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One Hundred Spaghetti Strings characters ✓ 7 ä [PDF / Epub] ☉ One Hundred Spaghetti Strings ❤ Jen Nails – When life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons she makespasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart fullSince Steffy was little sheEnts that don’t uite work together Can the recipes put her and her family back together againStart with cup of authentic voice add a tablespoon of coming of age and teaspoons of delicious culinary concoctions mix together and serve up to fans of Rebecca Stead and Sarah Weeks. This book is a very simple read and heartwarming based on the storyline What caught my attention is the essence of this book revolved around a recipe book I like the creativity of the writer who painted the strong connection the character felt for her mother through the recipe book handed down from mother to daughter Reading by the effects of the accident that impacted the mother that incident would have shaken the family completely leading the father to be away from the family for a while The heartwarming sense is seen in the two girls and the aunt who never gave up on the mother for her recovery And that hope is brewed stronger with the daughter's discovery of the mother's recipes which she embraced and perfected thanks to her passion for cooking In a nutshell it's heartwarming to read how the recipe book strengthened the bond between a mother who lost a lot to her daughter A simple book with a simple lesson in life; when there is love in the journey of looking for hope love will conuer the journey and heal all

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When life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons she makespasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart fullSince Steffy was little One Hundred PDF she and her older sister Nina have lived with their Auntie Gina But when thei. I didn’t really like this book because of the pacing but it does have some very real scenarios portrayed although what target audience was this for and the food described is accurate but the characters themselves didn’t seem all too there for me Steffy is a normal girl but her food makes her special and it tries to link it together but the way it is written gets a little lost from time to time

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One Hundred Spaghetti StringsR dad comes home to live with them everything changesWhen Steffy feels like there are pieces of her all over the place she does what she does best she cooks her way through the hardest year of her life But sometimes her life feels like a kitchen sink meal with too many ingredi. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineSteffy and her sister Nina have been living with their aunt Gina Their mother was in an accident and is in a nursing home because she has suffered a traumatic brain injury and have to be reminded of who they are each time they visit Their father has been unable to deal with the situation and has been living far away but he is finally coming home It's not easy for the girls to readjust to living with him and they miss their aunt who is engaged to be married Steffy copes by cooking a lot and eventually gets accepted into a cooking competition Chefs of Tomorrow It gives her something to look forward to which is especially good as her family situation starts to fall apartStrengths It was good to see that even though their home situation was precarious the girls had a support system in their aunt and school It was interesting that they went to see their mother but their father was unable to This kept me turning the pages Steffy was a very sympathetic character and her interest in cooking kept this from getting too bogged down in sadnessWeaknesses Very slow moving and there is a completely unnecessary character deathWhat I really think The combination of super sad and cooking might just work for some of my readers Wasn't my batch of lemon bars though