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free read The Haunting of Hounds Hollow ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç [Ebook] ➡ The Haunting of Hounds Hollow Author Jeffrey Salane – Scholastic Press has bought Jeffrey Salane's The Haunting of Hounds Hollow a middle grade novel in which man's best friend is loyal for life and bT night It's up to Lucas to determine whether the ghosts mean him harm or whether they're protecting the town from an even terrifying thre. Fun middle grade mystery

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Loyal for life and beyond Lucas Trainer has just moved to the middle of nowhere – a town called Hounds Hollow where ghostly dogs prowl a. As a book for YA readers this was easy to get through It saved all the action until the end of the book I wish all of the characters were better developed but as this is a YA book it's what I expected I'm glad that the end wrapped up the many ties and was a happy ending

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The Haunting of Hounds HollowPress has of Hounds Kindle #212 bought Jeffrey Salane's The Haunting of Hounds Hollow a middle grade novel in which man's best friend is. When you keep nodding off while reading and the end never seems to come you know it wasn't meant to be I did make it to the end but can't say it was worth it 339 pages was too much for this story Editing it down to 275 300 pages and simplifying the plot would have done wondersWhen a distant relative dies Lucas and his parents find themselves the sole heirs to a large mansion in the woods Thinking the county air might cure Lucas' breathing problems his parents decide to leave the city for Hounds Hollow Lucas uickly discovers things aren't right with the house It's already huge and workers are always present adding on Unusual doors and passages make getting lost or hurt a real possibility A boy and dogs appear one moment and vanish the next New friends Bess and Len are interested in helping Lucas figure out what's going on and how it's connected to a beast roaming the woods As they put it all together they are sure it has to do with a house fire and the boys who once lived there with their dogs The story gets off to a good start as Lucas and his family arrive at the property to find the groundskeeper living in the small house they thought they were purchasing Eartha Dobbs ends up being the best character in the entire story Unfortunately she doesn't make appearances that often From here on out the plot gets muddled This big weird house is confusing Some characters including the dogs start off mean then become nice then become mean again Most of the characters including main character Lucas are forgettable I never fully understood the need for the house to be constantly expanding nor the zombie workers Both of these ideas could have been left out and the book would have been better I seek easy solid plots with great characters This book didn't have that