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The Girl BeforeEnter the world of One Folgate Street and discover perfection but can you pay the price?Jane stumbles on the rental opportunity of a lifetime the chance to live in a beautiful ultra minimalist house designed I’m tossing this one on the heaping pile of books that led me to believe they were worthy of comparisons to Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train but left me disappointed instead Is this madness ever going to end? Why can’t a book be left to stand on it’s own merits? I guess it’s my fault for giving in and picking up yet another ‘Girl’ book Have no fear though once again I’ve landed in the minority as the reviews I’ve seen have been overwhelming positive and apparently it’s being made into a movie So take this review with a grain of salt It’s just one reader’s thoughts and feelings after allPoint blank I don’t get it This whole scenario is strange Odd Completely ridiculous What sane person would agree to live in this situation? Forget sane why would anybody sign up for this?Maybe I’m the crazy one but there is no way I would ever agree to give up most of my belongings to move in to a minimalistic stone box of a house that comes with over 200 stipulations Restrictive and ridiculous rules Not to mention answering a bizarre uestionnaire and having my “amenities” shut down every time the perfectionistic control freak of a landlord feels like I need to answer yet another series of uestions All in an effort to gauge my “growth” or acceptance of the lifestyle the house demands I don’t care how good looking or how famous of an architect the owner is; I wouldn’t do it The author sells the idea by garnering sympathy from the reader for the two women and the excitement of top of the line technology it's the ultimate smart house Both women have recently experienced tragedies and need a fresh start And of course the rent for this pseudo stone cell is uite cheap Hmm I wonder why?The story unfolds through the eyes of the two women Emma the previous tenant and Jane the current tenant The story flip flops between then and now which takes place two years apart at a pretty rapid pace We get to see how their stories mirror each other and it’s a little convoluted at times More than once I had to go back to the beginning of the chapter to see whose head I was in because I was kind of lost I liked the whole notion of getting caught up in a story or your past and recreating or reliving that same story over and over But that’s were the likes kind of ended for meThe entire plot felt like a tangled mess and not one I particularly enjoyed unraveling Albeit there was something about it that kept me turning the pages I can’t say I was wowed though not by the characters the scenario or even the twist I failed to see what so many others have found exceptional about this one THANK YOU to Random HouseBallantine Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review


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The Girl Before Mobi ↠ 448 pages Download ✓ J.p. delaney ñ ➹ [Download] ➵ The Girl Before By J.P. Delaney ➼ – Enter the world of One Folgate Street and discover perfection but can you pay the price?Jane stumbles on the rental opportunity of a lifetime the cBy an enigmatic architect on condition she abides by a long list of exacting rules After moving in she discovers that a previous tenant Emma met a mysterious death there and starts to wonder if her own stor Review was originally published on Through the Chapters|BlogThis book was on my TBR for almost a year I expected it to be a very good psychological thriller since it was compared to the “Gone Girl” one of the most mind blowing books I have ever read Unfortunately I wasn’t only disappointed I was frustrated and let me explain whyThis story follows two women Emma and Jane who wanted to escape the tragic events of their past in order to begin a new life in a new apartment The narration rotates between those two ladies to show us the events of past Emma and present Jane They were presented to the audience so desperate that they agree to move to an apartment at One Folgate Street with weird and ridiculous rules as tenants They were so deep into their grief and post traumatic syndrome that they were completely ok by signing a contract with 200 rules such asNo carpets No curtains No books – What??? No pets No kids No mess – I beg your pardon? Who are you to tell me if I have to clean my apartment or not No sir no What if I want to keep it like that? Punish me then I bet Jane the girl who lived there before would love to be punishedThose rules were not just warning bells they were warning bombs that had to make those women to run away But of course they didn’t No They preferred to stay in a high tech apartment and to fall for – a perfectionist a control freak and a creepy owner of this minimalistic apartment who have buried his late wife and son in this same apartment Who knows maybe this minimalistic freak was the same person who killed his family It was like I was watching a bad version of the Saw movies when the owner of One Folgate Street appeared with all those weird rules and proclaimed that a kind of game has begun And may the odds be ever in your favourThen again leaving in a super clever high technological environment was uite original and I wanted to enjoy the story but I just couldn’t especially after some crucial moments and messages of the bookOne of the most distasteful moments especially after the events one of the main characters had to go thorough was Yes daddy Yes Seriously? This was neither an erotic story nor a thriller It was an attempt to combine those two genres Therefore if you go into this don’t expect those two componentsSecondly both women were presented as weak willed indecisive and obsessive personalities I can’t stand when books present women as highly dependable individualities who need a man in order to change their lives No Women are strong self sufficient courageous and independent They are responsible for their own fate The girl before was exactly this type of book where both women preferred to be involved in an unhealthy sexual relationship just to feel what? Alive? A bad girl? What I want to say is that they could do a load of things in order to get relieved from the unfortunate events of their past To demonstrate they could be involved in voluntary organization to help the women with the same problems There was an attempt to present one of the main characters in those patterns but I didn’t find it adeuate Identically they could travel meet people learn to play piano help the planet to become sustainable Anything On the contrary they assumed it would be “reliable” to play with a rich handsome manipulative daddy to get rid of their memories pain and even all those traits that made them the people they wereBesides there were a lot of racism issues all over the story I just don’t want to give away the plot so please forgive me if the following won’t make any sense The bad boys of the story were black and working class Come on Seriously? Likewise there was a controversial issue about people with a Down Syndrome and whereas they have to be born or not This was one of the main reasons which made me highly disapprove this controlling freak whose name I don’t even rememberConseuently this book wasn’t for me I would prefer a different ending just to be able to say

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Y will be a re run of the girl before As twist after twist catches the reader off guard Emma's past and Jane's present become inexorably entwined in this tense page turning portrayal of psychological obsessi 35The perfect home to lease Custom designed and built by a world renowned architect Every modern amenity one could possibly dream up some even beyond your imagination What’s not to like?Just one small hitch You must agree to the terms set forth by the architect Rules covering seemingly everything from A – Z regarding what may be brought into the apartment Not the least of which includes no pets or even childrenEmma is looking for a safe haven Her last flat was broken into and ransacked while she was home Still terrified she feels no place is safe until she happens upon One Folgate StreetJane is busy putting her life back together after losing her baby She’s drawn to the beauty and originality of this incredible home Of course she can handle a few bizarre rules No problemTold through both Emma and Jane’s POV in 2 separate timelines Personal anecdote My husband and I rented a cabin for a weekend vacation As we checked in we were handed a ridiculously large book of rules and regulations We were expected to read and abide by them Can’t make this stuff up Needless to say we checked out the next day Early That was several years agobut we still chuckle about it This book brought back those wacky memories for me Although this contract went way above and beyond our rule book I still think Emma and Jane should have hightailed it out of there as soon as they poured over the rules If it sounds too good to be truewell you knowA great premise for a book and engaging writing uickly drew me in Though it did veer off and become a little too fifty shadesish at times I’m a little torn and maybe disappointed in the ending I think a few of the final chapters could have been skipped to stay on point just a bit better Though overall I did enjoy it