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Download The Great Indian Novel eBook ë 423 pages é ❮Read❯ ➶ The Great Indian Novel ➺ Author Shashi Tharoor – In this widely acclaimed novel Shashi Tharoor has masterfully recast the two thousand year old epic The Mahabharata with fictionalized but highly recognizable eventsM twentieth century Indian politics Blending history and myth to chronicle the Indian struggle for freedom and independence Tharoor directs his hilarious and often outrageous satire as I'd actually give this book 45 stars or 9 out of 10 I only give 5's to books I'm certain I will want to read again While this is an excellent read it does reuire an investment of time so I probably won't be able to revisit itAnyway it sat on my TBR shelf for nearly 20 years and I am so glad I held on to itThis story is based on the Mahabaratha a classic epic of Indian mythology and is uite a journey Intense heartbreaking beautiful hilarious Just like India herself It encompasses the entire history of modern India since the struggle for independence In the midst of all the tragedy and violence the author has a knack for silly puns and a bit of parody one of my gigglers the city of Lahore is changed to Laslut Google it if you don't get the joke Oh and there's the bit where our picaresue narrator intones Rule Brittania Brittania waive the rulesThis book is listed as one of the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die and I attest that it deserves its place there Sadly few of my acuaintances seem to know of it and that's odd since I teach English for a living It is definitely a journey I recommend I will most likely be looking up some non fiction resources on South Asian history since this truly has me intrigued Please check out the Wikipedia summary as it gives concise details of the mythology the story is based on and how the events and characters are related to ithttpenwikipediaorgwikiTheGrea

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Much against Indian foibles and failings as against the bumblings of the British rulers Despite its regional setting this work can be enjoyed by readers unfamiliar with Indian history It's never that easy to be a kingAnd rule a populace;For popularity's a fickle thing Which might easily gobble usA king must always make it clearThat in his realm he's boss;Nobody else though near and dearMay inflict on him a lossA king must always show his mightEven 'gainst kith and kin;It doesn't matter if he's rightBut he must be seen to winThere's not much point in being strongIf no one sees your strength;A tiger shows power all alongHis striped and muscular lengthAny weakness must be concealedAs a tortoise hides his head;A king must never be revealeduaking under his bedStealth and discretion are the meansTo employ in making plans;A clever king though never leansIn trust on another man'sPretend Conceal Find out MistrustThese are the vital things;Maintain a cheerful outer crustBut permit no rival kingsKeep your intentions to yourselfDon't reveal them on your face;Purchase silence with your pelfAnd pack a knifein caseGive orders only when you're sureOf their effective execution;Make certain you are seen as pure Innocent of persecutionEradicate the slightest threatDon't forget the thinnest thornEmbedded in your flesh might yetFester; and this I warnA small spark can start a forest fire No enemy's too minor Before the danger gets too direDon't make the fine points finerThere never is a genuine needTo issue an ultimatum;Before a rival does the deed Simply eliminate himDo it sharp and do it uickBut never let him catch onTo be safe keep a big stout stickAnd always sleep with the latch onDissimulate When angry smile;Speak soft; then strike to kill;Then weep oh never show your bile And mourn your victim stillAmass all the wealth you can;Cash jewels humans too;Resources are needed for every planAnd any means will doRemember it's said a crooked stickServes just as well as a straight oneWhen it's fruit from a tree you wish to pickAn early plum or a later oneSo employ your own crooked menTo gather information;From the market and the gambling denLet them take the pulse of the nationRegarding enemies I only wish You'd learn from the fisherman's book;He traps and slits and strips his fishAnd burns what he dosent cookThat's the only way to treat all thoseWho pose a threat to you;They may genuflect and touch your toes But don't let them get youThis of the future; it's time to startTo anticipate the threat;If you don't grow callouses on your heartYou might just bleed to death Arthashastra


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The Great Indian NovelIn this widely acclaimed novel Shashi Tharoor has masterfully recast the two thousand year old epic The Mahabharata with fictionalized but highly recognizable events and characters fro Shashi Tharoor? How on earth can one read Shashi Tharoor? asked Pongalswamy scornfully Why? What is wrong in reading Shashi Tharoor? I retortedOh That womanizer Gandhi bhakt Congress chamacha corrupt murderer What does he know about the world?From this book looks like a great deal Anyway those charges are biased personal opinions And even if those were true how does it matter in enjoying a book?Anyway what is the idiotic looking narcissistic book about?Well this book sort of marries The Mahabharata probably the greatest book ever written and Indian polity during the pre and post independence The resultant is as expected an Indian marriage ceremony Grand Dazzling Filled with lots of laughter Little sense of nostalgia But pointless Nevertheless the writing is brilliant Informed Ornamental Intelligent Humorous But the parallels forced Not all Some are really interesting But it is not easy to mix two complex narratives It was an audacious attempt By the way who do you think would be Dhritarashtra and Pandu in this book?Your description doesn't motivate me to read the book And what could that stupid Congii would have written? Must have painted Nehru and Gandhi to be the heroes Didn't he?Well He drew the parallel between Dhritarashtra and Nehru Indira Gandhi was Duryodhan Karna was Jinnah And surprise surprise Subash Bose was Pandu Janta Party was the Pandavas with Jayaprakash Naryan as DronaWhat hypocritic opportunist Tharoor is Must have written this during the emergency period Pongalswamy exclaimedI didn't see any further point to continue the discussion I concentrated on the book rather wishing it to end soon It was becoming draggy unnecessarily