOLOGIZE when she is discovered to actually be a girl I'm sorry that's such a weak story plot She was being threatened doxxed and harassed but its her fault Several of the male characters know of this harassment but she lied about being a boy and suddenly she can't be trusted That makes no sense She also never gets to be angry She doesn't get mad at her brother for blowing her off because he's a total petty asshat She doesn't tell Brody to get over himself for being a slime ball of fragile masculinity She doesn't rip Lincoln a new one for KNOWING about her abuse and still dumping her anyways WHERE IS HER ANGER Why does she apologize Why does she not cut her losses and hang out with people who aren't complete blithering idiots Can we talk about her brother for a second Why on this green earth couldn't Cooper ask out Why once Cam indicated she wasn't interested The whole he has to know you're a girl is CRAP What difference does that make SHE HAD ALREADY SAID NO It shouldn't have mattered There's but I'm done I'm so mad at this book it literally doesn't deserve the time I'm giving it

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Chaotic GoodEace and uiet away from the abuse Unfortunately the only comic shop in town her main destination for character reference is staffed by a dudebro owner who challenges every woman who comes into the shop At her twin brother's suggestion Cameron borrows a set of his clothes and uses her costuming expertise to waltz into the shop as Boy Cameron where she's shocked at how easily she's accepted into. Dear audience for whom this is intended cosplayers DD players comic book readers nerdy young adults and people who adore YA fiction LGBTA allies geek feminists people who are just now becoming concerned with gender norms and violence against women and people who do not conform to white American Christian values Go get this book immediately I think you will love itI do not love itI had it in my mind from looking at the cover and doing a uick skim of the dustjacket flap that this centered on identical twins one of whom is trans I thought she was getting harassed and had to battle concerns for safety vs the need to be true to herself And while that's kinda close to what happens it's not the actual storylineIn this tale Cameron cishet female and not an identical twin gets harassed online for posting a picture of her cosplay outfits without knowing anything about the Final Fantasy characters on whom they were based Readers find this out soon after meeting Cameron and watching her get harassed for being a girl in the only comic book store her new town has to offer She and her handmade pink doughnut print dress it's mentioned a few times so I figured it was a character in its own right storm out ashamed of not standing up for herself and vowing to never return to that den of morons But then she gets a commission for an X Men costume and she doesn't know the character and online searches won't show his back so she needs primary resources aka comic books to complete the outfit Back to the comic store for her But if she goes in looking like a girl she's going to be pointed to the offensive Girl Section and she'll be mocked and belittled and she’s already being abused enough online so she doesn’t really want to invite any further pointless criticism Butif she cosplays as a boyAnd that's how the story startsShe is not an identical twin who is trans she is a fraternal twin who is being picked on by geek boys so dons boy associated gear to pass as male It works and she likes having the privilege being a white male in the world gives her That would have made for a pretty good story exploring different levels of privilege and how that intersects with violence toward women and vulnerable groups plus the rise of MRAs incels and Nice Guys and of menfolk who are feminist only when it suits them It should have also explored the role other women play in this monstrosity due to territorialism and patriarchy but that’s not what happensOther topics addressed Cameron wants to apply to a design school so she has to create a portfolio in X amount of time because the submission is due next month which her mother keeps harping on her about Dealing with her cosplay friends who are also being cyberbullied online because of their roles in the You don't know your character fiasco Her gay twin brother's asshole ex boyfriend Making new friends in a small town Falling in love Learning to play DD And now I'm just going to throw spoilers out left and right so stop reading if you don't want to know all the ins and outs of this taleview spoilerWe'll start with the costume designer thingYou guys probably know hardcore creatives yes People who are driven to design and make things This girl she's all talk and no show when it comes to her passion While she does make things and they're supposedly really cool it's not the driving force she says it is Her mother has to badger her to get working on her portfolio but even after she comes up with costume ideas she's always busy doing other things She really only sews when she's upset and then she'll stay up all night at her sewing machine and things uickly get done She does spend a lot of time shopping at the fabric store so there's that I suppose She’s got these ideas of future fame in her head and she’s taking the first step by applying to a school for fashion design BUT as we find out later she never even bothered to read the directions for her submission She talks about how this is going to be her big break but all the reader sees is half assed effort on her part and while there are conseuences to her not wanting to put in the work they're minor felt only during her moment of pity partyingSo what was the point To show that if you have a goal but you don’t bother putting in all the work you won’t get where you say you want to go but it’s ok because life carries on and you’ll be fine Not a bad message actually If your dreams are too big for your motivation maybe learn to scale back and float along until something better comes by I don’t know I just know I didn't actually feel like this was Cameron's passion as much as it was her Get Out of My Life and Into Something Shinier planThen there’s Cameron's Big LieSo she's posing as a boy to get in and out of the comic book shop safely right And it works It works so well she gets invited to play DD sometimes written as DD but often written as D and D which you have to read in your mind as Dee and Dee instead of DND with the comic book bros She accepts because only one of the guys is an ass The other one seems really super friendly maybe new BFF material Plus the DM Lincoln aka Link no not Linc but LINK because why not nerd it up just a bit is hot like love at first sight hot She's IN Yes she hates the comic book store yes she’s posing as a male so as not to be harangued in the comic book store YES she hatesfears the guy who runs it but who cares Boys who want to be friends and a potential love interest trumps her personal feelings any dayBut wait they still need one person to run a game How 'bout her twin brother Cooper She calls him Snap and he calls her Snip which isn't that just adorbs No It's not but you’ll be forced to believe that it’s a natural thing they’ve got going between them Awww twinsSnap has a backstory He was bullied in middle school for being gay More recently he had a horrible breakup with his boyfriend Farrin that name is how you know the guy is a dramatic ex of evil before the family moved from Portland to Eugene Now Farrin is showing up to rub all his great successes in Cooper's face and also to get back with Cooper becausethat's what evil exes do I guess I don't know It's not really clear Anyway Farrin still has power over Cooper so twinbro's got headspace drama going 247And that's the reason Snip does not tell Snap that there are people telling her to die in the comments section of her blogOh right The blog She posted that cosplay picture of her and her friends dressed as Final Fantasy characters and now one of those friends isn't talking to her and the other friend is away on vacation with no cell service so Cameron really has no friends at all and she's lonely in this new town and Cooper can't give her the attention she wants because he's so messed up over his entire young life which is why she can't tell him that guys online are bullying her She NEEDS someone to talk toAnd I'm thinking to myself Why didn't she close the comments section of the blog Or at the very least turn off notifications Internet trolls are not her fault she can't do anything about them spraying their vitriol at her but she can not accept said vitriol She has the power to protect herselfBut she never did do that not at the beginning after the first hate threats came in not when it ramped up after her vacationing friend returned and tried to defend her and not after it got even worse when she tried to defend herself Like she owes these angry men her time Not only does she not close comments and tighten down her privacy settings she regularly checks to see how many horrible messages she gets every day And she doesn't tell anyone She doesn’t tell her parents I’m pretty sure they’d have responded If you are constantly checking to see how much bullying you have received please deactivate your social media accounts and we’re getting you some help You are engaging in unhealthy behavior and you are intentionally hurting yourself and you're going to start believing that all the cruel things you're reading Don't do that to yourself Get your stuff we’re going to see a therapist And then we're calling some division somewhere who is supposed to deal with this stuff and while that won't help we will still make a fuss because we care about your safetySo in addition to not telling her brother the person she's shared everything with forever and who apparently doesn't follow her blog or her parents that she's having a terrifying problem online she also won't stop walking into the terrifying problem But only when she's a girlWhen she's Boy Cameron she's brave and she doesn't check the messages and she plays DD with her new dudebro friends and she falls for the DM The really super nice guy is becoming her new BFF and he wants to hang out all the time and life is great Even the comic book store douchecanoe is not so bad when Cam's a manfolk Sure he trash talks girls who won’t date him but whatevs She’s busy being a boy who isn't being harassed online and it's awesomeThere's a point where she should have come clean to her friends because they are her friends and they would care that she feels she has to pretend she's someone she's not in order to feel safe She didn't of course Her reasons don't actually make sense She kind of hints that enjoying her newfound privilege is one reason she doesn't want to 'fess up and she also doesn't want her new friends to be mad at her for pretending to be a guy even though she full well knows only one will have an actual problem with it And she doesn't owe him jackshit so who cares The situation spirals out of control and things happen and there's drama and it is so unnecessary all of it I wanted to chuck the book out the window because none of this needed to happen and the reasons it did are so weak and unbelievableI want to touch on something that left a bad aftertaste1 When she falls in InstaLove with Link she never stops to understand that he sees her as a guy even though she knows that's her biggest obstacle in getting him to notice her as a love interest By the way there are only two genders in this story and they're presented in stereotypical fashion She just assumes that when things naturally progress to her revealing herself as a cool ladyperson he’ll return her feelings because he obviously liked her regardless of her sex andor gender She does worry he'll be mad and hate her because that's how girls think of course but she never considers that he might have to recalibrate his thoughts and feelings about her and it doesn't seem like she intends to give him the space to do so This isn't an issue of gender euality Link judges everyone on their merits not their gender but of her entitlement That’s not ok In fact she’s mirroring Brody’s behavior when he assumes women should date him because he wants them to He’s vile for his beliefs but she’s not HmmmThen when she finally does let Link know she's a girl and interested in him he’s all “I knew it Ha which suggests maybe he was beginning to uestion why he had these feelings for her and felt it had to be because she’s really a female But that leads to additional drama with the other kid the potential BFF Wyatt2 Wyatt aka Why ugh obviously has a crush on boy Cameron It’s clear in both the text and in the comic panel portions of the book yes there are random comic panels here and there throughout the story illustrating the DD adventure only Cameron doesn’t understand this Her inability to see how Wyatt feels toward her is either because she doesn’t know he’s gay at first so thinks he wouldn’t be interested in other guys only that logic doesn’t fly because those rules don’t apply to Link whom she fantasizes will be interested in her when she's done passing OR because she does know he’s gay but she’s not really a dude so obviously he’s not interested and he just wants to be friends because that’s what she wants Either way she’s playing Wyatt and there’s an insidious message in there somewhere that gay guys really are attracted to women on some level because here’s this gay guy who could have a crush on a cute gay dude but instead InstaLoves the girl who is pretending to be a guy WhatOf course everything comes crashing down around her but it all works out just fine in the last chapter Tee heeI hated it hide spoiler