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The Greek Tycoon's Mistress free read Æ 106 ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✪ The Greek Tycoon's Mistress Author Julia James – Theo Atrides seorang pria yang kaya raya berkuasa dan sukses Meski begitu Leandra sama sekali tidak berniat untuk takluk padanya Sialnya Leandra yang diculik dan dibawa ke pulau terpenciTheo Atrides seorang pria yang kaya raya berkuasa dan sukses Meski begitu Leandra sama sekali tidak berniat untuk takluk padanya Sialnya Leandra yang diculik dan dibawa ke pulau terpencil di Laut Aegea terpaksa menghabiskan waktu bersama pria itu Sikap Leandra yang dingin t. Oh yeah I read this one a while back and wrote a scathing review which is now gone Thank you very much Goodreads I've had this happen a handful of times and thought I might have been confused But not this time This one was too memorable to forgetHero was cringeworthy Especially after the things he said to her when he thought she might be pregnant with his childI was so scarred I never read another HP by Julia James Not my cuppa

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Arta dan status sosial Ia pun mengusir wanita ituHanya saja Theo tak mampu melupakan Leandra Apalagi ketika mendapati Leandra ternyata bukan wanita seperti yang semula ia tuduh dengan keji Theo menyadari wanita itu takkan mau memaafkannya dan harus merelakan cintanya kandas. 4 Stars Leandra is very loyal to her friends When her friends Chris and Demos ask her to pose as Demos' lover to discourage his family from pressuring him into an arranged marriage she agrees All she's to do is live in Demos' apartment and pretend to be a air head mistress for the duration of Demos' cousins visit in England One look at Leandra all dolled up in a revealing gown diamonds on loan from Demos and layers of makeup and Theos figures he knows her tune He's certain that Demos would never marry this woman but he can certainly see her charms and that Demos would be in no hurry to part ways with her And Leandra plays her part well clinging to Demos and making her affections most obvious Their ailing Greek grandfather Milo is anxious for an heir to the family name and he knows that Theos has vowed never to marry so his hopes are on Demos and a beautiful Greek girl waiting patiently for him Not happy to wait for Theos to deal with Leandra Milo has her kidnapped and left on Theos' private island where Milo leaves it up to Theos to pay her off Theos is furious with his grandfather and realizes how atrocious this treatment of Leandra is even if she is a money grabbing tart When Leandra refuses to be bought off Theos decides to seduce her away from his cousin He's confused by the air head he believed her to be and the intelligent and passionate woman uickly becomesAwesome This is Ms James debut and what a wonderful story Theos allows bitterness from his past to cloud his judgement and he finds it hard to believe Leandra is as she appears a woman of great integrity and loyalty Leandra is a strong heroine who stands up to Theos much to his surprise Her loyalty to Demos in keeping up the pretense keeps their relationship based on lies This is an intensely passionate and powerfully emotional story Ms James writes a very satisfying scene at the end of the book that makes us cheer heartily for Leandra and feel deep satisfaction Well done

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The Greek Tycoon's MistressErhadapnya membuat Theo penasaran dan berusaha keras menaklukkan gadis itu dengan cara apa punKetika The Greek PDFEPUBpada akhirnya Leandra menyerah Theo malah mendapati bahwa semua ini ternyata sandiwara belaka Leandra hanyalah wanita tamak yang berusaha menjebaknya demi h. 25 starsInteresting reading a plot that was really popular a decade or so back that of the H's gay relative using h to hide his sexuality I liked all the characters except for the H he seemed to be extra stubborn about changing his perception of h's character as JJ's H's can usually be what really bugged me the outright criminal behavior of the H's grandfather I know this is fiction but I couldn't help imagining about the many women who actually face this situation; being drugged and kidnapped again I know it's fiction but this is something I couldn't seem to ignore maybe that is why I have taken off 05 stars