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doc ´ The Unfinished Clue ☆ Georgette Heyer Nated his wife her sister his house guests his wayward son even a desperate friend Of course his attentions t Oh this was so good Witty fun and completely engagingEntering Georgette Heyer's magical world of Regency romances was one darn good decision I made but branching out and trying some of her mysteries is definitely one as well The characters might not be uite so loveable the dialogue perhaps not as hilarious and there might not be as many clothing description and everyday details but on the other hand there is suspense secrets and the wonderful 1930's English country house atmosphere Clever dialogue and eccentric characters who all had a motive for hating and murdering the victim are at the heart of this clever mystery There isn't much action and it's not spooky like Footsteps in the Dark but I guarantee it will keep you highly entertained and guessing until the last minute I had my suspicions but I was totally unable to guess all the particulars and I loved the feeling of being held on the edge of my seat until the last chapter When General Sir Arthur Billington Smith is found stabbed to death in his study it raises a lot of suspicion and a lot of uestions Any number of people could have done the deed but who actually did it? His meek tired young wife who’s had enough of being brow beaten at every turn? Stephen Guest who has been in love with her for years? Geoffrey the disinherited son who seemed to me to be unstable of mind the whole time? La Lola la Diva who drove everybody batty ok me? The very correct butler? Camilla Halliday who only came over to flirt with the General? Her jealous husband Basil? Or could it be someone else from outside? The Unfinished Clue had me wondering “WHO IS IT??” the entire time and as soon as I thought maybe I’d found the culprit something happened to throw my suspicions off a new track was embarked on by the detective and I was left guessing once again I strongly recommend it it’s splendidly written and so cleverly conceived Buddy read with Christina D

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eBook ¹ The Unfinished Clue Paperback Read ☆ Georgette Heyer ↠ ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ The Unfinished Clue Author Georgette Heyer – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Everyone had a reason to hate the late Sir Arthur Billington Smith His arrogance and abrasive manner had alienated his wife her sister hi O one attractive young guest in plain view of her husband simply multiplied the possible suspects in his murd This is Georgette Heyer's third detective novel and I'd actually forgotten how good it was If you like cosy English country house mysteries from the Golden Age of detective fiction then this one is for you One of Heyer's fortes was creating great characters and she certainly does that here General Sir Arthur Billington Smith is a truly ghastly man the kind of person we have all encountered and will avoid at all costs He's a bully intolerant bigoted rude and lascivious and it's a relief when someone kills him not a spoiler as the blurb of most editions tells you this much The mystery that follows is a clever one with almost every houseguest undersuspicion and some solid motives for doing the old curmudgeon in One of the things I loved about the book was Lola the Mexican dancer who has been brought to the weekend party by the General's son to whom she is engaged Lola alone is worth the price of the book and I have to say I am in complete agreement with Dorothy L Sayers who reviewed The Unfinished Clue in 1934 and saidAnd yet simply because it is written in a perfectly delightful light comedy vein the book is pure joy from start to finish Lola the fiancée by herself is worth the money and indeed all the characters from the Chief Constable to the Head Parlourmaid are people we know intimately and appreciatively from the first words they utter Miss Heyer has given us a sparkling conversation piece rich in chuckles and all we ask of the plot is that it should keep us going until the comedy is played out Hear hear

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The Unfinished ClueEveryone had a reason to hate the late Sir Arthur Billington Smith His arrogance and abrasive manner had alie One of the best benefits of a bad memory is the ability to reread mysteries I didn't remember this at all when I started rereading it I know I have read it as I own it and I love Heyer but nothing about the blurb seemed familiar About halfway through I suddenly did recall a big part of the solution though as it turned out not the guilty person but by that time I was caught up in the book could enjoy it even knowing as I thought whodunit So it was a fun surprise to find out I didn't know who did it after all at the end This is a wonderful Golden Age mystery first published in 1933 and it has the features which have become stereotypical for a country house murder mystery What lifts this one to above average is Heyer's characters such as Lola the Mexican cabaret dancer whom the son of the household has brought home as his fiancée Being a Heyer it is no surprise that there was a romantic subplot but it was unusually low key