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FREE PDF ´ BOOK The Walking Dead í ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Walking Dead, Vol. 26: Call to Arms By Robert Kirkman ✩ – After being betrayed by members of his own community Rick Grimes charts a new course and marshals his forces against the WhisperersCollects THE WALKING DEAD #151 156 Dead, Vol. KindGainst the WhisperersCollects THE WALKING DEAD #151 156 Starts slow but ends with one of those twists that makes me think it might be time to start buying the individual issues so I can get my fix freuently

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Ck Grimes charts a new course and marshals his forces a First Read March 16th 2017 Re read February 8th 2020 now this was one of the most shocking and best endings the series has had in ages i was honestly not expecting negan to do that at all I still feel this issue was just a filler one but it did also move the story along but not a much really did happen in this issue Rick and the communities are gearing up to get ready for war against the whisperers which always seems to happen in these comics we had the war with the saviours then nothing much happened now were on our second war against the whisperers I feel that Robert needs to do something then just send the communities all to war and maybe that might change when future issues are released Brandon and Rick have a bit of a fight inside Alexandria after brandon attacks rick for getting both of his parents killed Brandon then does the unthinkable and breaks negan out of the cell he is in and takes him to the whisperers where Negan himself kills Brandon Negan then pushes on to go meet the whisperers group I always have loved Negan's dialogue in the comics because its funny and witty when he interacts with other characters I will be interested to see if Robert ever kills Negan off in the comic series because that would be very fun to see I have to give a shout out to Charlie Adlard Stefang Gaudiano and Cliff Rathburn for all the hard work they do in creating the amazing drawings for this series they always seem to top themselves and improve themselves with each issue that's released The ending is what i was not expecting i cannot believe Negan had the guts to kill Alpha but he did it in a way that he made her open herself up and let her guard down is what got her ultimately killed which Negan is good at doing to people

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The Walking Dead Vol 26 Call to ArmsAfter being betrayed by members of his own community Ri That endingMy world feels all topsy turvy now Ok I will try to tag all of the major spoilers but as always if you don't want to know anything about the plot then stop reading nowTWD isn't exactly known for its breakneck speed in storytelling and this volume is no exception In between the Ooooooh moments there's the everyday stuff that doesn't seem all that interesting Maggie missing her kid Carl settling in to Hilltop and feeling content etc Nothing big but I think things like that make the gotcha moments even betterOk 3 big things happen in this one and the first has to do with Eugeneview spoiler Somebody finally answers him on that radio hide spoiler