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The Lunar Cats Book ò 304 pages Download è Dogsalonbristol ì ❰Download❯ ➶ The Lunar Cats Author Lynne Truss – By the bestselling author of Eats Shoots Leaves and Cat Out of Hell a nail biting tale of good versus evil involving one man his dog and a group of 18th Ing in graveyards?Do you inuire into long ago cats who voyaged around the world with Captain Cook?Well yes If you are Alec Charlesworth that is precisely what you do with unexpected and terrifying conseuence This is the first book I've read in a day in a while and I am very glad of itIt's uickly paced incredibly easy to read creepy in spots sad does an incredible job of juggling multiple timelines and is simply frankly funny in some very odd spots And it's so correctly written that I can actually feel myself destressing as I read it

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By the bestselling author of Eats Shoots Leaves and Cat Out of Hell a nail biting tale of good versus evil involving one man his dog and a group of 18th century amateur scientific pioneers who just happen to Lynne Truss I implore you never stop writing books about evil talking cats Or ETCs to use the acronym preferred by retired librarian Alec Charlesworth and would be actor Will 'Wiggy' Caton PinesSome time after the events of Cat Out of Hell Alec receives a rather odd research reuest from one 'Thigmo Taxis' he is engaged to find out whether there is 'any evidence connecting Dr Johnson's famous cat Hodge with the first Tahiti expedition of Captain Cook' But by Alec's own admission this is not exactly or not necessarily where the story begins There are also reports of 'abominations' occurring in a churchyard in Bromley; something he refers to as 'the fracas' which happens in a local branch of Poundland; and the appearance of an utterly adorable and also possibly demonic kitten named Tetty The story that follows delves into the past of the ETCs who are much less evil this time with one notable exception via the secret history of the London Lunar Society and the nautical exploits of a certain Mr Timkins Wiggy makes a reappearance as does his awful screenwriting and Alec's dry incredulous terribly British narration is a constant delight In case the rating doesn't indicate this strongly enough The Lunar Cats is an ABSOLUTE JOY It's possibly even funnier and charming than its predecessor – I wonder if that's because Cat Out of Hell was published as part of the Hammer imprint which may not be extant any I'm not sure and was therefore reuired to contain horror scenes while this one has freedom to be primarily humour led On the other hand it does include an application form for a One to One Meeting with Beelzebub If the idea of a hilarious wonderfully ridiculous adventure involving genius talking cats doesn't immediately appeal to you I am probably not going to be able to stoke your interest in this If it does then read it as soon as you can The Lunar Cats made me laugh lifted my spirits and genuinely made my weekend betterNB you don't need to have read Cat Out of Hell to enjoy this While its events are referenced a few times everything's explained for those who haven't come across it or like me read it but have a terrible memory But if this interests you you should totally read it anyway because it's fantasticTinyLetter | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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The Lunar CatsBe catsWhen you are an inoffensive retired librarian with bitter personal experience of Evil Talking Cats do you rescue a kitten from the cold on a December night?Do you follow up news items about cats digg For my full review a brilliant and bizarre imagination Lynne Truss has the world was first introduced to her Evil Talking Cats back in 2014 with Cat Out Of Hell and to my delight and surprise she has returned two years later with The Lunar Cats with some very promising signs of a franchise in the brewing This is that rare kind of book that you never knew you wanted but once you've read it you don't know what you did without it I have listened to the Radio 4 adaptation of Cat Out Of Hell repeatedly and have various tracts of the dialogue verbatim I had never expected a seuel and am so glad that when one did arrive it did not disappointOne can imagine that the narrator kindly retired librarian Alec Charlesworth might be hoping for a uiet life since his last adventure with the ETCs his dim witted ally Wiggy prefers that they use the acronym but if he was then he was out of luck He and Wiggy have lived on tenterhooks regularly checking in that the other is alive each the only one who has any awareness or indeed reason to believe in the ghastly events which saw off the Captain and Roger at the end of the last book But then a series of events begin to unfurl Alec is attacked in Poundland by a woman who smells of stew and an incredibly adorable kitten arrives on his doorstep melting his heart with her cuteness Suspicious? Oh yesTruss is very much building on the foundations of the already established 'lore' around the ETCs that after a cat has managed to die and survive nine times they are reborn that there are Cat Masters that Beelzebub is their line manager etc etc The Lunar Cats is probably best enjoyed having already familiarised oneself with the wider story Roger does explain it best even if he is a tad long winded and Alec does tend to skip to the main points This is a seuel rather than a stand alone story and I do hope that the surprise reappearance of a Certain Someone gets explained in full later on down the line obviously I was overjoyed but not so much as to ignore a possible plot holeThe Lunar Cats does also wear its historical context rather heavier than Cat Out Of Hell Alec has to look into the 1773 voyage of HMS Endeavour and in particular the account given of it by John Hawkesworth one time friend of Dr Johnson and rising celebrity of his day Hawkesworth was not present on the voyage but public reception of his version of it was so appallingly negative that Hawkesworth died within months Over time it becomes clear that this is connected to the titular Lunar Cats Society a non evil band of talking cats who have decided to use their longevity and genius to puzzle out the mysteries of the universe and have been meeting for centuries to discuss their findings Alec shares a typical agenda which covers the chemical content of a furball the role of yowling in music and fatally Mr Timkins' decision to board HMS Endeavour on Hawkesworth's recommendation in order to prove his theorised solution to the 'longitude problem'I am ambivalent about attempts to tie in the ETCs to 'real' history this is not a series for people who have difficulties in suspending disbelief Between the journals written by cats emails agenda and minuted meetings admittedly the screenplays come courtesy of Wiggy but all the same it's all uite gloriously silly From the bibliography etc I can see that Truss had done the legwork in looking into Hawkesworth and HMS Endeavour but in all honesty I would have enjoyed it just as much as if she hadn't bothered There is a giddy feel to most of the novel it's very high spirited and a joy to read it even feels like it just may have been a joy to write As well as poking fun at the horror genre though it does feel that Truss is having an affectionate dig at the lengths people go to for their pets and yes particularly their cats Apparently innocently Truss notes the parallels between one ETC's control of its 'owner' and gas lighting with the cat's stereotypical haughtiness and withheld affection being akin to psychological warfare And then poor Watson the token dog he spends so much of the novel as a supine victim but he does step in at key junctures to save the day because deep down Truss is a dog lover at heartThis is one of those rare books that it is almost impossible to explain I can hear myself explaining So there are these evil talking cats and they're immortal and they're geniuses and they have powers no wait it's good honest While Cat Out Of Hell was a general send up of cheesy Hammer Horror The Lunar Cats feels like Truss is putting out the feelers to see if there is an appetite for what adventures might next befall Alex and company What other historical events could they be mixed up in? Which other deadly Cat Masters are waiting in the wings? Will Beelzebub ever manage to get everyone back in line? One of the bonkers reads that you'll ever come across my only advice is this don't read it on public transport Uncontrollable laughter So many strange looks So many