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Like a Velvet Glove collects all 10 chapters of the serialized story Eightball As Clay Loudermilk attempts to unravel the mysteries behind a snuff film he finds himself involved with an increasingly bizarre cast of characters including a pair of sadistic cops who carve a strange symbol into the he This book didn’t mean anything Books that don’t mean anything have no right to exist To exist is to possess meaning Meaning cannot exist without existence Existence is what gives meaning its meaning and its existence This book is meaningless therefore nothing exists especially not this book An Interesting ProductionA man undertakes a particularly futile meaningless endeavor to discover the origins of a fetish film He encounters many eccentric meaningless characters with ponderous meaningless theories about existence and what everything means and stuff Lots of other crazy shit happensLocation Location EvocationHave you been here before? Have you made love on the shore of that small island? Have you seen that I swear to god that exact boulder in your dream? Have you been served by an egg laying pseudopodinous potato lady in that diner? Have any meaningless events ever lead you somewhere you know you had been before? Have you ever recognized something you have never seen before? Have you ever seen something or someone somewhere and said to yourself ”I shouldn’t be here right now”?Analytical MeaninglessnessWe are pattern seeking creatures with aggravating limitations on understanding It infuriates us when we experience something we can’t uite piece together especially when there seem to be hints that suggest some sort of cohesiveness is there to be discovered It makes us feel like thisEverything has to mean something; it just has to If it can’t be figured out accompanying it is sheer madness and chaos If even one thing such as this graphic novel or a David Lynch film or a devastating tornado can’t have any meaning ascribed to it existence itself as we ‘understand’ wink wink it is in jeopardy Perhaps this book is precisely the anti revelation we needPersonal thoughts that won’t mean anything to anyone including myself As a Midwesterner the idea of a Paul Bunyan Funeral Home threatens of a strange cathartic dread as inexplicable as the idea of a Paul Bunyan Funeral Home I wonder if the Coen Brothers wish they had thought of that Presumably incidental Clowes may have thought some kid with fond childhood memories of eating breakfast at a certain restaurant in the Wisconsin Dells who has been obsessed with death and mortality since his aforementioned childhood would read this work and innocuously meaninglessly ruminate over these elements What do you suppose the chances are that radical feminists will form some kind of—nah—nah forget it Harum Scarum—like Helter Skelter—murder—cults—maybe? What does it mean damn it?Wrapping UpAn unwillingness to continue on in such obnoxious tediumDo people know what they mean when they say ‘there was an incident’? If something can be defined in two different ways with opposite meanings such as ‘an individual or isolated event or occurrence’ and ‘something appertaining or attaching to something else’ then describing or explaining anything meaningless or otherwise is just as meaningless as that which we are attempting to describe or explain You’re still with me right? The takeaway is everything or nothing at bottom or from up topPS Somewhere in the mesial guts of my review I discovered Fargo was playing on the television machine I’m going to watch it This is absolutely true Try and tell me that doesn’t mean anything

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Like a Velvet Glove Cast in IronCharismatic Manson like cult leader who plans to kidnap a famous advice columnist and many This edition has a brand new cover new title and end pages plus Clowes being the perfectionist that he is there are tweaked and re drawn panels that really make this a transcendent piece of storytelling ar If Dan Clowes died after producing this warped masterpiece he would have gone down in history as some demented prophet Like A Velvet Glove was produced mostly around 1990 1991 when companies like Something Weird Video were unearthing every disturbing B movie ever created and that's the vibe this book recalls A man watches a snuff film written by a pipe smoking midget named Precious In pursuit to find out about the movie he runs afoul of a Manson type murder cult and a map hidden inside a dog leading to the whereabouts of a man named Mr One Thousand who will reveal all about Mr Jones a loveable cartoon mascot from the 1930's Most of the action is presented in such a disturbing manner that you feel like you got in on the hot line to somebody's worst nightmare While some parts play weird for weirdnesses sake I'm pretty sure something in here will strike a nerve that hasn't been struck just yet


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kindle ✓ Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron Ó Paperback read â daniel clowes ´ [Download] ➹ Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron ➾ Daniel Clowes – Like a Velvet Glove collects all 10 chapters of the serialized story Eightball As Clay LoudermilkEl of Clay's foot; a horny over the hill suburban woman whose sexual encounter with a mysterious water creature produced a grotesuely misshapen but no less horny mutant daughter; a dog with no orifices whatsoever it has to be fed by injection; two ominous victims of extremely bad hair implants; a this made my head feel fizzy and it is one of my favorite titles ever tied with 'if it werent for venetian blinds itd be curtains for us all'