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Book ´ The Darkness That Comes Before É 608 pages ½ [Download] ➻ The Darkness That Comes Before By R. Scott Bakker – The first book in R Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing series creates a world from whole cloth its language and classes of people its cities religions mysteries taboos andThe first book in R Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing series creates a world from whole cloth its language and classes of people its cities religions mysteries taboos and rituals It's a world scarred by an apocalyptic pa 455 “The thoughts of all men arise from the darkness If you are the movement of your soul and the cause of that movement precedes you then how could you ever call your thoughts your own? How could you be anything other than a slave to the darkness that comes before?” Jason Deem's re imagery of the series covers Which I prefer to the original covers which is half a face in a circleThis novel is one of those novels that are basically impossible to review So excuse the word vomit Like a Malazan book this series goes in its own category of badassery and uniueness It can’t be compared to just your standard fantasy due to the complexity and HUGE plot and backstory This whole entire world is new uniue and fascinating and you will not find another story like it this is the reason why I’m literally urging every grimdark fan to go read this now Seriously you will thank me later ”Some events marks us so deeply that they find force of presence in their aftermath than in their occurrence They are moments that rankle at becoming past and so remain contemporaries of our beating hearts” The Darkness That Comes Before is Richard Scott Bakkers debut novel It was published in 2004 so obviously I am 13 years late to the fandom; I was 12 years old when this book was first published so I’m kind of glad I didn’t read it then However it’s never too late to become a mega fan of something so wonderful right? Anyway I have had this series on my radar for over a year now but was abit nervous to start it due to the things I’ve heard from a few friends say in regards to how complex the system used in the story is Bakker has basically created a whole entire vivid world he has made his own special uniue magic system characters names and religions There is a lot of descriptions cough BORING and half the book is actually just info dump The story dives a lot into the religion Bakker has created so I can understand why a lot of people find this book confusing and boring which brings me to my next point I see a lot of DNF did not finish reviews for The Darkness That Comes Before stating that it was “boring” and “too slow” I totally get these points the start was freaking boring and so slow I thought I was going to turn 90 before it got exciting however it did get extremely interesting and I’m so glad I continued on with the story I actually think I loved it by the end The thing that annoys most people is the story starts in the middle of the story with no background information given so you’re basically thrown in the deep end and its either sink or swim I personally found it super confusing and had to read some pages three times and it still didn’t make sense but yeah cool shit happened so I stayed interested until the end I was actually fascinated and couldn’t stop reading which doesn’t happen often I actually just really enjoyed reading it it did have a few issues which I will talk about later and those issues did prevent me from giving this novel a full five stars However there were so many new and wonderful ideas presented in this novel and I absolutely love new stuff Drusas Achamian fanart by uinthane “Faith is the truth of passion Since no passion is true than another faith is the truth of nothing” The Darkness That Comes Before is Bakkers first novel in a three part series the books are about an unfolding religious war which brings the world to the brink of an impending apocalypse The story is told from multiple POVs from a cast of characters who are all on different sides of the war The thing that made me love the story the most is the fact that all the characters are grey No one is good and mostly everyone is an evil arsehole what could you ask for? Oh and the fact that the magic system is basically the COOLEST FREAKING MAGIC SYSTEM EVER however it is so complex hard to explain and weird it is basically based on abstractions – powerful sorcerers can create lines and curves out of energy weak sorcerers must rely on meagre resources like conjuring a dragons head to create flame and burn down a whole entire army Cnauir fanart by uinthaneWell anyway I’m struggling to explain this story and write my own mini blurb so here’s the actual blurb; A score of centuries has passed since the First Apocalypse The No God has been vanuished and the thoughts of men have turned inevitably to worldly concernsDrusas Achamian tormented by 2000 year old nightmares is a sorcerer and a spy constantly seeking news of an ancient enemy that few believe still exists Ikurei Conphas nephew to the Nansur Emperor is the Exalt General of the Imperial Army and a military genius He plots to conuer the known world for his Emperor and dreams of the throne for himself Maithanet mysterious and charismatic is spiritual leader of the Thousand Temples He seeks a Holy War to cleanse the land of the infidel Cnaiur Chieftain of the Utemot is a Scylvendi barbarian Rejected by his people he seeks vengeance against the former slave who slew his father and disgraced him in the eyes of his tribe Into this world steps Anasurimbor Kellhus the product of two thousand years of breeding and a lifetime of training in the ways of thought limb and face Steering souls through the subtleties of word and expression he slowly binds all man and woman emperor and slave to his own mysterious ends But the fate of men even great men means little when the world itself may soon be torn asunder Behind the politics beneath the imperialist expansion amongst the religious fervour a dark and ancient evil is reawakening After two thousand years the No God is returning The Second Apocalypse is nigh And one cannot raise walls against what has been forgottenThis novel is basically a huge Prelude for the other books in the series so if you do decide to read it please remember to be patient and keep on reading because you are truly in for a treatBUT in saying that there was a few things that I didn’t like about this book firstly I’m going to talk about the pacing yes I have crapped on about how good this novel is and how patient you must be blah blah but honestly the pacing is freaking terrible I was so bored and confused for majority of the book everything is all over the place and I guarantee you will not have a clue what is going on until the end even then I’ll bet you’ll still be mildly confused Secondly a lot of effort has been put into the world building and the charactization is truly amazing same of the best I’ve ever seen but I just can’t get past how SHOCKINGLY SHIT the names of the characters are I could not pronounce most of the names so ended up calling the characters nicknames Thirdly when going into this novel I heard it came across as extremely sexiest I wanted to call bullshit but half way through I got sick of every male character stating how women were “weak” or teasing someone and comparing their weakness to a women I also didn’t appreciate the fact that every man in this book EXCEPT ONE thought all women were whores Yeah DA FU You think women are weak? Fight me and I’ll kick your arse mother fucker jokes but seriously I’m not a feminist but I got sick of hearing this bullshit YES I understand these views are not the authors and are the arsehole characters he has created and YES I understand it is a cruel harsh world however sometimes you get sick of reading that bullshit So yes if you are a feminist and easily offended by these themes you should definitely steer clear of this series It stinks of masculinity Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that the only two female characters were a whore and a concubine and both were weak as Lastly I feel like he just wrote violent scenes for the sake of being violent and I feel like he was just sitting at his writing desk and got bored and thought “hey I’m going to just add a torture scene here for fun and shock value” I love violence and I'm actually complaining that this was a tad too violentOne thing I absolutely adored was Kell insert hearteyes and all the praise in the entire universe he is an enigmatic beautiful MONK devoid of emotion and driven by purpose and stubbornness He exploits and kills everyone who gets in his way master of manipulation and full time badass What is Kells true purpose? Who knows is he evil or will he be a hero? secretly hope he is a villain and will conjure himself into a real person and marry hers truly I’m certainly excited to find out everything about him Such an intriguing character and a perfect example of grey Kellhus fanart by uinthane “The world has long ceased to be the author of your anguish” So all in all a satisfying read Bakker has a uniue way of writing and I recently found out he is also a philosopher which totally shows through his writing Some of his dialogue is dense and definitely hard to digest especially for a simpleton like me I had googled open the entire time while reading and also found some of his sentences forced There is a shit ton of sex scenes and they are extremely graphic just like the violence so if your made of rainbows stay away this novel will literally rain on your parade and crush your optimistic view on life But in all honestly it did produce some of my favourite book battles ever yeah I just went there and it was full of politics and court intrigueRecommended to fans of GRRM A Song of Fire and Ice Series and also fans of Steve Eriksons Malazan SeriesPs I haven’t stopped thinking about this book for a whole entire monthPss Literally can't wait to keep reading this series because it's mind blowing good You can find this review and my other reviews at Booksprens

Book ô The Darkness That Comes Before É R. Scott Bakker

Part warrior part philosopher part sorcerous charismatic presence from lands long thought dead The Darkness That Comes Before is a history of this great holy war and like all histories the survivors write its conclusion This is my second read of Bakker's compelling dark fantasy The Darkness That Comes Before My first read was around the original publication date I recall this being one of the best dark fantasy books I'd read to that point I remember thinking the writing was engaging the plot was interesting the world building was fantastic and that the characters were memorable The only flaws I had identified was that the sheer complex nature of the world and characters meant that it took me about 100 pages or so to get to grips with the world and the characters I thought this was a sure 5 star read and one of the best dark fantasy books I'd ever read So how did this hold up than a decade later with the added experience of having read a ton of other dark fantasy stories in the wake of the boom of the grimdark fantasy subgenre? It held up really well This still ranks as one of my all time favourite dark fantasy books I still find Bakker's writing to be very engaging and I still feel like the depth to the world building and plot are excellent Bakker's characters might be tough to like but I was always sucked into their various story arcs This second time around I felt like the story was a bit easier to get into in the early stagesThis is complicated multi POV fantasy set in the brutal world of Eärwa For the first time in a long time The Thousand Temples is unified behind a powerful and mysterious new leader That leader is threatening to call the faithful to arms for a Holy War The Inrithi nations are a fractured bunch and used to suabbling amongst themselves to secure their own share of power than anything else but the leaders of various nations all see a chance for glory and gain in the Holy War Agents across the Inrithi nations and from multiple other various factions in Eärwa scramble to learn whether the Holy War's target will be the unclean sorcerers of the various lands or if it will be the powerful heathen nation of Kian To complicate matters even further it seems agents of the long forgotten No God might also be taking an interest in the happenings The story was complex and compelling and packed with action and intrigue as the various factions all sought to seize the Holy War and turn it to their own profit The other big win for this book was the characters None of them were particularly likeable but all of them were interesting and had fascinating stories Kellhus was one of the memorable and uniue characters I've come across in all my years of reading The Dûnyain monk's ability to twist any situation to his advantage was as horrifying as it was compelling This was a dark story No surprise given that a lot of the main characters were pretty awful people and that the story and world was reminiscent of the Crusades in the medieval period Only with a bunch of fun magic and supernatural creatures thrown in to complicate matters and make them even exciting That said I did not feel like this was over the top grim as I feel is an issue with a lot of modern grimdark stories and that Bakker managed to mitigate a lot of the real horrors of his brutal world by not revelling in that brutality and horror A lot of it got described in a distant way that made it palatable for the reader This rates up there with Gardens of the Moon and Game of Thrones for me All in all I loved this one and it remains one of the best dark fantasy stories I've read Rating 5 starsAudio Note I felt like David DeVries did a good job with the audios His character voices were decent and he seemed to handle the voice acting as well

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The Darkness That Comes BeforeSt evoking a time both two thousand years past and two thousand years into the future as untold thousands gather for a crusade Among them two men and two women are ensnared by a mysterious traveler Anasûrimbor Kellhus This is a fantasy tale of epic proportions it starts with events taken place 2000 years ago and continues all the way to present As the events of the past were described in 2 pages and the rest 600 pages took place now I will ignore the former We are talking about lands with multitude of people with different languages cultures religions etc A long time ago practically everybody was obliterated by so called First Apocalypse or great war to put it in simple terms These days a charismatic leader appeared from nowhere and decided it would be a good idea to get things moving by declaring a Holy War Everybody and their brother realized it would be fun to have one so the world kept its breath waiting for the Big Boss to say against whom the war will be Finally a victim was chosen and the preparations began Obviously every single ruler of the every single nation began looking for their own advantages thus intrigues were plenty Add to this a mysterious all powerful guy I always envisioned him as Yoda on steroidswhose purpose was unclear even to himself a barbarian who made Conan look like a kindergarten bully a sorcerer spy looking for an ancient enemy everybody forgot about the only guy smart enough to ask himself whether The Holy War would be The Second Apocalypse a couple of broken prostitutes and you have The Darkness That Comes BeforeI finished the book all 600 pages of it This means it is not completely hopeless I was not exactly bored but there was not a single moment that made me even mildly excited Reading it reminded me of eating oats it is nutritious filling will not let you starve but it is completely bland killing all the joys coming from the process of having a meal Come to think of this I know people that like oats; I suspect they are also closeted hardcore masochists This lack of excitement completely killed the series for me Everything else that a great fantasy work needs is present world building interesting characters males only; I could not find any remotely interesting non broken or non pervert female Big Bad Guys intriguing magic system epic ness etc In one of me earlier reviews I mentioned that 3 stars sometimes mean Nice but I am not reading the next book and also I am mildly curious what comes next Please note that I shamelessly copypasted myself here In any way this time it is the former case I found enough motivation to finish the book but I cannot find any motivation whatsoever to continue with the series